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  1. vince56

    Win and we are in!!

    We need more positive threads on here. Let's do this!! Come on, Kyler! Beat LA!!!
  2. vince56

    Budda Baker mic'd up

    Man I thought he played a fantastic game on Sunday. This was an INTENSE game for him, and helps you really appreciate (1) how absolutely physically demanding playing safety is and (2) how great a player Budda's becoming.
  3. vince56

    Shut Rosen down for the year

    He's clearly running for his life and has regressed recently. No progress is going to be made behind this line and with these receivers. 2018 is over, let's not lose 2019 too.
  4. vince56

    Positivity thread: Best Cards free agent ever?

    I'd say it has to be Warner at #1, with maybe Bert Berry at #2. Dansby could be in the mix as he was a vocal leader for us, but we drafted him then signed him as a FA twice, so I'm not sure that counts. Either way, we needed some positivity here this week. Good vibes and all. Warner and Berry...
  5. vince56

    Defensive snap counts

    Reference: So let's get this right, we had 59 snaps on defense the other night. Breaking down LBs and DBs: Linebackers: Josh Bynes, 59; Haason Reddick, 59; Deone Bucannon, 7; Gerald Hodges, 1...
  6. vince56

    #52 Jeremy Cash out for the season (knee)

    Dang. Pardon the pun, but the guy was money last night. Hopefully he recovers well for next year.
  7. vince56

    Rosen draft day call w/ Keim

    I'm sorry, there's something in this kid's voice, determination we have not heard in a long time. I love this. Skip to 5:15 in the video.
  8. vince56

    Shurmur emerging as a frontrunner for the Cardinals? The plot thickens.
  9. vince56

    To those that want Arians gone

    He just went 8-8 with 8 starters on IR and he won games with Blaine "it's a checkdown or an overthow" Gabbert at QB. Just look at the IR list, I highlighted the starters below. This is news to no one, but seeing it like this puts it into perspective. If Arians leaves, we will severely miss his...
  10. vince56

    #86 Ricky Seals-Jones

    Wow! Who is this guy?!
  11. vince56

    Team Chemistry

    This is awesome.
  12. vince56

    OT: Moon Valley football player dies after collapsing on the field This is just horrible.
  13. vince56

    I'm beginning to hear a lot about...

    Boldin possibly coming back to the Cardinals for one final year in the NFL. I'm seeing basically no online sources, but Wolfley hasn't been able to talk about much else most mornings. He left on sour terms, but I'm assuming that was more with Graves/Whisenhunt than the ownership. Wolfley is...
  14. vince56

    Winning in 2017 - Re-tool, not rebuild

    How many of us remember the Dave McGinnis years? I remember routinely lose by 3-4 TDs a game, and just wishing we would field a competitive team. Right now, our team has been in almost every game this year, you don't blow this up, you fix the deficiencies and reload. We have 4 things we all know...
  15. vince56

    Cards not wearing their color rush black uni's this season
  16. vince56

    Caption the photo...

    Palmer looking a lot like Goro from Mortal Kombat. Mutant football league? Lol
  17. vince56

    Humphries is a liability.

    He had Palmer jogging for his life on several plays out there. Did you see that one in the second quarter where he got bullrushed and planted on his back? He consistently does not get leverage, is too high, gets stood up and pushed back, and he's not fast enough on his feet to stop faster pass...
  18. vince56

    Mathieu starting at corner? (speculative)

    With the overload of solid safeties and the absolute need for a #2 CB, what about moving honey badger out to the flat from the slot and having him cover the Z? He has the experience, though he will give up height to most WRs, that hasn't really been a hindrance before for him. I'm not saying...
  19. vince56

    Mike Jenkins' knee

    That looked bad in-game. Unfortunately so did Bethel, pulling his best Tommy Knight impression on that deep pass he watched sail over his head into the receiver's hands. Any word on Jenkins' status? Twitter has been silent about it this morning.
  20. vince56

    "Random Media"

    Well it doesn't get more random than that!! o_O
  21. vince56

    Jared Goff loves him some brands :biglaugh:
  22. vince56

    A great read from 2004 on Palmer's rare personality for a QB and his limitations

    I read this article years ago when studying psychology, and last night's game reminded me of it. I am linking a 20 page article with psychological analysis of Palmer, and comparatively other QBs. The gist of it is that while Palmer is the ideal teammate and student of the game, his mind has...
  23. vince56

    Coin flip