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    rumors about arizona pick in round 1

    24. Arizona Cardinals -- DT Arik Armstead: Sticking with this pick. Cards have been pretty locked in on him. La Confora's last mock..... First one I have seen where we take him.
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    Doug & Wolf

    I am not sure Wolf is cut out to be a SPORTS radio show host, maybe if it was only about Football he would be better but when the conversation transitions to basketball or baseball Wolf sounds like he is lost and try's to tie everything back to Football. Also, he states multiple times that he...
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    Donald Brown as a FA target?

    I'd be fine with that, I actually wanted him in the draft over Beanie but Indy selected him a few spots before us.
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    honey badger torn acl

    Great article, but doesn't give me much hope for TM. Hopefully, he can get over the mental aspect to this injury.
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    Cards-Winston reach agreement -shefter

    Move Massie to LT and Brown to RG.....:koolaid: Massie-Cooper-Sned-Brown-Winston
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    Mark Asher fired at KTAR

    Thanks for the info!
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    Mark Asher fired at KTAR

    I thought I heard Doug from 620 say something about them going back to the mornings yesterday on my way home. Anybody else hear this or was there an announcement that I missed?
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    Anybody else concerned w/ our staff??

    Is anybody else concerned about our staff? Other than BA, T. Moore and Bowles we have little to no experience and even some questionable character guys (see RB coach). This seems to me like a makeshift staff after the initial remarks that a staff will be in place in a couple of days. Most of the...
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    Fitzgerald calls out Floyd

    Larry Fitzgerald ‏@LarryFitzgerald Just finished another strong workout with @Wellefast. @MichaelMFloyd killed it 2day & led the group in all drills & squaded 400+. ‪#beast‬ Sounds like he did well.....
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    Cards May Sign WR By Monday/Tuesday

    Cant we just delete this thread? :bang:
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    Colledge restructures contract.

    What's concerning is that his salary now jumps to a $7.25M cap hit each year for the next 2 years. Does that mean he is being setup to be cut or is that a resonable amount for guard? Seems like a lot of $$ to me....
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    The official free agent tracking thread

    Aaron Wilson ‏ @RavensInsider Jarrett Bush agreed to terms to remain with the Green Bay Packers on a three-year contract, according to a league source. No terms released.
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    Packer CB Jarrett Bush visiting Cardinals today

    Resigned w/ the Packers.... Aaron Wilson ‏ @RavensInsider Jarrett Bush agreed to terms to remain with the Green Bay Packers on a three-year contract, according to a league source. No terms released.
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    The official free agent tracking thread

    Darren Urban ‏ @Cardschatter Cards will host three Off linemen for visits today: G Jake Scott (Ten), T Demetrius Bell (Buf) & G/T Adam Snyder (SF))
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    Richard Marshall meeting with Miami

    CB Eric Wright's deal with Tampa Bay: 5 years, $37.5 million, including $15.5 million guaranteed..... Would you pay Marshall $7.5M/yr? What about $5M/yr? I think he is gone.....we wont pay him.
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    Michael Bush On Vacation in Arizona

    But Whiz was here when he was drafted? Maybe this was all Graves, against the coaches wishes......
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    Michael Bush On Vacation in Arizona

    Maybe setting up for a Beanie trade?
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    The official free agent tracking thread

    Maybe trade Beanie if we land Bush? Cleveland is in need of a #1 RB.....
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    The official free agent tracking thread

    Michael Bush is apparently in Arizona.....would be sign another RB?!?! Michael Bush ‏ @michaelbush29 Just arrived in arizona and the weather is awesome. It was getting ugly in oakland with all that rain
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    Your opinion on Cards chances for Manning?

    Supposedly he is playing golf with Dan Marino right now..... not looking good. Hope Kolb is getting his mind right.
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    This Has To Be Someone Screwing Around

    I think it is part of his gimmick....When he is introduced at home games he is wearing his ninja mask and does some "ninja" moves as he comes out.
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    OT - Peyton fans the flames

    I hate to say it but why wouldn't SF be a strong possibility for Manning, if not the best? Because of Alex Smith? No way they pass on Manning esp after Smith's performance in the NFC Championship.
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    OT: Santonio Holmes Is An Idiot

    Damn twinkle toes..... :bang:
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    I actually agree with you....sort of. I was about to create a thread on when we should attach the "injury prone" tag onto Kolb. His history in the NFL has shown he can't last as a starter for more that 2-3 games. What worries me the most is that he got knocked in the back of the head by someones...
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    New radio schedule stinks

    Just wanted to bump this thread to see if anybody has heard anything new? Morning radio is so bad :bang: at the moment with no local coverage!! Esp Mondays when I want to hear about the Cards but I have to listen to Mike and Mike talk about the Pats, Jets, Giants bueno