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    The Play

    The one where KM scrambled and finally found Rondale Moore for about a 20 yard completion. It reminded me of Fran Tarkenton (Sp?). Does anyone agree?
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    Our Running Game

    Going into the final PS game, it is running game that gives me the most concern. First, the two top RB's have not had enough carries, and while Ward and Eno have looked okay, we know that they are playing with and against backups. So, this week, I'm hoping for the following: 1. We play a NO...
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    Our Backup QBs

    I have to say that both have looked good in the first two games. I was expecting McCoy to impress, but Streveler has surprised. His TD toss to Travis was impressive, and he brings a running toughness to the position. I think that they both make the team. Anyone agree?
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    Change In Depth Charts?

    Does anyone know if the Depth Charts are updated in the preseason, or do we just get one before the start of PS and then one at the start of the regular season?
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    Where is Britcard?

    I haven't seen a post from him in quite some time. I really enjoy his posts and hope he's okay.
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    Do You Have A Big Surprise

    To make the Final 53? As of now, I don't but hope that changes after TC and the PS games. And if we feel that a long shot who we think makes the team gets hurt or cut, feel free to pick another. And while I don't have a candidate, I'm sure someone will be that guy.
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    Less Than A Month To Go

    For TC to open. Can't wait to hear some Cardinals FB news. Any word on whether fans will be allowed to watch?
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    Could There Be A Silver Lining?

    To the recent arrest of Zaven Collins. As we know the team told Hicks that he could seek a trade, and naturally if a team wanted him, they were going to bide their time until Arizona released him. But now there is a red flag attached to ZC, so the team might be reluctant to release Hicks. Thus...
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    Hard Knocks

    Has the NFL announced, which team will be featured? And if not, what is the timeframe for when it will be announced, based on prior years?
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    OTAs Part II

    Have the Cardinals announced a date for OTA's? The other OTA thread lost its way.
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    OTAs ??

    Does anyone know when Arizona is/will be holding their various OTA's?
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    Rookie Mini Camp

    I think that this deserves its own thread. And I hope that if anyone hears or reads about the Rookie Camp, that they'll share it. Thanks. I'll start by posting that it will happen this weekend. :)
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    Positional Battles

    I thought it might be fun to select three positional battles (any three) and pick who and why you think your guy will win it. My three: 1. Backup QB, McCoy vs. Streveler-I'm going with McCoy, just based on experience. I feel that Streveler has a higher upside, but having seen him in one game...
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    State Of The Team

    With the Draft and FA (for the most part) in the rear view mirror, I think it might be fun to see where the team stands. And keep in mind that I post as a "Glass is half full" type of fan. Many on this board hope that this will be the last for our GM and HC. But in order for that to happen we'll...
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    Would We Have Selected AVT At #16?

    After the top four pass catchers and the two top corners were off the board, it looked to me that AVT or Collins would be our choice. Most mocks had Minnesota taking a pass rusher or at least a defender. And I was pretty sure that NE would take Jones, and if they didn't we had a VG chance that a...
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    Any Interest In A Two Round Draft Contest?

    For bragging rights. If so, this is what I'm proposing. *We list the player we think the team will draft in Round One and Round Two. *We add a second choice in brackets for both picks. *Entry must be submitted by noon (Arizona time) on April 29th. *We can change our Round Two pick by noon on...
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    Trade Up, Or Back, Or Stand Pat?

    I'm hoping that we trade back with our two top picks, and feel most agree. But I would like to see what the Board feels. And, naturally I know that if our 'guy' is there, we take him. Just asking, since it seems we are targeting lots of guys. I don't know how to do a Poll, unfortunately.
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    Just A Suggestion

    I'll admit that I'm surprised/inspired by the success of Hasson Reddick since he was moved to the Edge position. With that in mind, I'm suggesting another change. And it involves a guy who plays Special Teams, Trent Sherfield. I realize he's one of our ST leaders, but I believe he can develop...
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    Question About Kickers

    Are they hoping that the game will come down to them making a game winning FG? Or are they hoping that their team will score a TD and take them off the hook? Is the answer that it depends on the kicker, and if so, how do most kickers feel?
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    Three Things

    1. The QB Sneak-I've seen many games where a non-athletic Tom Brady was able to pick up a first down with this play. We've had so many recent 3rd or 4th and inches where we never even tried this play, and with Kyler's size, I understand that. However, every week we make Streveler active and most...
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    Murray Christmas Cardinals' Fans

    It's good to get our Christmas shopping done early. Game was never in doubt. :)
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    Second Half+ Of The Season (Offensive View)

    What to expect? For me, I'm guessing more passes and fewer running plays. My guess is based on two things: 1. Drake's injury. 2. KK being criticized for being too conservative in his play calling. If that happens, I don't see much difference in the number of targets for Nuk or Kirk, and they...
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    Offensive/Defensive Snaps

    Have they've been issued? I, for one, didn't see them.
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    Kevin Peterson

    Seeing how he struggled at the end of the Dallas game, what are the chances that the team brings up Prince Amakamura (Sp?) for the Seattle game? KP does play, and I believe plays well, on ST's. So he probably will be active as well, assuming PA is promoted.
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    Is Kyler Hurt?

    That question came up yesterday on PFT (Florio/Simms). They based it on two things: 1. His poor passing percentage, which they considered unusual for him. 2. After the game was over, and when Kyler was removing his helmet, he used his left hand to reach over to the right side of his helmet in...