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  1. schutd

    2020 Season streaming

    With reddit having shut down the NFLStreams sub, does anyone have any links to streaming sites for this season? Apologies if this has been covered. Hadnt seen a thread for this season yet....
  2. schutd

    Apologies if this has been posted...

    Seen this? Man, I HATE being the BUTT of this joke...
  3. schutd

    OT: Cardinal action on the TODAY show

    Please tell me that the dude screaming for the Cards on the TODAY show this morning, when they scroll the crowd is from this site. Anyone know?
  4. schutd

    The Official "The Sky is NOT Falling" game day thread; CLE edition

    Get a rare chance to hang out and watch the game live so Id thought Id check in on the game thread in real time. Wow. Unreadable. Every play is the end of the world. Anyone interested in talking about the game here instead? Awesome. Try and keep it level. And lets leave the play by play comments...
  5. schutd

    Arians was an opportunity lost for CLE?

    Anyone catch this link out of Zasty's twitter feed? Good read.
  6. schutd

    Cutler injury

    Does anyone else think Cutler was concussed on that play, and then the super awkward Siragusa description of what Fox said about a hammy is the Bears trying to keep him out of the mandated protocols? He wasnt favoring the shoulder, and he walked off with no signs of a hamstring issue...
  7. schutd

    Bears' Jeffrey OUT week 2 vs. Cards

    Per Rapoport on NFL network early this morning. Cards D needs to make Cutler uncomfortable. Missing one of his regular targets, he will make mistakes.
  8. schutd

    Mike Florio take

    This is internet hilarity at its finest.
  9. schutd

    Palmer expected to start today 10/12 vs WASH

    Just reported on NFL network. Surprise!
  10. schutd

    Shaughnessy to IR designated return?

    No thread? Did I not see that somewhere today? We are cursed!
  11. schutd

    NFL Network says Palmer OUT for game at NYG

    Here comes Stanton. Wow.
  12. schutd

    Some thoughts on cooking

    I contributed a piece to some dear friends blog today. Please have a read, if you will!
  13. schutd

    Chew on this!
  14. schutd

    The official "Why we will make the playoffs" (the Bud Light Ad) thread

    Because I just spent ninety infuriating minutes on Christmas day making an AZ Cardinals themed Cra-Z-Loom friendship bracelet for my football hating 7 year old daughter. Its only weird if it doesnt work.
  15. schutd

    Ellington Inactive

    per ESPN. Booooooooo.
  16. schutd

    Just bought this.

    From the jankiest looking web site EVER. Hope its real. Cause if it is, Im going to rock this on my next hold up job.
  17. schutd

    Non-homer question on the Floyd PI call

    Shouldnt he be able to make a play for the ball? Especially when the DB isnt looking for the ball which causes Floyd to have to go thru him to get to it? Im trying to remain objective here. That seems like a TD to me. Do I not understand the rule?
  18. schutd

    Anyone following the "Why your team sucks" series on Deadspin?

    Theres some real gold in here, and the fan emails are even better.
  19. schutd

    Interesting article on egg production.

    Know about your food! I pay 7 bucks a dozen for eggs. happily. And its not because I feel cool spending more on food. I do it because Ive seen production method commodity "farming" and it scares me...
  20. schutd

    Bates Motel (A&E)

    Anyone? Anyone?
  21. schutd


    I need to eat more vegetables. Carry on.
  22. schutd

    NYTimes article on junk food

    A long, but important article from an upcoming book about the science of formulating addictive snack food. A must read as we all start to pay a bit more attention to all the crap we introduce to our bodies in the form of processed foods...
  23. schutd

    If you ever make it to my neighborhood

    I got ya covered.
  24. schutd

    Stand up and be counted

    Who actually LIKES Guy Fiere. he's like a cheffy Vanilla Ice. No one will admit they like him, but he sold 10 million copies of his complete and utter bullsh!t. Maybe in another 10 years his DVDs will have ironic kitsch value. I dare you to admit he's cool...
  25. schutd


    Believe it or not NYC is an awesome place to go digging for food. Upstate New York, even better. Anyone forage? Heres a guide!