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    Ryan Williams pre-season stats

    Who knows. Let's not pretend like Keim hasn't drafted multiple guys who so far can't stay healthy either.
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    Carson Palmer declares himself 100 percent

    Any team that has a horrible #1. Jets?
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    Cardinals DL ranked last in the NFC West

    Hard to say with our DL. CC will be good, of course, and Frostee should be solid but it's hard to predict what we'll get at NT and how our young DEs will do.
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    Who did we lose from last season? Acho, Cromartie, Dockett, Fanaika, Ginn, Housler, Dan Williams signed by other teams. Abraham, Benard, Clemons, Dwyer, Foote, Kelly, Lindley, Sendlein remain unsigned.
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    Head scratch david johnson

    He might not be as fast as Ellington but he's still pretty fast. 4th fastest RB at the combine in the 40, 2nd in the cone drill. They might not be identical but you can call the same plays for them and get similar results IMO.
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    Head scratch david johnson

    Adrian Peterson is 6'1'' 217 lbs. He is? I thought he was known for being a great pass catcher out of the back field as a former WR. This is honestly the first I've heard his stiff arm mentioned. You were on the bandwagon for those 2 but not this guy? Maybe that's a good sign for his chances...
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    The Mac Attack: Could Cam Newton be the Cardinals' next franchise quarterback?

    Yeah I'm not buying it. Guys who are truly franchise QBs don't come available unless they are over the hill and coming off nasty injuries. If we aren't spending our own 1st round pick on one then we're going to go with another over 30 stop-gap. Guys in that category with an outside chance to...
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    "Uni Watch" ranks Arizona Cardinals' uniforms near bottom of NFL

    Someone who thinks those hideous bumblebee throwbacks are a good thing has no business ranking uniforms.
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    Your Team Cheats*

    Compare the number of playoff appearances/wins over the past 20 years between the top half of that list and the bottom half. Pretty clear that cheating to get ahead works in the NFL.
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    OT - Report concludes Patriots probably cheated, Brady aware

    The punishment would have been handed down after the draft regardless. If draft picks are going to be forfeited it wouldn't have been in 2015. If anything, it would have been better from the Patriots perspective to lose picks in 2015 when they had the last pick each round vs losing them in a...
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    Rotoworld - Cards draft a 'D'

    Let's see how this draft looks in 2 years. I seem to remember everyone loving the 2006 draft where we got Leinart. I don't think any of those players are still in the league. I remember everyone being thrilled with the "can't miss" pick in Cooper. Yeah okay. I have a good feeling about the...
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    Draft recap

    There were some mixed signals about what we wanted out of RB this offseason. Power was mentioned, but what was also mentioned is someone with a comparable skillset to Ellington. I think the latter was a bigger need. Last year when Ellington went down, it seemed like our offensive creativity was...
  13. D Cardinal Draft Grades

    There's lots to like about the individual players we drafted. - Humphries has the makings of a very good OT in the NFL. Superior athelete at the position. Most of his short comings can be corrected. - Golden is a high motor player. Coaches will love him more than scouts did. Not going to...
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    2015 5th (5a) round pick is Shaquille Riddick DE

    Every day 3 pick is a question mark.
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    4-3 or 3-4?

    The only way this draft and FA makes any sense to me is if we're switching to a 4-3.
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    Keim's first 5 premium picks

    Not sure we learned any lessons from Niklas when he barely played. As for edge rushers you have to be in position to draft one. The only way Keim is going to get one is if we have a bad season.
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    Cards Draft Decision Matrix

    How far down in the 2nd do you think we'd have to move to get a 2016 1st? I'm curious if we can pull off option #2 and still get a guy from option #3. It would be really nice to have an extra 1st this time next year.
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    Would Cards take a so called "problem" player at #24??

    The thing that troubles me isn't that they smoke pot or even that they do it when it's illegal. It's that they did it knowing they are going to get tested and knowing that they stand to lose millions of dollars if they get caught. That shows a serious lack of discipline and commitment. It takes...
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    In a draft like this, the Cardinals should probably trade back.

    How about 1st+4th for Vikings 2nd (45)+Peterson? You move down 21 spots and give up a 4th for Peterson.
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    3 Round Mitch Mock 2015

    I don't think that's really necessary. It's certainly within the realm of possibility for one of the OLBs to slide to 24. All the guys in the 10-25 range are comparable talents. I think there will be a few surprises this year after some trades happen which could easily let someone slip through...
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    3 Round Mitch Mock 2015

    After looking at a wide number of mock drafts, it seems like Dupree, Gregory and Ray are interchangeable as the 5th OLB to get drafted. They all have various reasons they might possibly fall to Arizona but ultimately they are all likely to be gone before 24. Of those 3, is Ray your preferred...
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    2015 Draft QBs

    I can't see us drafting a QB early. We're in win now mode, we can't afford the growing pains of a rookie QB. If they don't like Thomas I think it's more likely we pick up a veteran with a little starting experience as our emergency #3 so we don't have to worry about another Lindley/Thomas...
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    Coop and Massie working

    We don't know the circumstances that lead to him getting benched. BA, who's buddy buddy with Pagano, does and still wanted Shipley. I'll defer to BA's inside knowledge.
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    Fat Guy Mock 1.0

    ESPN rates him as the 19th best player overall. CBS Sports has him as the 25th best.
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    Masters Weekend Thoughts With a Mock of Course

    The only thing with Gurley is that we very much seem to be in win now mode. In the best case scenario it doesn't matter. But what if he has a slower than average recovery? What if he's behind so far behind when he gets back that he isn't much of a contributor in 2015? In the right scenario, I'd...