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  1. AZCB34

    ASU v Colorado

    This is a turning point game. Lose this one and we start talking about IF the Devils get to any bowl game. Win and they stay alive in an inconsistent South. I am still I hopeful (though not blind) fan that this team can turn this thing around
  2. AZCB34

    ASU v BYU

    First real test for the Devils. First road game. Which ASU team shows up? The one who commits penalties left and right and gives up easy drives for points or the more efficient version?
  3. AZCB34

    PAC-12 Football 2021

    The conference is a mess again this year. Forget the TV issue. Oregon looks really good USC got throttled Colorado made a valiant effort ASU is unproven thus far and BYU provides a bigger test UCLA seems for real but I want to see more proof Utah loses Washington is a certified mess and FEMA...
  4. AZCB34

    ASU v UNLV

    ASU is favored by 34 points o/u at 53.5 This should be another easy win if ASU is as good as they think they are. i want to see a huge improvement on penalties in this game
  5. AZCB34

    ASU V Southern Utah

    It's finally arrived! Game one of the year. I am pumped for this. Hope they dominate and get out of this one with no major injuries. Go Devils!
  6. AZCB34


    The conference gets crapped on quite a but...some deserved, some not. No matter what happens in the night cap, 3 of the elite 8 teams will be from <best Bill Walton voice> the conference of champions.
  7. AZCB34

    ASU Baseball 2021

    Opened the season with a series win over Sacramento St. Ugly loss on Friday with a trainwreck 9th inning. Hawaii coming next weekend.
  8. AZCB34

    ASU/Bowl Game

    6 win requirement has been waived Teams are opting out of bowl games and will continue to do so. I don't know if only playing three games would be enough. If offered, should ASU accept?
  9. AZCB34

    ASU/PAC News This doesn't bode well.
  10. AZCB34

    ASU v UA

    Friday, December 11, 5p I know that luster is off this game but I still want a win and will be watching. No bad injuries
  11. AZCB34

    ASU Hockey 2020-2021

    Beat Notre Dame tonight. Gets them to 3-3-1. Swept Wisconsin prior.
  12. AZCB34

    Mark Grace

    He is doing work for both the Cubs and Dbacks this year?
  13. AZCB34

    PAC12 loses coach to MSU Is the PAC teetering on the brink of no longer being considered a Power 5 conference?
  14. AZCB34

    Nice Job Utah

    That is all.
  15. AZCB34

    ASU Baseball 2020 2020 baseball schedule released
  16. AZCB34

    #24 ASU @ UCLA

    Win this game and the Devils are bowl eligible before Halloween. From there, you are playing for bowl quality. This is a game ASU should win. UCLA is still a mess although they are showing signs of life
  17. AZCB34

    AZ Fall League Rosters Announced
  18. AZCB34

    401k thread inspired by Russ

    Russ had an interesting story in P&R about a friend who had no clue what she was invested in and had no desire to even figure it out. I work in the investment industry and specifically with retirement accounts. It is standard on a daily basis. I speak to people who have no clue what they are...
  19. AZCB34

    ASU Baseball 2019

    Season overview.
  20. AZCB34

    HoF inductees

    Rivera (unanimous) Martinez Halladay Mussina
  21. AZCB34

    2018 Sun Devils Football Report Card

    What grade do you give year one of the Herm Edwards era?
  22. AZCB34

    ASU vs Fresno St.

    Probably the top pre-Christmas bowl game. Last game of the year. Close it out with a win!
  23. AZCB34

    McCarthy Fired

    According to ESPN
  24. AZCB34

    SEC Championship

    Conspiracy theory: Alabama throws the game so two SEC teams can get in. This game had been interesting to day the least. Georgia is playing with serious fire