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    Kingsbury Concedes?

    Twitch chat
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    Week 2 2022: Heroes and Goats

    The RT was abused by Crosby on every play that killed the 3 drives we had in the first half. How much of that is on the QB, in your opinion? For me: First drive is done after Beachum gets abused with speed by Crosby and is on the QB when his back foot plants. Getting out of a 3rd and 14 hole...
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    UofA Hoops 2021-2022 - Ushering In the Tommy Lloyd Era

    Didn't see this posted here.
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    Tom Brady has officially retired (2/1/22)

    That division is going to be a joke next year. Saints with no QB, no coach and in cap hell. The Panthers with Rhule and Darnold. I guess the Falcons take it if BA ends up retiring as well.
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    KYLER MURRAY TIED 3rd worst at pocket time:

    Assuming the dude was getting stats from pf reference at the link below Kind of telling that his pocket time was 9th worst, he was blitzed 108 times, which puts him at 28th, but was hurried 68 times for 5th worst among...
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    Shame on the season ticket holders that sold

    It was a route that they checked into. If AJ didn't hear that check by Murray, the crowd noise was definitely a factor.
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    Gregg Williams fired from the Jets

    Hell no! If we're bringing in an old, fired DC, might as well be Wade
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    Simply Cutting to The Chase...

    And yet guys are being schemed open throughout these terrible games we've been having. I get that he's had issues as a head coach, I see them too, but guys are just not executing as well.
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    I’m Ecstatic

    Clock management is suspect, and has been an issue for Kliff. We saw it in this game plenty of times. Delay of game threat at that point shouldn't have been an issue.
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    Fire Vance Joseph

    Players played poorly for sure, but they consistently look disorganized and/or out of position pre snap. From the broadcast feed I can't tell what the hell the defensive plan is.
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    Arizona Basketball 2019-2020

    Didn't get to watch the game, but looking at the boxscore it's apparent the poor 3pt shooting was one of the biggest issues. Was it shots not falling, poor shot selection, or good defense by the opponent?
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    He's going on IR with an injury he says it's minor (or so I read). They already brought back 1 player from IR, and are planning on bring back their injured LT. He's a free agent after this year, so releasing him after he gets healthy (or if) would let him play for another team.
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    Cardinals news and content

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    Fixing the O-line

    Would you trade for Trent Williams or address the OL via draft and free agency?
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    OT- It is about to happen. Clowney to the Seahawks.

    He had injury issues his first year, but hasn't missed too many games the last 3 years.
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    Jadeveon Clowney

    This team is not 1 pass rusher away from winning anything. No thanks.
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    Don’t Make Me Regret This Purchase, Kyler Murray

    Dude, that hat is sweet. Where'd you get it?
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    Patrick Peterson suspended for PED’s - Suspended 6 games

    I wonder why he dropped the appeal. Wasn't Edelman's suspension last year very similar and got 4 after appeal?
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    NFL Network or ESPN or....

    Can we post streams? I'm watching one right now and it's top notch
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    I can't wait......

    You'd trade down that far for only an extra 2nd rounder?
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    The Leeds United thread

    Having Bielsa is a hell of a journey. I watched him transform Chile and completely change the way we used to play. It was a joy and you should enjoy it for as long as it lasts. It's potato quality, but this is fantastic to watch now:
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    Murray may not run at Pro Day Today (3/13)

    We had the 6th pick and traded with the Saints, not the Ravens. Also got pick #54 that turned out to be Boldin.
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    Rams were toast when............

    Both defenses were outstanding yesterday. One play in the red zone. Total for the entire game.
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    Rams were toast when............

    Not calling McVay a fraud by any means, but he got completely outcoached yesterday, admitted as much, and failed to adjust to what the Pats were doing on D.
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    Antonio Brown to Cardinals? Trade speculation for Steelers wide receiver includes Arizona

    Not paid to Antonio Brown, but an immediate hit to the Steelers cap number. Just above what you bolded is this: