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  1. Dayman

    The 2023-24 league year

  2. Dayman

    Are we risking league intervention with this level of tanking?

    Monti has been known to self-report.
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    But Bidwill apparently didn’t want to cut Hopkins another check, not after the way last season ended. So the Cardinals are letting him leave and getting nothing in return except a $22.6 million cap hit this season. The Cardinals couldn’t spread that over two years via a post-June 1 release...
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    Moving on from Hopkins isn't the issue. Not getting anything in return is. Totally rebuilding the team is much tougher when you give away your assets for free.
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins

    If all those rumors about the Cards asking for a 2nd plus a player for Hop earlier this offseason are true, Monti severely overplayed his hand. This is not how you manage assets during a rebuild. Nick Caserio being dumb enough to trade his 2024 first rounder is the only thing that is keeping...
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    Least Interesting Team Ever?

    What do you mean this team isn't interesting? The storylines write themselves! - How long will it be until DHop fakes an injury to sit out of camp? - How long will it be until Budda fakes an injury to sit out of camp? - How many quarters will McCoy stay healthy to start the year? - Will Dennis...
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    Budda requests trade

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    Cards 2023 prediction

    Pain. Lots of pain.
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    16.5 Cap Space

    Create more by trading Dhop most likely.
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    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    I am pretty sure that Tune would be the lowest drafted rookie of all-time to start a Week 1 game. Minshew played in Week 1 for the Jags as a rookie but he was subbing for an injured Nick Foles.
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    NFL Player you Remember 1st Admiring as a Kid

    I was definitely the only kid in my suburban Chicago neighborhood pretending to be JT Smith.
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    Budda requests trade

    From Budda's IG today
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    Kevin Kolb Released

    Sounds like Whisenhunt was one of the worst offenders.
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    2023 Arizona Cardinals Schedule

    We did it!
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    2023 3rd round pick #94 is Michael Wilson WR

    Fun fact: Wilson is 4 months older than Rondale Moore.
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    Cardinals claim DL Ben Stille from the Cleveland Browns

    We are a Marco Wilson injury away from having Antonio Hamilton as a #1 CB, and Marco averages 3 missed games per year. Also, Antonio Hamilton is the oldest player on our defense now as the only 30+ year old on that side of the ball.
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    Week 17-Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 05/1/23-05/7/23

    So no free agents would sign here this year because they know the team will be very bad. But next year, after this very bad season happens as predicted, free agents will want to come here at a reasonable price for some reason? Am I getting this right? Are we just going to put a sign on the door...