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  1. JerkFace

    New Jerseys for the Cardinals

    I like those as well. The “recreations from memory” that the Reddit guy did were awful.
  2. JerkFace

    New Jerseys for the Cardinals

    Ugh… the guy on Reddit who is claiming that grey will be a predominant color as well as the red going to more of a maroon color nailed the 17th as the reveal date a few days ago. Hopefully the date is the only thing he is telling the truth about.
  3. JerkFace

    MCU: Deadpool 3

    Might want to put that in spoilers for those of us who haven’t seen the new Antman yet.
  4. JerkFace

    New Jerseys for the Cardinals

    The Reddit poster mentioned April 17th as the reveal date.
  5. JerkFace

    New Jerseys for the Cardinals

    Oklahoma is unveiling a Kyler Murray Heisman Statue.
  6. JerkFace

    Flight Plan Episode 2

    That wasn’t Monti… just another bald guy on the staff. Not sure who it was.
  7. JerkFace

    Free Agency

  8. JerkFace

    Vikings Sign Byron Murphy

    Man, I was actually liking the things we were doing right up until this point. After letting Allen go, there was no reason to allow a young up and coming CB who we drafted and developed leave to another team on such a team friendly contract. Pure silliness.
  9. JerkFace

    OT: The 2023 NFL draft combine thread.

    He will go top 10…. Possibly top 5.
  10. JerkFace

    New Owner - Mat Ishbia

  11. JerkFace

    WWYD? Two games remaining on Ish Wainwright's contract

    He is liked by the team, gives full effort, and has a good attitude. He is exactly what you want from a 15th man on the bench that will never sniff the court in the playoffs.
  12. JerkFace

    Mike Jurecki Leaves the Cardinals

    When I saw this thread pop up again I realized that I hadnt seen any tweets from him lately. I just checked and I am blocked, which is weird because I have never commented on any of his tweets on Twitter. I wonder if he creeps here sometimes since my handle and avatar on Twitter is the same as...
  13. JerkFace

    News and rumors of potential coaching staff additions.

    Fingers crossed for both.
  14. JerkFace

    Cards Hire Jonathan Gannon as New HC

    I like the hire for the mere reason that it appears as if Gannon was Monti’s top choice.