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  1. 40yearfan

    Patriots at Cardinals gameday thread 12-12-22

    Would someone please fire the Mannings and get someone interested in this game to broadcast it?
  2. 40yearfan

    Name 3 improvements you want to see from the team this year

    Win games Win games Win games
  3. 40yearfan

    LeBron boycotts play-offs

    LeBron: 'Me And My Team Have Decided To Boycott The Playoffs In The Name Of Social Justice' | The Babylon Bee
  4. 40yearfan

    Redskins Off Season Drama

    I worked on the Navajo reservation in the early 1980's for about 3 years (Kayenta, AZ. for Peabody Coal putting in conveyor system). The ONLY NFL jerseys I saw up there were Redskins jerseys. Except for the superintendent, all my employees were Navajo and I spent a lot of time with them...
  5. 40yearfan

    Mid-Life Cardinals......errr,...crisis

    Another 20 or 30 years and even that won't be pertinent. As a friend of mine once said, "Give me liberty or give me death." Sadly he got both wishes.
  6. 40yearfan

    Mid-Life Cardinals......errr,...crisis

    Oaken - as a friend of mine once said, "There is ONE bright spot to turning 50. You know you won't die as a young man." I believe everyone goes through what you are experiencing now. When you realize you are not immortal and will actually die someday. As you get older, the anxiety will...
  7. 40yearfan

    How did you become a Cardinals fan?

    Had a pick-up basketball game at my old high school (Freeburg High School) with some of the current at that time players (1962). They played basketball the same way they played football. I looked like I'd been run over by a MAC truck, but enjoyed every minute of it. That's when I got...
  8. 40yearfan

    Kudos to the defense

    I've been down on them all year, but they get the game ball today. Great job Cardinals. Now beat the Rams next week and 2020 just might be the year.
  9. 40yearfan

    Cardinals defense

    One knocked down pass all day. Lee Mayberry had a better defense on a Pop Warner team than this team does. As a famous coach once said of his team when a reporter ask about the team's execution, "I'm in favor of it." :)
  10. 40yearfan

    Dish Subscriber needs help

    Thanks everyone and a special thanks to Wally for PMing the link to me. Now if we can just get a cohesive offensive line and a defense who could at least stop a Pop Warner offense, we might have a real football team. :)
  11. 40yearfan

    Dish Subscriber needs help

    Not able to get channel 10 thanks to dust-up between Fox and Dish. Any suggestions how to find live streaming on internet?
  12. 40yearfan

    Boys and Girls Club..

    Well done Shaggy. Our youth are the future of this country. A brighter future for them is a brighter future for the US.
  13. 40yearfan

    Protecting Murray

    Good post Harry with lots of pertinent information. Thanks.
  14. 40yearfan

    38 years as a fan and....

    Retired and moved to Rio Verde. Sitting on my patio sipping Martini's and watching the old gals walk by. Life is good.
  15. 40yearfan

    ASFN board on suicide watch

    Hey Jon. Glad to see you are doing well. I miss my old buddies from ASFN.
  16. 40yearfan

    ASFN board on suicide watch

    The quiet, calming effect of Section 11. Almost seems like old times. Hope all is well with you.
  17. 40yearfan

    ASFN board on suicide watch

    Aw yes. The Cheese I know and love.:) Agree 100% young fellow.
  18. 40yearfan

    Most Likely Move

    If they get him ANY kind of an offensive line that can pass block, he might be "THE ANSWER".
  19. 40yearfan

    ASFN board on suicide watch

    :) Where's Cheesebeef when you need him?
  20. 40yearfan

    Special Thanks To ASFN'S "Team Murray"

    I hope you are right CW. I was leaning towards Bosa, but after watching some of the film on Murray, he could definitely be our QBF.
  21. 40yearfan

    38 years as a fan and....

    C'mon guys. LittleDavis has been a loyal Cardinals fan for years. Let him vent.
  22. 40yearfan

    The Curtain Falls

    Harry, thanks to you and Mitch and several others, I learned to appreciate the intricacy involved in this game and have really enjoyed being a well informed fan. Good luck in your retirement.
  23. 40yearfan

    OT Todd Haley shatters pelvis in "Bar altercation" on NYE

    In my younger days, working in construction, I was probably in bars 5 days a week. That was the first place we headed after getting off work and cleaning up. Of course, this was back in the 60's and 70's when it was still fashionable. Met many a new friend, had many a fight and drank an ocean...

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