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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    That's pretty darn good. I need to make the call.. haven't yet. We recently re-did our account with my wife's information and they gave us new equipment and the equipment has been nothing but problems. Been meaning to call and complain so hoping that complaining about equipment and cost of NFL...
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    Expectations for Ayton's Rookie year

    Lot o' double doubles and few blocks.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    They did that one year to me too.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Haven't made the call yet. Has anyone?
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Yes, I do.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    That time of year again... My bill already shows the renewal queued up at 6 months of $48.99. Intending on calling and trying to work that price down and figured I would make a thread so we can discuss what deals we get?
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    Update: David Johnson sits out, wants contract extension

    sorry but that's asinine because keeping DJ happy and a cardinal for his NFL tenure is the move that makes the most sense for the Cardinals. you draft hoping you get a guy that is a star. he's shown he can be that. im not saying throw the bank at the kid. im saying if you're Keim you give him a...
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    Update: David Johnson sits out, wants contract extension

    Very business-side point of view. Player side point of view looks like this... I have given this team a lot of production and shown I am skilled. You want some injury guarantees or language in the contract, fine... but running backs don't have a long life in the Not For Long league and I want to...
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    Tyrann Mathieu: "No way I'm taking a pay cut."

    I dunno about y'all but if my employer gives me a fat contract and then asked me to take a pay cut I would just laugh. Especially knowing I can go to just about anywhere and get paid the same and at worst, close to the same.
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    Goodbye, Smokey!

    he has confirmed the team hasnt reached out to his agent at all thus far
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    BA&SK's 5 Drafts

    That's a fair comparison. They do have a lot of draft picks that are playing on defense. That's not to say that they are great or starter level players though. 2017 ATL DVOA on Defense 25th. 2016 ATL DVOA on Defense 26th. 2015 ATL DVOA on Defense 22nd. 2014 ATL DVOA on Defense 32nd. 2013 ATL...
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    BA&SK's 5 Drafts

    So here's my take on this......... while I believe you've given some fair evaluation to this, it's meaningless put up against itself and not compared to 5 draft classes of an org that is considered "successful". Just my two cents.
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    Marquese Chriss

    Marvin Bagley. Trade Chriss and some picks to get back into the Top 10ish range and grab a C or a PG.
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    Who Wants a Fresh Approach With a New HC and 3 New QBs?

    $36,748,984 -- If we cut Veldheer, Iupati, Bethea, and Dawson. :shrug::shrug::shrug:
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    Who Wants a Fresh Approach With a New HC and 3 New QBs?

    Reality is, they need a new ST coach.. maybe, MAYBE a new DC.. but its all IR. WR1 (Fitz is a slot guy now, and wont be here long). WR2 .. who emerges as a true #2? TE2 (Gresham is locked in via contract, RSJ shows promise, need a body though) LT (Not sold on Humphries) LG (Iupati cut or...
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    The Drafting of a Defense

    So much this. Now.. it has worked in some scenarios. But that's likely deviation than a norm. All these small school players when someone else is likely on the board but we go for the small kid. I mean.. Chad Williams is a good example. He's barely sniffed the field and Dede Westbrook was still...
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    Report: 2018 salary cap projects somewhere between $174.2 million and $178.1 million

    Looking at CP retiring or being cut are silly to me. Fitz doesn't sign that one year extension without some form of commitment from BA and CP. He's looking to have Super Bowl or retirement at this stage in his career.
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    #86 Ricky Seals-Jones He WAS under contract for 2018 but he was released, re-signed, and now he is an ERFA in 2018.
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    How bad is Chad Williams?

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    Defense no accountability

    Schemed out mainly. Only one who can get consistent pressure so just scheme for him.
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    Can BA coach AP?

    He adds a different dynamic. Teams will likely still scheme for him.. I don't think they were scheming much for CJ or Ellington. Getting Boone and Hump back would be... a ... huge... boon(e) (see what I did there) to our run game.
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    Cards get Adrian Peterson in trade with New Orleans

    #Championship (circa 2014)
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    Suns @ Jazz (preseason) 10-6-17

    I redd it on the web you can find a stream. Redd it the other day, just can't remember where I redd it. NBA stream redd it somewhere.. good luck!
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    Reddick to OLB

    he's a little light in the pants.. wonder if he'll hold up the edge in run situations
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    Warren staying awhile (4 yr 50 million)

    I'm fine with a top 3/5 pick this year. Could set up this franchise for yearly playoff consideration with great potential for more.

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