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    2023 5th round pick #139 is Clayton Tune QB

    10. CLAYTON TUNE | Houston 6024 | 220 lbs. | 5SR Carrollton, Texas (Hebron) 3/23/1999 (age 24.09) #3 BACKGROUND: John “Clayton” Tune, the youngest child in his family, grew up in Celina, where he started playing quarterback at the pee-wee level. When Tune was age 7, his older brother (Nathan)...
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    2023 4th round pick #122 is Jon Gaines II G

    Hope our front office knows alot better than everyone else. Monti must have trades already in his pocket.
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    Todays Cardinal picks before trade or trades.

    #33 Michael Mayer TE. Great blocking TE; another blocker for the running game. Also graded 91.6 receiving grade. Complete TE #81 Moro Ojomo DT, Graded at 91.4 run defense, 84.1 pass defense #94 Kobie Turner, DT/DE, Graded 93.1 run defense, 88.8 pass defense. #96 Ricky Stromberg, C, Graded...
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    If You Subscribe to The Athletic

    I subscribe to the Athletic, but I'm having problems entering the password. I had no problem last year. Strange.
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    Prospects Per Round

    Harry, always appreciate your ideas and commentary, thank you! I see you did not include Calijah Kancey. He had a 92.4 pass rushing grade and 47 pressures. Has the quickest 1st step of all current draft picks. Do you believe his short status would be detrimental in the pros.
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    Free Agency

    To beef up the defense; the Cards could sign Greg Gaines & Rock Ya-Sin, both only 26. Get Gaines on a 4year contract for 30M/7.5/year. Ya-Sin for about the same.
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    Cards sign Kyzir White

    Does this make Simmons a strong safety, slot CB, blitzer and however the coaching staff is thinking of using him. Maybe Simmons told the coaching staff how he should be best used.
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    Cards sign Kyzir White

    PFF Rank 96 Kyzir White POSITION LB AGE 26.9 STATUS Unsigned 2022 TEAM PHI PROJECTED CONTRACT 3 yrs — $5.5m avg/yr $10.5m guaranteed, $16.5m total 2023 TEAM — 2023 CONTRACT — White landed with the Philadelphia Eagles on a one-year, $3 million flier last offseason after his market didn't pan out...
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    Free Agency

    Kyzir White is 6' 2", 234 not 216.
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    Brian Flores, new DC of the Vikings

    Just call Lou Anarumo and give him the HC job and the solution started. n
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    Brian Flores, new DC of the Vikings

    Kevin O'Connell is bringing in an experienced assistant to take over his defense, as the Minnesota Vikings have hired Brian Flores as their new defensive coordinator, the team announced Monday. Flores spent the 2022 campaign as the linebackers coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and was a popular...
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    Brian Flores, new DC of the Vikings

    As reported by Andrew Holleran just announced that Flores has accepted the DC of the Vikings; 1 hour ago.
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    2023 Free Agent Thread

    Harry, what about the following free agents; G Nate Davis, 6'3" 315 from TN G/C Evan Brown, 6'3" 320 from Det. CB Jamel Dean 6'1" 206 from TB Wild Shot: LB Reuben Foster, 1st round pick trying to get back in football.
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    Head Coach choice

    I'm all in for Lou Anarumo!!!!!!!!!
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    Are we in an Offensive Rebuild?

    I want to rebuild the OL in free agency. Sign Evan Brown from Detroit or Nate Davis from Tennessee. In the third round, pick up a center; Jarrett Paterson, Notre Dame, Joe Tippmann, Wisconsin, or Ricky Stomberg, Arkansas. Resign Will Hernandez. There is enough cap space and enough to sign a...
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    NFL free agents 2023: Ranking top 10 offensive linemen

    The OL free agents that I believe would be best for the Cards are: Evan Brown C/G: age 26, 6'3" 320, from Detroit, rating 68.8 Nate Davis G: age 26, 6'3" 315, from Tennessee, rating 70.6 Concentrate the draft on defense early.
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    Dan Quinn

    I believe Quinn would be an excellent choice for the head coach, mainly because of his history as an DC and an experienced head coach. The game program he developed in Dallas, especially the schemes he did with Parsons, which could possibly help Simmons becoming the player that we thought he...
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    The Window

    I would like the Cards to sign 2 free agents for the interior OL: Evan Brown C/G, from Detroit, 6'3" 320, 26 years old, 2022 Grade 68.7 Nate Davis G from Titans, 6'3" 315, 26 years old, 2022 Grade 70.6 Use the draft to build up the DL.
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    Cardinals looking to trade Hopkins in offseason

    I believe that D-Hop will be traded to Jacksonville or the NY Giants>
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    The Window

    I'm sure the current staff has done the scouting for the current year of prospects. Have not heard of anyone getting released from the front office team as of this time. The scouting information should be available to review. Also adding David Sears should be an immense help in the process...
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    Murray Improvement

    Might be an excellent idea to dive deep into watching film!
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    CFB & Prospect Discussion Thread:

    Cardinal's 2nd round pick: Siaki Ika, 6'3" 340 Evaluation: It is hard to find a player who moves as well as Ika does for his size. He has really good change of direction and athleticism that is evident on film. Ika’s change of direction allows him to make plays upfield and his motor is pretty...
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    Select R1 for Cardinals from these 3 Choices

    I would take #3 and trade back: #1 Peter Skoronski, LG, 6'4" 320 #2 John Michael Schmitz C, 6'4" 320 #2 Siaki Ika DT 6'4" 354 It is hard to find a player who moves as well as Ika does for his size. He has really good change of direction and athleticism that is evident on film. Ika’s change of...
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    Getting Ready to face New Orleans

    Can't score a touchdown against the 31st ranked defense and now only how is the great offense mind, Kingsbury going to prepare for New Orleans in 2 days. No kicker, no offensive line, and no running backs! Oh, Dhop is going to make a difference! Murray should be a running back! I have been a...

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