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  1. Skratchy_Seal

    A glance at the season

    Looks like I’m the only one voting great. I would vote okay, but losing Sarver was such a big plus for me. I just hope for a great offseason and that Zeke’s role will never be more than just Ishbia’s courtside companion at the games.
  2. Skratchy_Seal

    Suns Sign New Free-TV Deal

    Yeah, and I remember the Cotton Express. Some places were hosting watch parties for PPV games. I remember going to a church one time and going to the Coliseum another time. I can’t remember if they were all charging admission or not.
  3. Skratchy_Seal

    Suns Sign New Free-TV Deal

    Back in the 80s/90s, I only remember seeing away games OTA. Are they going to air all home/away games this time around?
  4. Skratchy_Seal

    2023 NBA Playoffs - Other Teams

    #RallyTheValley Thank you, MarShon Brooks!
  5. Skratchy_Seal

    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    I’m good with these. I’ve always felt “safe” would be the way to go for such an old franchise. Let the expansion teams have radical uniforms and logos. Now that someone pointed out that the reds look like OU uniforms, they are my least favorite. I’m happy overall though.
  6. Skratchy_Seal

    Anyone want any or all of this?

    I can send a copy to you if @Shane isn’t able to ship it out to you. I’m not that busy.
  7. Skratchy_Seal

    Anyone want any or all of this?

    If still available, I’ll take it all. Thanks!
  8. Skratchy_Seal

    Season ticket thread…..Cardinals season tickets prices rise 25% next season!

    For those that are not renewing, don’t let these deadlines pass thinking the Cards are going to cancel your tickets for you. They still renewed my tickets a few days before the first preseason game 2021 after the final deadline. I was still able to cancel by calling immediately, but I wouldn’t...
  9. Skratchy_Seal

    RIP: Lance Reddick (1962-2023)

    I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of Won’t Back Down in NYC and ran into him after the screening. I loved him in The Wire and was just starstruck. The friend who invited me suggested I get a picture with him, but I declined. I still think about that night from time to time. It’s sad...
  10. Skratchy_Seal

    Magic @ Suns Saturday game thread 2-12-22

    They were never released, but someone got me the Booker jersey. It’s really nice.
  11. Skratchy_Seal

    Bucks @ Suns Thursday game thread 2-10-2022

    Did they award Bridges and Crowder each with three points while shooting with one foot slightly on the 3-point line, or was that just me?
  12. Skratchy_Seal

    MadJack’s Banner Suggestions - MNF Rams game!

    Home Skid Ends Tonight
  13. Skratchy_Seal

    MCU: Spider-Man 3: No Way Home

    The Brazilian version of the trailer shows Lizard getting punched by nobody in the air in one scene. People are speculating that another Spider-Man was edited out of this scene for the trailer.
  14. Skratchy_Seal

    were you ever a fan of a different NFL team before??

    I was a Bears fan until 1989, when someone I knew got me into the Bills big time and was a fan through the 90s. One year, the local newspaper (AZ Republic or Phx Gazette?) published cutout Joe Bugel Halloween masks. That ticked some players off, and it caught my attention for some reason. I...
  15. Skratchy_Seal

    Good luck Thursday

    SAFETY!!! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!
  16. Skratchy_Seal

    2021 Cardinals Season Tickets

    Oh and you're welcome about last season. I think we both share the same philosophy about tickets and fandom. Unbelievable that you had the perfect seats for an all-time catch.
  17. Skratchy_Seal

    2021 Cardinals Season Tickets

    Everything's good! I had a hard time deciding whether to renew or not, and the Cardinals were very patient the whole time. I finally ended cancelling about a week before start of preseason. The late cancellation is probably why they're still sending the usual perks, and I didn't get purged from...
  18. Skratchy_Seal

    2021 Cardinals Season Tickets

    I received the card, but I'm not a season ticket holder anymore. I won't be using the card though. Same with the code for Game Pass. I'm not going to redeem that. Hopefully, everything gets cleared up by next season.
  19. Skratchy_Seal

    DCU: The Suicide Squad (aka Suicide Squad 2)

    This was a fun movie to watch, and I enjoyed it more than the first. Agree about the Weasel comment.
  20. Skratchy_Seal

    The Tomorrow War (Amazon Prime)

    I enjoyed it, but it seemed like the humans had superior airpower, even with the 45+ year-old weapon technology like the Raptors??? I wonder if the sequel will be about the alien species piloting the spaceship.
  21. Skratchy_Seal

    Suns sign Javale McGee

    Love this signing. I remember he wanted to fight one of the Suns players when he was with Cleveland. I felt he would fit in with this team.
  22. Skratchy_Seal

    Finals Here We Come!!!

    Heck all three of his former teams were in the conference finals this year.
  23. Skratchy_Seal

    An Asterisk Championship?

    I don't really understand all this asterisk stuff, and this includes the 1999 Spurs and 2020 Lakers. It's not like some eligible playoff teams just up and boycotted the tournaments. Every team went in, with one thing in mind, and that was being the champs, and they played whatever team they had...
  24. Skratchy_Seal

    Finals Here We Come!!!

    You should definitely watch the Finals and witness the Suns possibly win their first ever championship. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I tuned into the 2001 World Series. I've never had so much fun watching baseball on TV.
  25. Skratchy_Seal

    Suns @ Clippers Wednesday WCF game thread 6-30-2021 - Game 6

    I saw somewhere that this is the third team ever to eliminate both LA teams in the post season. I’m pretty sure one of the other two teams was also the Suns.

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