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  1. bigredjane

    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    He also had high regard for Kyler and talked about him! I feel this week they announce that Payton is our new head coach! He did a marvelous job with Brees who was an undersized QB! I'm saying my prayers!
  2. bigredjane

    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    Sayin' my prayers for Michael to pick Payton to finally please the fans !!
  3. bigredjane

    Random California Doctor says JJ Watt should have an Ablation

    I an sure that the fact he is going to be a father for the first time has really affected his feelings about this! He is one tough cookie!!
  4. bigredjane

    Chandler Jones on covid reserve list

    Any word on Williams yet? Did he tear up his knee?
  5. bigredjane

    2021 Cardinals Season Tickets

    Got my card on Friday!!
  6. bigredjane

    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    Been a fan since 1988!
  7. bigredjane

    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    Love it, Amaze Balls! I loved Simmons when he was drafted, if you were to draw the picture of a perfect player, body and all it would look like Simmons! He is going to be a big star! Give Chandler what he wants he deserves it! Yay!! Love the combo of 55 and 99!!
  8. bigredjane

    Why Kyler Murray And The Cardinals Are REAL Super Bowl Contenders

    I thought the game was very exciting and so glad our trade for DHop looked so good, he was amazing ! Kyler looked so fast and more bulked up, which is a good thing for his safety! Go My Cards!!
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    Thank you Mr yeahbut, nice to be missed and you were right about the negativity, but it is what it is! Let's hope someone does something soon or the troops will be uprising!!
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    Lots of talk if they fire Mcoy that Byron Leftwitch would make a good switch, what do you think?
  11. bigredjane

    Season Ticket Account Numbers

    Had mine-- Since 1988:D
  12. bigredjane

    Time to admit it: This is a terrible football team.

    Negmiesters I used to love to read and post on this site because it was mostly really Cardinal Football fans! The last couple of years it has become so depressing to read the posts that I rarely even bother. Where are the upbeat fans who never jump off even when the ship is listing? We are only...
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    Practice 7/30/13

    Doubt if you can carry a camera bag, at least when they have the security lines getting into the games, when you get your ticket package there is a page telling about the new rules and showing pictures of the sizes and styles of see thru plastic bags you have to put your stuff in, including...
  14. bigredjane

    Practice 7/30/13

    Getting into pratice? Can women carry a purse into practice or do they have to carry those see through bags they want us to use during the games?:sad:
  15. bigredjane

    Anyone Going To Training Camp This Weekend?

    NAU Anyone miss Flagstaff training camp? Or do you think working out in our stadium is a good thing to do? I'll miss sitting on the grass with the cool air!:)
  16. bigredjane

    Need Lions game parking pass

    Stub Hub- sells parking passes !
  17. bigredjane

    Up next...the HOF duo of Tarvaris Jackson & Sidney Rice

    where is the running game? Why isn't coach giving the ball to Beany? We need a big running game! It seems like he has abandoned it for the pass!:(
  18. bigredjane

    Palmer and Beanie with a pick?

    On his Twitter page yesterday, Beanie said he thinks he will be traded! Do you think it would be the Bengals?
  19. bigredjane

    Where is Matty??????

    Matt has to step it up-- I too would like to see him play more, we all know what he had and we desperately want to see it now. Let's hope the offense steps it up too!
  20. bigredjane

    Magazine covers--

    You've got to check out the cover of GQ with none other than the Baron himself in his birthday suit, so funny, can't wait to see "Bruno".!
  21. bigredjane

    Magazine covers--

    I was shopping for my football mags pro and fantasy and there we were on every cover, what a difference a year makes!! Fitz was on everything. I was so proud to see us finally getting the attention we deserve.
  22. bigredjane

    Did You Ever Wonder Why ...

    Why do they put that non-throwing hand up out in front of them like a dancer? Is that a sighting thingy?? THey all seem to do that!
  23. bigredjane

    Leinart has turned me into a believer

    Matt has been- taking Yoga at a studio in Paradise Valley! My son has a Yoga School in Chandler, he is also a big Cards fan and he heard it on the "Yoga Grapevine"!!
  24. bigredjane

    Bang! Cartoons - Cardinals edition

    I LOVE the bang cartoons! they are so funny and creative, good to laugh at this "serious" subject once in awhile, come on, lighten up!!:D