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    Hey, Kyler

    Sorry no, we talked with coaches and Rod Graves more than players but we didn't ask those kind of questions. It was better to let them share what the wanted to :) Dave McGinnis did know our dogs name
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    Most Famous Player You´ve Randomly Run into out in Public

    I forgot we used to live 2 houses down the street from Dan O'Brien US Olympic Triathlon gold medalist
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    Most Famous Player You´ve Randomly Run into out in Public

    Brighteyes ran into Reggie White in to he workout room in a hotel in Salt Lake City. She went up and said "are you ..." As she saw the ring, apparently he grinned
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    Beware of NFL+

    It is great for watching games though when not living in AZ, we have been using it for years
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    Season Prediction

    The wheels will come off on this board, that is for sure
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    The New Corners

    Neglected ? IIRC the guy he signed DIED
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    Worst Award Ever

    Yes he is, Brighteyes and I knew him pretty well he was an very nice guy and we had a number of long conversations with him. He was also very supportive of ASFN and our having access. BUT We were spectators tp one horrendous interaction [horrendous from a senior executive viewpoint], more like...
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    Clear Something up for Me?

    He would reach infinite mass thus needing infinite force to accelerate. Hence never reaches SoL
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    Clear Something up for Me?

    Cosmology is simple by comparison
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    Clear Something up for Me?

    Because parts of the universe are receding faster than light now. But really I only sort of understand this and the math is way beyond me and probably always was. I wasn't trying to imply you were wrong
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    Clear Something up for Me?

    You are both right sort of. It is true that in the early universe it expanded rapidly and Alan Guff came up with that theory It is also true that the universe is still expanding but you have your terms a bit mixed up. It is not "expanding faster than light", it is expanding at an increasing...
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    Clear Something up for Me?

    This is the issue with FTL travel it seems to break causality. One idea I have heard is that none of the above is true. In fact you would fracture into an infinite set of new universes back to the multiverse again.
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    Clear Something up for Me?

    But then you are looking at the need for 11 dimensions for strings. Also iirc it leads you to the multiverse as part of the theory. I believe the issue with FTL travel is it seems to break causality. I'll have to go back and read some stuff to be sure I am remembering correctly.
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    Clear Something up for Me?

    Not exactly accurate. The Wave function collapses when external observation is applied. Though if you subscribe to the Many Worlds theory then the Wave function never collapses but just splits into many different realities :lmao: Not that I like physics
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    CB Robert Alford expect him to be re-signed.

    Hurt ... again
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    I've always wondered.

    Iirc you got your original tickets from me
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    Off season: Focus on offense

    Agreed but he is injured 80% of the time so by my math that puts him the bottom 2% of active CB
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    Off season: Focus on offense

    He missed 2.5 seasons
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    Off season: Focus on offense

    I back on the UK planning to get a 45' sailboat
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    Off season: Focus on offense

    Over 3 years He was on IR almost the entire contract
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    Off season: Focus on offense

    Why on earth would you resign Alford, he is almost never available
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    JJ Watt

    They thought they were buying Tower Bridge
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    Anyone Interested in writing sports articles?

    We used to do articles and we had press passes Current PR head dept nuked them years ago when he joined Cardinals
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    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    He has a post on Twitter about being happy to be playing for the Cardinals for 17 years. Brighteyes did the math and we think he has only played 16 seasons, if so it looks like he is back
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    Portland Oregon Cardinals Giveaway

    We are safely in the UK now and dealing with a whole new set of red tape [Humphrey would be proud]

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