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  1. UncleChris

    Arrested: Jonathan Majors

    I've always hated the "Believe Them" nonsense. "Listen to them" is correct. Not a small difference.
  2. UncleChris

    Ted Lasso

    Episode three..... More great stuff. They are really getting into some deeper character development (more folks) and Roy, while still being Roy, is..... well doing some neat stuff! Zava is deliciously "just over the top." Been a great season so far!
  3. UncleChris

    Gwyneth Paltrow Skiing Accident Trial

    It all sounds like a snow job....
  4. UncleChris

    MCU: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    Some characters are going to die, so bring your kleenex......
  5. UncleChris

    Ted Lasso

    I was impressed with the way Ted handled Roy... :thumbup:
  6. UncleChris

    Indiana Jones TV Series (Disney+)

    If the trailer is indicative of the movie, this looks to be in the style of 1 and 3.
  7. UncleChris

    Ted Lasso

    Got S3-2 under my belt..... Same great stuff. I just love Roy, and his arc in this season looks to be quite good.
  8. UncleChris

    John Wick: Chapter 4

    Wife and I are going to binge 1,2 and 3 before seeing 4. We're both old and need the refresher..... ;)
  9. UncleChris

    Shazam: Fury Of The Gods

    R/T 53%/87% critics/audience
  10. UncleChris

    95th Annual Oscars

    I like Curtis but I have to agree.... it was more an Academy recognition Oscar than for her performance.
  11. UncleChris

    Ted Lasso

    I thought Sedakis was pretty firm that season 3 was to be the last...
  12. UncleChris

    A Few Fun Books...

    ...aaaaaannnnnd, the latest addition...
  13. UncleChris

    95th Annual Oscars

    Before everybody puts Cruise through a meatgrinder then pisses on the hamburger, do we know where Cruise is currently filming? It appears he is doing so in England. If so, it puts a different spin on him "shunning" the Oscars and attending Caine's birthday. Edit: BTW.... Not everyone thinks...
  14. UncleChris

    Ted Lasso

    Season 3, episode 1 Very, very nice setup for what is to come. Still had the same "feel" as the first two seasons. Can't wait for next week!
  15. UncleChris

    95th Annual Oscars

  16. UncleChris

    95th Annual Oscars

    I thought Jimmy Kimmel did that right at the beginning, saying that TGM was what brought people back to the theaters. Did you mean formal recognition?
  17. UncleChris

    Everything Everywhere All At Once

    Meh..... A lot of insanity to bring to a point that was obvious from the beginning. Would have loved to have seen it while on mescaline, though......
  18. UncleChris

    Last of Us (HBO Max)

    How about a triple dog meh??? :D
  19. UncleChris

    95th Annual Oscars

    Oscar for best sound.
  20. UncleChris

    Last of Us (HBO Max)

    Someone please explain to me what the purpose of the impossible (after 20 years) giraffe scene was for.
  21. UncleChris


    Very good film. Hanks, as always, was awesome. Music awesome. Recreating the feel of the various time periods was awesome. Three minor issues for me. Butler absolutely nailed the movements of Elvis, but he just doesn't look enough like him to "convince me" and bring me into the movie. It seemed...
  22. UncleChris

    95th Annual Oscars

    The Academy had their heads up their collective arses on this one...... :thumbdown
  23. UncleChris

    Name a Movie You Feel Everyone Must Have Seen

    Same ;here. Oh, I've seen the "Everytime you hear a bell..." clip, but that's about it. Oh.... and I'm not 40 either.....

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