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  1. Arz101

    Extend Chase Edmonds(?) and RBs

    All signs point to Cardinals extending Chase after this season. Chase is one of my favorite Cardinals players on the roster. Always answers the bell. But the position he plays screams that extension should never be coming. What do you do if you are the Cardinals GM next season?
  2. Arz101

    Run Defense Terrible since 2020. Coaching or Talent?

    This deserves it's own thread. Also note that you can learn as much about a game/team in a win as in a loss. This run D has the potential to de-rail this young season... Is this coaching or talent issue ?
  3. Arz101

    You are Bidwill, What are your options if Cardinals finish between 7 and 9 wins in 2021?

    Kliff stays? Keim stays? Waterboys stays? (I pray they stay. This is Rhetorical) CardsChatter stays? ADub the new GM? Pay Kyler $150 million? Almost the most difficult offseason for MB if they finish between 7 and 9 wins missing the playoffs.
  4. Arz101

    OT: Tapatalk no longer loads ASFN?

    Tapatalk app on my Android phone no longer loads ASFN. I started seeing this issue three days ago. Anyone else having this issue? Previously it used to load always and was great to use.
  5. Arz101

    Zaven Collins arrested "1ST-ROUND PICK ARRESTED ... Accused Of Reckless Driving"
  6. Arz101

    OT: Independent voices in valley sports?

    Cardinals are below average for last 5 years DBacks are bad and likely will not have a winning season for foreseeable future Suns are a laughing stock of NBA outside of this season for one full decade. Chris Paul leaving (if) means they are back to laughing stock Coyotes are... Enough said...
  7. Arz101

    Keim's Cardinal CBs on roster

    " Cardinals CBs: Malcolm Butler 1 of 4 CBs to allow 15+ TD since 2018 Robert Alford 0 snaps since 2018 Byron Murphy PFF No. 53 CB Marco Wilson 4th rd rook Tay Gowan 6th rd Picasso Nelson UDFA, what a name Lorenzo Burns UDFA Jace Whittaker former UDFA Rico Gafford "" Tae Hayes "" "...
  8. Arz101

    Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent

    Larry may sign back or may be not.But Larry is not a Cardinal at this time and is an unrestricted free agent. To the greatest Cardinal ever: Bon Voyage and Godspeed. Thank You for everything Larry. Sent from my Pixel 4a (5G) using Tapatalk
  9. Arz101

    Lets look at 2021 opponent QBs for hope

    Cardinals could not make playoffs playing against these QBs in 2020: Won against: Garrapolo, Haskins, Flacco, Dalton, Allen, Wilson, Jones, Hurts Lost against: Stafford, Bridgewater, Tua, Wilson, Newton, Goff, CJ Bethered, Wolford 2021 Cardinals opponent QBs: Wilson (2x), Garrapolo...
  10. Arz101

    Keim and Kliff's The Walking Dead 2021 season

    This program is dead. Streveler should be QB3. Huntley should have been the backup. This could not ascertained in 17 weeks is a testament to ability of the Head Coach. Losing on game plan, prep and execution two weeks in a row makes this a done deal and nail in the coffin. Murray's injury is a...
  11. Arz101

    Kliff's program is not sustainable

    There is no consistency is this program. Not on offense. Most penalized team too.. VJ may not be a great defensive mind. At least there is some defensive consistency most of the season. It is all or nothing most times on offense. Getting out coached inside the division 8 out of 10 days. Gameday...
  12. Arz101

    Kyler Murray - What the heck?

    Yeah. Bring the questions back. Don't care if it is him or injury or Kliff. Last 3-4 games, Kyler regressed. Right now, Kyler is playing below average as QB. As a result the offense is mind numbingly boring and painful. This is pathetic with all the skill players on the field. Sent from...
  13. Arz101

    Is this the peak of Kliff's Cardinals?

    Franchise QB Franchise LT Franchise WR ..all healthy and a monumental struggle scoring points against mediocre defenses most games. Kliff has proven to be a capable NFL play caller. The next step is not here. Is it Kyler or Kliff? Are we seeing the peak of Cardinals in it's current...
  14. Arz101

    Average Meh Team. Start of a Slide to irrelevance in 2020

    No talent on defense. Special Teams are blah. DC is meh. Play calling is [emoji90] many times No discipline. Lost 2 out of 3. Won on a hail mary on other. Welcome to Earth, Cardinals Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  15. Arz101

    CB De'Vante Bausby Signed to 53. Some intrigue

    This Denver reporter is indicating Bausby was sought after. Bausby was miffed to go back onto Broncos practice squad after they released him from 53. @Harry, do you have any info on this player? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  16. Arz101

    Any camp updates on Isaiah Simmons?

    I looked around on the internet.found zilch. Anyone know how the most important pick since Kyle Murray is performing in the camp? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  17. Arz101

    OT: Arians doing it again

    It felt like Bucs were going to be 5-11 after first 10 games of the season. Arians says not on my watch and now they are 7-7. Is there a computer program Arians runs to generate a 8-8 seasons like a robot? Whether you like Arians personality or not, but that man can coach. He is a top 10 coach...
  18. Arz101

    Meet your new starting ILB

  19. Arz101

    What to do at RB in 2020?

    DJ was supposed to be that #1. DJ is trying to get out of town and his running has declined. Drake is an FA and has done nothing since 9ers game to bring him back as the starter. Edmonds is riding the bench (looks like a coach decision) despite being healthy. Edmonds is a decent backup...
  20. Arz101

    Team to players relationship cannot be like this

    John Brown to Chris Johnson to Honey Badger to P2 to now DJ. This needs to stop. Players are at fault too. But the team shares the blame too. Sent from my 6060S using Tapatalk
  21. Arz101

    Kliff is not himself the last two games.

    Now, we know why maybe?
  22. Arz101

    What is a home field advantage?

    Cardinals are 2-13 at home since 2018. Yup they have double the wins on the road! Sent from my 6060S using Tapatalk
  23. Arz101

    Byron Murphy. Looks like another Kevin Minter no?

    Looks slow out of the breaks. Cannot twitch turn the hips to be a good NFL CB. Teams are picking him. Gave up the most touchdowns in NFL this year and on the team. Murphy is trending in Isabella, Zac Allen and Keesean Johnson territory. Sent from my 6060S using Tapatalk
  24. Arz101

    Will Murray be starting QB for 2020 Cardinals?

    Starters worth bringing back in 2020: Murray, Chandler Jones, Zane Gonzalez, P2 (being generous given how terrific P2 was for all those years except this), Maxx Williams, Corey Peters, Andy Lee, JR Sweezey. So Cardinals need around 15 new offensive and defensive starters. It doesn't matter how...