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  1. slanidrac16

    Vance Joseph

    I'll bet most of us were screaming for VJ's head in the first half. But kudos to the defense in the second half holding the Vikings to 3 points. This game is all about adjustments and lets not let the thrill of victory overshadow cover the job he did.
  2. slanidrac16

    Early player prediction

    I was not thrilled with the acquisition but A.J. Green could be set up for a huge day. Either cb he is matched up against is in trouble. I’m assuming they will double Hopkins.
  3. slanidrac16

    Never as good… never as bad.

    We should all know by now and especially after one game things are never as good or bad as they seem. I’m tempering my expectation just a bit. I’ll be the first to admit I slipped to the dark side and am not completely convinced of what we witnessed Sunday. With 4 months to prepare for game...
  4. slanidrac16


    One thing I noted yesterday and loved was the fire I seen in Kliff. In the past it looked like Kliff more or less was reasoning with things going on around him. Yesterday Kliff was firing and swearing at refs. Walking on the field and calling out the refs was nice to see. Another time I saw...
  5. slanidrac16

    So sick of coaches cliches

    WAtching the NFL Network and you hear the same crap from every head coach about his team. 1. The most overused word? Excited. They are excited about everything and everyone.Are they not at least disappointed in one player? 2. I really like the energy this team brings each and everyday. 3. I...
  6. slanidrac16

    Bring him in it can’t hurt list.

    So with all the cuts coming today I thought we should put all the players we should bring in in one spot. Go!
  7. slanidrac16

    Predict opening day post game quotes.

    1. Gotta give them a lot of credit. 2. We won’t know until we review the film.
  8. slanidrac16

    Love ya Kliff, but…

    You need to grow a pair. It’s time to stop the Coach Bro stuff. Players need to be called out and advised about jobs being on the line. Stop telling us how great so and so looks. Players seem a bit to comfortable. we talk about the leadership we acquired this off season. Leadership starts with...
  9. slanidrac16

    Oh Well. On to round TWO

    So we still have a hole at CB, RB and some would say WR. As of right now we have 1 pick in the next 128 picks. So who might be there? At WR -Terrace Marshall Jr., Rondale Moore, Rashad Bateman ( big maybe)Maybe Pat Freiermuth at TE At CB -Eric Stokes, Tyson Campbell AT RB -not much without...
  10. slanidrac16

    First two picks...

    No trades. Two names. No if or buts. 1. Travis Etienne 2. Eric Stokes Thinking like Keim. What say you?
  11. slanidrac16

    How far is a reach?

    Watching all the experts talk about player A or player B makes me wonder what is a teach. Looking at mock drafts many “ experts” have Toney getting selected at 23. Would it be a reach to take him at 16? Is it a reach if you select the 4th ranked db over the 2nd rank rb? What is your definition...
  12. slanidrac16


    So we all mention how great Keim is at making trades. What does this really mean? Trades are great when you are putting the last pieces of the puzzle together. They are a terrible way to build your team as is free agency. It is also testament of just how bad your drafting and free agent...
  13. slanidrac16

    What is success for...

    In your opinion, What is the minimum return on these player and personnel to deem them a success? JJ Watt? 10 games played? 8 sacks? AJ Green? 60 catches 600 yards? 6 td’s. Team? 8,9,10 wins. Make the playoffs? Win a playoff game? Win the division? Offense. Better or worse? Defense. Better or...
  14. slanidrac16

    What’s left? RB and CB

    Carson, Drake seem to be the best of the bunch. Mike Davis, Duke Johnson and perhaps James Connor I would rate a notch below. Bargain rate Damien Williams? Anybody else? CB. Your guess is as good as mine.
  15. slanidrac16

    J C Jackson?

    Pats tendered him and would cost us our second round pick and 3.7m salary. He’s 25. He has appeared in 45 and started 22. In that time he has 17 ints and 100 tackles. I never heard of this guy. Any thoughts?
  16. slanidrac16

    Not falling for it Keim..

    Don’t get on the radio and tell us what a great off season we’ve had. We are not stupid. We see other teams reworking contracts and getting players that will truly help them while we sign players that are old with a history of injury. I’m officially on “ Keim needs to go” wagon. You are...
  17. slanidrac16

    Opinion on Kirk

    Was thinking about how bad we need a true #2 Wr and how that would affect Kirk. I’m one that believes Fitz is gone unless he plays for a ridiculous low salary this opening up the slot. Could Kirk become a dynamic slot receiver? Your thoughts?
  18. slanidrac16

    My offensive starters evaluation

    Not based on coaching or play calling. Qb - Murray solid but has a lot of room to improve. Rb - Drake is just okay and probably replaceable. Edmonds very good but more situational or change of pace. Wr- Hopkins is a stud. Kirk is no better than a #3. Fitz I believe is gone. TE- Max Williams...
  19. slanidrac16

    Goodbye Fitz

    The greatest Cardinal of all time. Thrilled is year after year and supplied us with a lifetime of football memories. I don’t know if Fitz is ready to retire nor do I think he is no longer capable of contributing to this or any team. However I just don’t see him returning to a team for 2 or 3...
  20. slanidrac16

    It’s now or never.

    I don’t care how you are feeling right now. Truth is we are one game behind the Rams. In September we’d have all taken this scenario. The Rams have owned us but the worm turns every now and then. Usually by this time of the season we are looking at the draft. I know it hurts when we lose a...
  21. slanidrac16

    They did...we didn’t

    They score on a goal line play, we didn’t They caught their key passes, we didn’t. They took advantage of turnovers, we didn’t. Their special teams played well, we didn’t. They made their Fg, we didn’t. Nuf said.
  22. slanidrac16

    Kyler too quiet?

    NOOOOO! It hasn’t been mentioned yet but he showed fire last night on the sidelines. So many times we’ve seen Brady slam his helmet on the bench and scream at coaches or teammate. It was awesome to see. Might be silly to say but Kyler Murray became a man last night. He refused to let this...
  23. slanidrac16

    Elite, competitive and stinkers.

    I’m looking at the league and I think there may be 2 or 3 elite teams, KC, Seahawks, Steelers and maybe the Ravens. After that I think there are about 15 teams I would describe as competitive. This is the category the Cards fall into. Any One of these 16 teams could beat the other 15 teams on...
  24. slanidrac16

    It wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect!

    Where to start? VJ and the defense showed up. Phillips looks like he’s worth the investment. Murphy’s best game as a pro. Baker being Baker. Reddick best game as a pro. Gardeck is he for real? Kirkpatrick best game as a Cardinal. Hicks and Campbell are a great pair of inside backers. All db’s...
  25. slanidrac16

    The new normal offense.

    I don’t know if anybody noticed but every winning team except two scored 30 points. Our offense has fallen far short of everybody’s expectations. If this team is going to compete the offense had better turn it around dramatically and very quickly. The defense will be mediocre at best. A potent...