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    Playoffs: Nuggets @ Suns Thursday game thread 5-11-2023 - Game 6

    Montys gotta go: Zero adjustments all series Plays Tross consistently when hes horrendous defensively…laughably bad Doesnt call timeout on whole 17-0 run Doesnt run any sets to get jokic in action Doesnt run any screens to get gordon off durant This is rookie stuff
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    RIP: Lance Blanks (1966-2023)

    Peace and love
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    2023 3rd round pick #72 is Garrett Williams CB

    Exactly my thoughts… This embraces the tank, probably wont contribute much until 2024
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    2023 3rd round pick #72 is Garrett Williams CB

    Was he projected to go this high?
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    2023 2nd round pick #33 and #81 are traded to the Titans for 41, 72, 2024 3rd

    I though the first round trade everybody hated was better but what do i know… They basically picked up a 3rd rounder in this for next year and fairly far move back
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    2023 1st round pick #3 and #105 are traded to Texans for #12, #33, 1st and 2nd in 2024

    Cant compare Lance deal. There was no prime QB prospect sitting there at 3 that people wanted to fight over. Good deal. Cards smart, take a tackle that will be a 10 year starter, be really bad this year and rake it in next yeRs great draft. Love it
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    Cp3s role

    CP is literally not playing point guard. Suns have looked better with Book initiating the offense but I think they are abandoning CP too quickly here. They cant just expect to ride Book like this to a championship. CP missed shots tonight and made some bad plays because hes not in a rythm...
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    The "what went wrong" thread. Darksiders come on in.

    Missed free throws CP has zero role on this offense. The ‘point god’ doesnt even bring the ball up Horrid offensive sets with no movement and no easy baskets Too much dribbling and iso from Book - move the ball! Get the team in rythm Terrence ross is the worst player in the NBA. WHY do i...
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    Fact is very few fan bases have 110% confidence and their coach and i think were at 80-90% with monty which is way better than most.. You mention Jkidd like hes an elite coach, Mavs way underwhelmed this whole year…
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    Are Cards tanking?

    This seems to be insinuated in a few threads. Cards roster was already completely void of talent. Since then, most guys with any promise/ability are gone. JJ and rodney retire, and Cards somehow let Byron Muurphy and Zach Allen walk on reasonable deals. It seems like Hop is outta here as well...
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    Bench terrence ross

    I cant imagine not playing a guy because he plays bad would be recieved negatively around the league.
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    Bench terrence ross

    I really question Montys rotations sometimes. Terrence ross comes here with zero experience playing winning basketball and Monty makes him immediate 1st guy off bench. This guy is the ultimate chucker, never seen a shot he didnt like. He doesnt see the floor at all and his defense is atrocious...
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    Derrick Rose to Phx possibility?

    I want the suns to win not a bunch of minimum random guys trickling in here for last 20 games. Cam shoots you into a game or out of one but ill ride with chmpagne campayne
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    Cards hire Nick Rallis as DC

    Everytime white males are hired people assume it must be because somebody is racist. Maybe the best 4 people for the job happened to be white? Color doesnt matter, hire the best people for any job and let the outside say whatever they want.
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    New Owner - Mat Ishbia

    Agreed with others, its a nice gesture, cant take away from that. I will say however there is some motive here as he attempts to clear his name for whatever business ventures are next wjth his new $1.4B
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    Suns to sign Terrance Ross after buyout

    Last night i think was as advertised. Definitely a chucker flame thrower guy that will shoot you back into a game or out of one. Id prefer TJ is the main scorer off the bench as opposed to last night.
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    Can we talk about Okogie?

    I think he has earned the starting nod at this point, and thats no disrespect to my boi Tcraig
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    WWYD? Two games remaining on Ish Wainwright's contract

    No. I like Ish as a guy and a good story but he doesnt bring anything in my opinion. He literally looks like that football player in highschool that can play basketball too but not polished eniugh to make the team.
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    Clippers @ Suns Thursday game thread 2-16-2023

    Agreed, prob keeping him on mins restriction through the ASG. His obsession with joch over bizmack drives me nuts tho. What does joch bring to the court
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    2022-23 Around the NBA Thread

    I never saw Bridges create scoring on offense other than that mid range fade but then again nobody knew James Harden could do what he did until he left OKC and got an opportunity to be the alpha
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    Is this team unlikeable?

    Im 33 years old and have watched and been on this board since early highschool. Ive seen a lot of bad football and Bball here over that span. Maybe im just being negative but this team is just so unlikeable. Kyler is the face of the franchise, nuff said. Guys like Larry and JJ are retired and...
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    Your reaction to the Jonathan Gannon hire?

    I dont know why anyone would be excited about this. It doesnt mean he wont be good but what evidence is there that he is? He had a good defense for a year full of great players? Thats far from being enough of what it takes to be a good head coach so ill be dissapointed and hope he proves me wrong.
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    Can we talk about Okogie?

    Totally agree. Im 100% okay with him getting more PT with the shortened depth now. He can score, had 25 and 17 in last two games with 30+ mins in bith games and over 50% shooting. Much more comfortable with him getting PT in playoffs than landale or ish. Hes didnt even miss a beat with the mask.
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    Suns to sign Terrance Ross after buyout

    Can he llay D? Thats what suns need as Tcraig and okogie only rotation guy that can play D Reading Magic forum they really liked him. Everybody said good guy off the court and everyone on their forum wants to see him on a contender.