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    More on Moore

    The more I think about Moore the more I'm on board with the pick. We run a crazy amount of those short receiver screen passes. Seems like I've seen a million thrown to Fitz who then gets a yard or two and goes down. I think Moore is custom built for this play. Being short, he can hide...
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    Let’s Talk About Lamb

    Geez, what's up with all the vitriol and personal attacks on this board? At this point Lamb certainly looks legit, and it's fun to think about him combined with DHop but who knows if he'd be performing at that level in this offense? As i remember it, most of us really liked him in the draft...
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    The 2021 Draft

    I have no idea on actual players right now, but here is the direction positionally I'd go with our first 4 picks in 2021: 1) edge (work him in rotation before we need him full time) 2) RB (get a good year out of Drake and let him cash in with another team) 3) OG/C (back up immediately, take over...
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    Optimistic View Moving Forward

    Love this thought but curious why you think Leki is a possible flake?
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    Simmons is a safety, not a linebacker

    I think the cards will get their best 11 on the field. Both Buddha & Simmons will play a SS/WILB role, often on the field at the same time. The nickel, 3-3-5, may be our base defense but with alot more muscle than most. I think this jibes well with the trend of NFL offenses spreading the...
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    Where do we go from here?

    I'm hoping for a DL (davis, elliott, gallimaore, lynch) or OT (jones, cleveland, niang) that slips from the 2nd. Could live with RB if one it's one of the top 5.
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    Team to players relationship cannot be like this

    Nothing wrong with his post, IMO. Could be interpreted as being hated by the Steelers or being doubted by his own team and their fans. Either way, he's going to fight on. I hope he does.
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    Current draft order

    I agree with all this. I'm back in my unfortunate comfort zone, more interested in our draft position than winning the games. I too had hope for MB. He does spend money, albeit foolishly. A good GM could work wonders but I question if MB has the ability to identify, win over and then get...
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    Keim is excited about his plan for the offseason

    I was hoping the punchline to "keim is excited about his plan for the offseason" was going to be something like "check out a bunch of garage sales" or "binge watch greys anatomy" with all his post-termination free time.
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    Longshot For New GM

    There are plenty of people that would love to be a GM just like there are plenty of people who would love to play in the NFL. There are only so many that can truly excel at that level. The success of a GM is greatly influenced by the environment around him. I think the Cardinal culture is...
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    Longshot For New GM

    For the reputation of the Bidwills, I have friends and family members who have played and worked in the NFL and for the Cardinals specifically. Bill was notoriously miserly, Michael isn't as bad but still runs a half ass organization. A specific example I remember of the petty cheapness was...
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    Longshot For New GM

    I think the Cardinals would be hard pressed to land any top notch GM prospect. The Bidwells, including golden boy Michael, are not well respected in the league. IMO, we would need to find someone in-house, settle for a has-been or gamble on a green up-and-comer. There's always someone...
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    Longshot For New GM

    What about Kurt Warner?
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    Cards/Pack playoff running now on NFL Network

    such a great game. warner was a complete stud. put that entire team on his back.
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    Insight into Management from Rosen on Rich Eisen Show

    Like any organization, a football team's character starts at the top. For years under Bill, the Cards were known for being 2nd class. Michael's apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. Whatever Keim is, has been greatly shaped my Michael. He's the homegrown product of this...
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    Keim on signing players with injuries

    I disagree too. Our line has been way below average as far as health goes, IR, etc. I'd look at our training program and our player evaluation. Durability needs to be much higher on Keims appraisals He keeps signing the same kind of injury-prone OL guys, not just guys that have been injured...
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    This Kyler Murray thing has my panties in a bunch so I'm choosing to focus on other aspects of the draft. In particular, later round gems/sleepers. One of mine is Michael Jordan (OG) from Ohio State. He's projected anywhere from the bottom of the 2nd to the 6th. He played all 4 years for...
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    How long have you been a Cardinal fan?

    My Dad was a friend and college roommate with Jim Hart so I liked them growing up but never really followed that closely. I went to ASU my freshman year (88) and lived in Manzanita hall. My Dad got season tickets and I'd meet him for the games. It was awesome and gave us a great opportunity...
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    The Case For Jim Hart For The Hall Of Fame

    I agree he should be in there but I am biased. He was my Dad's roommate & teammate in college.
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    Nick Bosa-How does he compare with Clowney and Garrett?

    I'm an OSU fan and have seen alot of the Bosa boys. I think Nick is better at this point in his career than Joey was. He can absolutly destroy double teams. My problem is I think he's a major injury risk. Both the Bosa boys are very focused on flexibility and injury-preventative training and...
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    OT Urban Meyer to retire after Rose Bowl

    The only place I could see him coaching is possibly Notre Dame, maybe Texas, but only if he gets his health back under control, a big if. OSU is his dream school so his medical issues must be pretty serious for him to walk away. No way he should go to the pro's, he's a mentor and...
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    Good News/Bad News

    Garth - agreed. I was thinking about this dilemma as well. i think we are a lock for the first pick and that kid from Oregon looks legit, once in a decade kind of guy. Trade value could be off the charts but should we pass on as sure a thing as it gets? Guess we will see how Rosen develops.
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    Buffalo and Arizona both had Allen as QB1

    I can verify that Denver had a trade agreement in place with Buffalo, not Arizona. When Chubb fell Elway called buffalo and told them the deal was off because they had Chubb rated #1 on their board. The never thought he'd fall to 5.
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    The Curtain Falls

    Loved your insight. Thanks for everything you've added to this forum. I'm hoping we'll still see some occasional posts.
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    Pro Day Highlights

    I'm not a huge watcher of tape/evaluator kind of guy, but in the games I've seen, Rosen looked a legit QB (vision, arm strength, competitiveness) and Darnold has shown little besides a strong arm. Obviously, a lot of people smarter then me disagree, but I think Darnold is going to be a bust.