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  1. SECTION 11

    Am I the only one not convinced by Trevor Lawrence?

    I just don’t see it. He’s neither fish nor foul.
  2. SECTION 11

    Guess the first play from scrimmage

    I’m going with a swing pass to DJ out of the backfield, for four yards.
  3. SECTION 11

    Here’s my summary...

    1) Keim placed value first. The number one pick has more value than Rosen. Trade Rosen a week before the draft and you’ve diminished the leverage of the asset with the most value. Not going to happen. Case closed. Not one GM in the league would have handled that differently. Zero. 2) Arians...
  4. SECTION 11

    What happened to Greedy Williams?

    Anyone know what is up with this fall?
  5. SECTION 11

    My God, they ARE a Fiero

    And Steve Keim is driving. Sorry. That’s all I can muster.
  6. SECTION 11

    Section 11's Fearless Draft Analysis

    1: Randy Gregory. Couldn't draft him in the first round. He's part of the same defensive line that gave up 11,000 yards to Melvin Gordon in 2.5 quarters. I sure would have taken him in the second though, unless he was just baked out of his gourd during his visit. Something must have gone...
  7. SECTION 11

    Parking Passes

    Anyone know where to score single game parking passes? Looking for two maybe three for the Colts game
  8. SECTION 11

    Kids and Cards

    Anyone remember the thread on taking small Card fans to the game and what the cutoff is for needing a ticket? I thought it was 2 years. Taking the Lilster to her first game maybe against the Dolts.
  9. SECTION 11

    Kerouac9: Best writer on the Cardinals

    Better than Bickley, Urban, Somers, Wolfley, Catmitch, Sando, Tango, anyone, hands down. What say you? Who's a must-read? There's plenty of great posters who have the time and the talent (I have neither), but not really any that are any better at covering our own crap football team year after...
  10. SECTION 11

    Happy Birthday Jeff Gollin!

    One of my favorite all-time posters, happy birthday!
  11. SECTION 11

    How do I watch online?

    I know this has been posted as a question about eleventy thousand times, but until now, I've never needed to know. Any thoughts? I'm hooking my laptop "Ole Bessie" up to our TV (who we'll call "Bill" for purposes of this discussion) which works great and all, I just don't know which exit...
  12. SECTION 11

    There's something about this game

    I think we are totally going to win. Discuss. Or don't. Whichever, I still think there's something in the air here. Damn the torpedos.
  13. SECTION 11

    There are few times in life...

    ...where you know where things stand. Usually, it's murky, grey-scale and fumbled (apparently like the big ****ing bar of soap we've been playing with all season {sorry Nidan old friend, but sometimes a good cuss word is warranted}). However, this is another one of those times where it's just...
  14. SECTION 11

    I have two things to add...

    1) If there was ever a time where this team needed us, the fans, to do their part it's this Sunday. We've voiced our complaints, we've bitched and moaned (except for 40), some jack-bucket even posted flyers on the players' cars, but it's time to put our money where our collective vocal chords...
  15. SECTION 11

    I'm fired up!

    I really don't know what else to say. We can totally do this.
  16. SECTION 11

    What a waste of time and money

    Pathetic. Nice showing fellas.
  17. SECTION 11

    My Superbowl Shrine is going to be mostly symmetrical

    Planning it out tonight.
  18. SECTION 11

    I need tickets!

  19. SECTION 11

    It's a full moon baby

  20. SECTION 11

    Our Cardinals, which art in Glendale,

    hallowed be thy game; thy conference won; thy debacle done, in Arizona as it is in Pittsburgh. Give us the fans our vindication. And forgive us our 5 and 11 seasons, as we forgive them that score against us. And lead us not into turnovers; but deliver us from penalties. For thine is the Quan...
  21. SECTION 11

    Anyone have an extra parking pass?

    Got my tickets from the official site, but didn't consider the parking pass. Anyone got an extra? 9,550 ASFN bucks to anyone that has Lot E.
  22. SECTION 11

    Have to give the 'Hawks credit

    They played their asses off, especially on the o-line considering their injuries and the season all but done for them.
  23. SECTION 11

    We're going to the Superbowl

    That's right. Damn the torpedos. I'm totally serious. Getting absolutely abused like they did was the best thing that could have possibly happened to this bunch. I'm fired up. Let's get it on. Dispatch of Seattle as vanilla as possible and let's go. All the freaking way. Why the hell...
  24. SECTION 11

    Halftime drumline

    Did anyone else catch that? That was kick ass!
  25. SECTION 11

    Bengals Live & Pottsville Maroons Update

    Bengals fans were cool. Orange stormtrooper guy was cordial enough at least. Rolle got robbed. There's no image at all of the 1947 trophy at the Hall of Fame, so no luck on that front. Superbowl rings are very, very large. Ok, so that's not much of an update.