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    Playing for next year. Picking Caleb and trading Kyler.

    I’d agree the cap hit makes trading Kyler next year unlikely. If we end up with 2 picks in the top 5 I think the Cards would look to trade down again and stockpile more picks for 2024 to continue laying a foundation to compete in 2025.
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    Arizona Cardinals sign OL Dennis Daley

    This is probably my fav clip I've seen so far
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    Bidwill says Saints demands led them away from Payton

    The Broncos sent the Saints the first round pick they received from Miami (that was originally San Fran's) #29 overall and next years second and in turn received a third rounder next year as well. I don't know about others on this board but our second round pick is only 5 slots lower at #34 so...
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    The Way Too Early 2023 Season Predictions Thread

    I predict that with the state of the team and the probable spike in Sunday Ticket from the crazy price You Tube paid that I’ll be playing more golf and working on my handicap.
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    Cardinals Head Coaching Candidates 2023

    At this point I think any enthusiasm I would have had for the new staff is pretty much gone. Maybe Mike is really trying to get this right, maybe he is getting turned down by other candidates or maybe a little of both. Regardless of the truth it feels like we are going to be banking on an...
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    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    According to PFT the Broncos gave up the first they received from the Dolphins that belongs to the 49ers (29 overall) and a 2nd next year. They also got back a third. So they get Payton and really don't give up too much. It would have been similar to us giving up a 2 this year and next and...
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    Eagles LB Haason Reddick named NFC Defensive Player of the Week

    Look forward to similar threads about Simmons once our braintrust lets him go after next season because after 5 years we still aren't really sure where he fits. Like Reddick he'll go somewhere with a creative defensive mind and flourish. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.
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    Cardinals looking to trade Hopkins in offseason

    I think the question here is what does Hop want money wise as well. He left Houston mostly because they wouldn't pay him. His cap number is egregious this year but he also has no guaranteed money and Davante Adams who is the same age as Hop just signed a big deal last year. This whole...
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    Cardinals looking to trade Hopkins in offseason

    Teams that could trade for Hopkins: Falcons, Giants, Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys How about the Falcons 2nd, number 40 overall?
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    Trade down. Cat bird seat?

    I think we have to hope the Colts don't panic and try to jump up to number 1. That is the only trade partner I'd be 100% behind as it would ensure we'd still get one of the top 2 defenders and pick up an extra second round pick (prob have to swap 3's to make that work). If we drop behind...
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    Who’s In Charge

    I have a fever and the only prescription is more cow Blough. Sorry had to do it.
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    2023 Salary Cap Stuff

    I've seen the cap and various ramifications discussed here and there on other threads (trades, cuts etc) but haven't seen a great summary as we head into the offseason. I saw this on twitter last night so thought it was worth posting. I have no idea if this is accurate or not so fellow...
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    Michael Bidwill Calling Out Players

    The bigger problem now is can you even attract good candidates for these roles? If Bidwill is now going to get a reputation as a micromanaging owner (ala Jerry Jones except without the Cowboys name prestige) who is going to want to come here? I know there are only 32 of these jobs available...
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    Kliff talks about putting effort in as a QB from the article "Kingsbury acknowledged that as a player himself, he didn’t have the total commitment to being the best he could be that...
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    Cards’ Draft Position

    Rams just put their starting center on IR for the rest of the year so I don't expect them to be competitive at all. It will be really interesting to see if McVay walks away at the end of the year. It seems like they may need to go into rebuild mode. I would guess we'll end up with Houston...
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    Cards’ Draft Position

    The other way to think about this is which team (sea in the case of Denver and Detroit who owns the rams pick) is most likely to pick one of the QBs. If we’re sitting at 4 and two QBs go in the top 3 we’ll have one of Carter/Anderson. Houston will certainly go QB while the Bears will not. For...
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    Cards’ Draft Position

    Rams/Cards only have 3 opponents not in common, the NFC East game, AFC East game and NFC North game. Rams had Buffalo, Green Bay and Dallas in that set while the Cards had Patriots, Minn and Philly. While Buffalo is better than NE the Minn/Philly combo is much better than Dallas/GB so I don't...
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    Rumor: Kyler has a clean ACL tear

    Peter King posted this in his Monday column today "2. I think one of the reasons I never pay a lot of attention to forecasts of when players will be ready to return from knee injuries is that no two knee surgeries are the same. Case in point: Washington edge-rusher Chase Young. He played 24...
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    Cardinals at Broncos gameday thread 12-18-22

    Next season is lost either way. Even if Kyler can make it back for the start he won’t be 100% and this team still has a ton of holes.
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    What should the Cardinals do on Black Monday?

    Right now we sit at 6 and in Walter Football's latest mock they have all 3 of the top D line guys gone by then (Seahawks, Bears and Eagles all go D-line). The other two picks are Qb's so in that scenario I think you have to trade back to a team looking to move up for one of the other QB's. On...
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    Time to Burn It All Down

    You don't need to burn things down. Football is a sport where you can rebuild and compete again pretty quickly unlike baseball. 2023 is a wash at this point even if Kyler comes back. We play the AFC North and NFC East so I have a hard time seeing us having a winning record. I think you need...
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    I think that Kyler Murray's career is finished with his injury

    Don’t you think bidwill has a catastrophic injury policy on kyler?
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    Patrick Peterson Says "Kyler Only Cares About Kyler", Kyler Responds

    I definitely think there is something to this. The way Larry left and the fact he seemingly has stayed away from the org speaks much louder than anything PP could say. That being said PP is that last guy that should be running his mouth. He could have been one of the all time greats at his...
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    Lack of Confidence

    If you’re Keim or Kliff though why would you rush to get a new gig when you’re getting paid already? Kliff will take a job. I think at best he is an OC but now he can be picky. Keim I’m not sure about. Would he really accept a step down back to asst GM or head of pro personnel?
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    Lack of Confidence

    At this point it seems pretty clear the only way Kliff survives next year is financial (e.g. Michael doesn't want to buy him out or even worse can't afford to). I think what happens or doesn't happen with Kliff will say loads about what we can expect the next few years. Either Michael wants to...