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  1. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Timberwolves Wednesday game thread 3-23-2022

    This had me absolutely baffled. Really rubbed me the wrong way. Are they that tight? Is he a fan of Beverly? Can you imagine a ref saying "2 free throws for King James" or "technical foul on Bossman99"? Since he was the one making most of the horrendous calls (imo), it was not a good look.
  2. ArizonaSportsFan

    2021-22 Around the NBA Thread

    Apparently they post something similar (featuring different players) every game day morning. It is possible that Allen was just next in the rotation and nobody thought to change it. It is also possible that they changed it to be Allen this morning.
  3. ArizonaSportsFan

    Warriors @ Suns Christmas Day game thread 12-25-2021

    Well, right from the start we saw Curry take a double step back for a three. Plain for everyone to see. Tone was set early that favoritism was there.
  4. ArizonaSportsFan

    Luka Doncic is an entitled p.o.s

    To my view, Mitchell is not a good defender. Ja is decent and Jokic is average. But then again, Lillard is not a good defender and Steph is average. I guess I interpreted the list as two-way players...
  5. ArizonaSportsFan

    2021 NBA COVID Related. No Personal or Political Attacks!

    It feels like quite a few teams employ acting coaches. So I guess this isn't a stretch.
  6. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Rockets Sunday game thread 11-14-2021

    I need a good Suns performance to forget about what happened in Glendale.
  7. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    I just have playoff weariness. I would love for the team to win the next two, but the postseason has dragged on for so long and been too stressful.
  8. ArizonaSportsFan

    Clippers @ Suns Monday WCF game thread 6-28-2021 - Game 5

    Congrats!! I will mark 30 years at the end of this year.
  9. ArizonaSportsFan


    Nuggets play next to no defense, and they went 6 games against a team with even worse defense. I like the Suns in this one, but probably 6 games again.
  10. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Lakers Sunday Playoff thread 5-30- 2021 - Game 4

    Mitchell, in his second playoff year, against the Rockets, had one of the the worst EFG% I have ever seen. It happens. You just named 4 primary ball-handlers and compared them to a shooting guard getting double and triple-teamed. While Booker handles the ball, he is not a ball-handler in the...
  11. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 5-27-2021 - Game 3

    He is covering up for his Clippers debacle. Trying to say it was right to duck the Lakers.
  12. ArizonaSportsFan

    Lakers @ Suns Tuesday Playoff game thread 5-25-2021 - Game #2

    It wasn’t you that said it...
  13. ArizonaSportsFan

    Lakers @ Suns Tuesday Playoff game thread 5-25-2021 - Game #2

    That is my point. Suns is not CP3’s team. He has brought stability and credibility, but it is not “his team”.
  14. ArizonaSportsFan

    Lakers @ Suns Tuesday Playoff game thread 5-25-2021 - Game #2

    Whatever. I don’t recall CP3 doing much at all out there in this game, or the last.
  15. ArizonaSportsFan

    Lakers @ Suns Tuesday Playoff game thread 5-25-2021 - Game #2

    I think Drummond would be on him on defense. When Drummond goes out, then yeah he should attack DA or Trez.
  16. ArizonaSportsFan

    Lakers @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread 5-23-2021 - Game 1

    I am guessing Alan Parsons Project wasn't too happy to miss out on the revenue....
  17. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Spurs Sunday game thread 5-16-2021 / Season Finale

    And so many other ridiculous losses.
  18. ArizonaSportsFan

    Trail Blazers @ Suns Thursday game thread 5-13-2021

    After the Blazers beat the Jazz last night the Suns really have to be kicking themselves. So many opportunities wasted. I know this team has given the fans much more than they should have expected, but the frame of reference has changed during the course of the season and now it may turn to...
  19. ArizonaSportsFan

    The Ayton Plan

    He definitely does not like the kind of play that $30M per is [supposed to be] worth!
  20. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Lakers Sunday game thread 5-9-2021

    Ayton had few shots because he would get the ball near the rim, and panic I presume, and immediately pass the ball. He did pick up a couple of assists that way, so....
  21. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Cavaliers Tuesday game thread 5-4-2021

    The only way I would want a pass to Ayton is if it for a lob at the last possible second. I mean, who here would be comfortable with a pass to Ayton with 10 seconds remaining on the clock?
  22. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Cavaliers Tuesday game thread 5-4-2021

    He (or someone) has to dribble the clock out. Everyone on the court (and stands, and at home) knows it. He passed it to CP3 with 10 seconds or so left and CP3 passed it right back. He didn't dribble into double-teams, they came sprinting at him. He went to the corner (farthest from the...
  23. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns @ Thunder Sunday game thread 5-2-2021

    They wanted to play this game as much as I wanted to watch it. Both parties got through it ok.
  24. ArizonaSportsFan

    Suns updates and discussion for the 2020-21 season

    Depends upon how it was said to Ayton, which of course neither of us know. Context and actual verbiage matter.
  25. ArizonaSportsFan

    Clippers @ Suns Wednesday game thread 4-28-2021

    Philly, just a few games back? It's funny - like folks around here don't watch the NBA and are fixated on some other variation of the sport. Probably the ultimate "team" team is the Jazz. Loaded with sharpshooting vets. Yet at the end of games, they have Mitchell "hero ball". And their fans...

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