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    Head Coach Best Guess Final Answer

    I voted Flores don't want to give up early draft pick for Payton.
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    Most Famous Player You´ve Randomly Run into out in Public

    Danny Ainge at airport Jackie Kennedy when in Navy in Newport RI
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    OT: Man who ran on field during NFL game files police report

    One of the old guys here remembers win the Baltimore Colt took down a guy who ran on the field not a thought of charges being filed. Times have changed.
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    Arizona Cardinals and Titans to hold joint practices in Tennessee

    I miss the trips up to Flagstaff for practices certainly could get up close.
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    Was anyone else here present at the very 1st S.B.

    I am originally from the KC area and was in the USN for the first superbowl was on deck watch during game and would have to peak into officers mess to see parts of game I was at the triple OT game in 68 Chiefs and Dolphins lost that one also.
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    Post Your Super Bowl Bets

    I have the Rams -4 but have also bet against Cincy in the two other games,
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    Feeling Cornered

    Thanks Harry don't watch a ton of college ball will watch the games this weekend and keep a note on these CB's
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    Cowboys call foul(s)

    One of my great memories as a Cardfan was the Jake Plummer led Cards beating Cowboys in playoffs even went to airport to welcome back.
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    How Did the Cards Get to Collins?

    To me it was not a surprise after all the known WR talent was gone and the two corners this seemed like the best pick. I might have reached for a RB with the Cards need there.