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    KD... A Changing Perspective

    KD drops 40+ tonight. Easy money.
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    Chris Paul’s Future

    At best, we’re a fringe second round playoff team….
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    This post is aging….well
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    DHop just PP21 All Over Again

    What could we get for Hop? A first and third? 2 2nds?
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    2022-23 Around the NBA Thread

    Id trade cam, crowder, saric and 2-1sts for him all day long
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    NBA Free Agency and Trades 2022

    Bojan is an expiring deal. I’d give up shamet, Payne, 2 1sts. Prolly could swing for Clarkson if you tossed in 2 more expiring contracts
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    2021-22 Around the NBA Thread

    I’d trade ayton + expiring contract filler for Mitchell
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    I wasn’t suggesting trading Paul for kyrie…kyrie is going to decline his player option and become a free agent. You add kyrie on a 1 year cheap deal, he is crazy enough to accept a 1 yr cheap deal. We trade ayton, cam Johnson and a first rounder for Durant. Paul/kyrie Booker/kyrie/shamet...
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    Call me crazy but he solves our problems. What would it take to pay/get him? Would you make the move if you were JJ?
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    Horrible comparison….every born and raised suns fan knows about George Karl.
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    The Ayton Plan

    He wouldn't give Amare the max because his knees were uninsurable. That was a good move by Sarver. The problem here is both Ayton and Bridges are asking for the Max. We can't have essentially 4 max guys on the team. IMO we need to get the Bridges deal done this year at a $ amount under the...
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    Lamarcus Aldridge

    This post is aging well so far....Miami, Nets, Suns.....Let's see if no phone jones can land him...
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    Elfrid Payton finally gets a hair cut?

    I would like to McD put some pressure on Ainge by offering Restricted free agent terry Rozier a nice contract. He fits in with our time table, he is proving himself on a big stage, and Ainge will have to pay Irving $35+ per year...can boston afford it? Somewhere in the 4 yr 55 million...
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    Summer trades?

    Any player the suns could trade for would not help....Deandre Jordan-Pass...Tristan Kardashian-Lord no....Kawi-would cost too much and he will bolt-- The only trade the suns should be thinking about is Picks 15&16 to potentially move up as high as possible in this years draft. Grab...