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  1. CardinalMike

    Free Agency

    It seems to me the strategy is build through the draft and that means letting some of these guys go out and bring in compensation picks in return. If Monti can draft well, we'll have hope in a year or 2. Otherwise, its business as usual and we can all continue to enjoy the negativity and...
  2. CardinalMike

    Cards Hire Jonathan Gannon as New HC

    Well at least he was the guy that figured out how to use Reddick. Let's see if has a plan for Simmons/Collins that pays off as well.
  3. CardinalMike

    R I S E ___ U P ___ D A R K ___ S I D E (2022)

    I don't understand the darkside mentality and hopefully you guys can help shed some light. Since coming to Arizona our beloved Cards have had 7 winning seasons. 4 of those have been under Keim. In fact I will make the claim that he is the greatest GM the the Cards have ever had in their entire...
  4. CardinalMike

    OT: Adrian Peterson indicted in Child Injury Case

    It is actively harming their brand reputation and puts revenue at risk. Oh, also its the right thing to do.
  5. CardinalMike

    Update on Sunday Ticket Online Only

    I've been using the mobile and web clients for about 3 years now (My brother buys the ticket and I just use his login to stream.) Usually the first weekend is a cluster with high latency most likely because their bandwidth doesn't satisfy demand. Other than that it's usually good quality...
  6. CardinalMike

    Update on Sunday Ticket Online Only

    This is not true. There isn't anything that should be stopping the scenario other than your billing address has to match your eligibility address.
  7. CardinalMike

    FXFL: NFL developmental league

    This is the internet of course it's an exaggeration. That being said, do you really believe that the current NCAA student athlete system is fair? If I gave you free housing and food would you come work your ass off in my $8 billion dollar business? I'll throw in the chance for a college...
  8. CardinalMike

    FXFL: NFL developmental league

    Hopefully this league or another based on the same premise succeeds. The de facto slavery system set up by the NCAA can't be the only main road into the NFL.
  9. CardinalMike

    What I like best about Arians' coaching...

    In the second half of last year we were +55 in scoring vs opponents. We were only outscored 5 times last year in the second half all 5 were in the first half of the season.
  10. CardinalMike

    Monday Ten Thoughts: Advice for Beating the Falcons

    On #3, I see that sentiment a lot. I think it's a little silly to expect a coach to caveat every critique of his team with "But I am ultimately responsible". It's understood; his job is only as safe as how many wins as the team puts together.
  11. CardinalMike

    NLBR: Sunday's a great test for Patrick Peterson

    1992 we played TB twice. 1991 we played Minn twice. Whippersnappers GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
  12. CardinalMike

    Off the Radar Draftees who you think will be huge stars

    I think Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati is going to have a monster career. Assuming his head stays screwed on and his body healthy.
  13. CardinalMike

    Going out on a limb..... Stanton is the QB we have been looking for

    NFL Rewind has games back to 2009 so you can see all of his 2010 games. Only problem is that they only have the regular view and not the coaches cam for 2010. Watching the games I will say that the only word Arians didn't use to describe him that I would is inconsistent. Is that coaching...
  14. CardinalMike

    FINALLY! Thank Goodness We Broke Up the Best Pass Defense in the NFL

    I don't know, I was just as upset after 58-0 (at SEA) as I was 7-6 (at NYJ).
  15. CardinalMike

    FINALLY! Thank Goodness We Broke Up the Best Pass Defense in the NFL

    Well when you're done pouting you'll probably notice we were top 5 in pass yards. You will also notice we were bottom 5 in rush yards. Easy to look like you have a good secondary when teams are running down your throat. We had the second most rush attempts against at 4.3 ypc. While the defense...
  16. CardinalMike

    Mendenhall signing reaction?

    :mulli: :D
  17. CardinalMike

    Mendenhall signing reaction?

    I like it, clear upgrade over Beanie. A much better pass protector and receiving threat. Interesting stat: Beanie = 1 fumble every 63 carries. Mendenhall = 1 fumble every 96 carries.
  18. CardinalMike

    OT: SMH-Junior Seau's Family Suing The NFL

    Okay let's use Oil Riggers as an example. What if British Petroleum was aware/informed that working on an oil rig would lead to cancer in 30% of workers within 10 years. BP did not inform their oil rig workers of this. When said Oil Riggers start dying from cancer, is BP liable to the workers...
  19. CardinalMike

    OT: SMH-Junior Seau's Family Suing The NFL

    Obviously you live in a black and white world. Fortunately, the majority of people in this country live in a world where there are varying degrees of culpability and responsibility. There is a reason that the tobacco industry had to pay billions in damages and that if the Seau lawsuit is...
  20. CardinalMike

    OT: SMH-Junior Seau's Family Suing The NFL

    No, I'm saying that someone should have the opportunity to prove that a company withheld information or in some other way was willfully negligible. If the NFL knew that concussions lead to serious long term issues and did not inform their players then I believe they should be held accountable...
  21. CardinalMike

    OT: SMH-Junior Seau's Family Suing The NFL

    Yeah, let's protect those poor businesses from any sort of responsibility! As stated earlier in the thread, the family will have to prove that the NFL was negligible. I don't think that is a frivolous law suit and I'd love to hear why you think it is. I love that you think I'm whats WRONG...
  22. CardinalMike

    OT: SMH-Junior Seau's Family Suing The NFL

    I look at it this way: companies have to provide safe work environments for their employees as stipulated by OSHA. Even if I agreed to waive my rights for a lot of money the company is still liable. Since the NFL isn't governed by normal labor laws I think this lawsuit is perfectly legitimate...
  23. CardinalMike

    Kolb..."no Comment"

    I'm more comfortable with this team making terrible decisions than not making any at all. Now let's hope they take the next step down the path and start making more good decisions than terrible ones.
  24. CardinalMike

    Randy Moss to return to Football

    Our problem wasn't having guys who could go deep it was allowing the QB 4 seconds in the pocket to step in to a deep throw.
  25. CardinalMike

    Various Thoughts

    The military spends at least $600 million a year in advertising for recruiting purposes. While I agree the NFL does actively try to build 'patriotism' into their brand; I think that it's more about business (military ad revenue). Personally, I served in the military and don't care one way or...