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  1. CardNots

    We be the feast this time around?

    We had heard so much as to why the DBacks jumped out of the gate this year. We had a lot of games against the lowly NL-West. Lets see at last count we are 0-9 against SD,LA and SF over the last few weeks. Pretty safe bet that we are now the food.
  2. CardNots

    Web - Radio feed HELP!

    Unfortunately I had business travel to the Czech Republic. The Ktar feed gets a socket connection issue. Can someone let me know where I might get a Web radio feed for the game today?
  3. CardNots

    NY Mets series begins, is this a defining moment?

    Just how important is the series at this time of the year? Will it stunt the baby backs growth or do we use this series of a measurement of where we are as a baseball team?
  4. CardNots

    Gambo: Trade Nash for Iverson?

    I was listening to Gambo last night. He proposed trading Nash for Iverson. I didn't get to listen to why because it was up for conversation later in the night. I've been thinking about it. He makes a good point, what do you think?
  5. CardNots

    End of season Won/Loss record

    Given the thought of "any given Sunday", which doesn't seem to apply to the Cardinals, looking over the remaining schedule I just can't see more than one victory. The lone victory could come against Detroit at home. Basically the remaining chances for victory are all road games and we know...
  6. CardNots

    Anyone see this on Fanboy's blog?

    I have inside information that Dennis Green is gone before end of season..They are going to try to lure @#$%& Vermeil out of retirement if he stays retired then they are going after Detroit Lions Offensive coordinator Mike Martz..Done Deal.. (Joe7837, October 22, 2006 01:46PM) Anybody know...
  7. CardNots

    Ignore Amare, is this team better than last?

    With all the Amare thoughts going on, I was really wondering is this Suns team minus Amare better than last year's team? Last year's team made it to the conf finals, so did the off season's losses and gains make us better or worse?
  8. CardNots

    Why can't we...

    Why can't we successfully do the following? A screen play? A draw play? An end around play, or any around play period? A trick play that actually tricks the other team instead of us? Rebuild of the offensive line? Go from a losing team to a winning team in a 3 year time frame...
  9. CardNots

    Pendergast eyeing Green's HC job?

    I know Green had said only 4 years and out. I never considered asking Pender to hang on for two more seasons. Next year could be a grooming year with Denny tutoring Pender for the HC job. I really like this idea. With the young stars on this team led by Leinart it wouldn't be a reach to...
  10. CardNots

    The Official 2006 UDFA Thread

    Other than Shazor, who were the other FAs who made the club? Any ideas to whom Denny might target this year?
  11. CardNots

    Anybody Notice...

    Did anybody notice Amare trying to play the two man game with Nash but Nash pushed the ball to other options? It was like Nash was saying "Hey big boy, ease up a bit. I don't want to put a strain on you!".
  12. CardNots

    New Poll requested! Final regular season record.

    Now that three evaluation games are in the suitcase, we need another POLL on the final regular season record. Since the final preseason game is basically a don't get injured game, its time to focus on the regular season. Early on, I was thinking at best 10-6. Based on preseason I'm...
  13. CardNots

    Core? Who are the members...

    With Q's departure, he seem perplexed and mumbled "I thought I was a part of the core". Thinking about this, a thread seemed the right thing. Who is a member of the Core? Amare - Without a doubt the kingpin. Nash - Makes the world go round. What about JJ and Marion?
  14. CardNots

    Dirty or smart basketball...

    Dirty or smart basketball... I have to admire the way the Spurs play their basketball. Here are some things I've noticed during the last two games: When SA needs a break, they kick the bounce pass leading to side out and a lengthly blow for their players. Almost every shooter first...
  15. CardNots

    Friendly Rims?

    So goes the hope for a second round matchup with Dallas. Would Nash have an advantage? I think Nash would have his best playoff series with a matchup of Dallas. Forget the notion of being pumped up to play his old team. Forget Sarver vs Cuban. Familiar rims will rule. Nash knows...
  16. CardNots

    Oh yeah, the naysayers...

    The following kind of sums it up: Oh yeah, their style of play won't work. They will fail after the first few weeks of the season... No wait a second, I mean when the schedule gets tougher in Dec/Jan. Come to think of it they will crash right after the All-Star break. Can't keep...
  17. CardNots

    From a friend in Prescott, morning practice

    This is not much but he said he will be at the full practice Wednesday. For now... Went to the practice this am caught the last half hour. Fitz was walking around the field limping slightly. Not a good sign. No dropped passes during the part of practice I watched. Lots of...
  18. CardNots

    Cursed or Not, you decide!

    Since the Cardinals arrived, let us use this thread to list the major hits this team has suffered... I'll start the list, please add one impact at a time. Cardinals are 7-4 leading the East. Neil Lomax goes down with a hip injury and never plays again...
  19. CardNots

    ND, how many ncaa football championships?

    Vikesfan, So how many NCAA football championships does Notre Dame have?
  20. CardNots

    Who is our speed guy?

    What are the 40 times of Mc, Gilmore and Johnson. Who fills this role?
  21. CardNots

    If not Fitz, why not Gallery?

    Here are my thoughts... During last year, our OL made opposing team's DLs look like all pros. It doesn't appear the OL will be changed much from last year's group. If we pick up Fitz, why do we believe the QB(any QB) will have time to throw the ball? What good is an open receiver if the...
  22. CardNots

    Ready for George Karl?

    Where is this guy now? Why hasn't Jerry called him. I'm tired of low level coaching. Other than Fitz, its been a try out...
  23. CardNots

    Easy Schedule?

    I've been in Vail over the last few weeks and just got back to this messageboard. I keep hearing the Cards have an easy schedule. Am I missing something here? How can one of the worse teams in the league have an easy schedule? Who are we playing that we are arguably better than...
  24. CardNots

    I love the winning, but...
  25. CardNots

    Does Anika make the cut in the Colonial?

    Yes, I know this is a football forum. Since things are a bit quiet, I thought this wouldn't hurt. I think she makes the cut... PGA stands for Professional Golf Association, not men's only league. If she measures up to the best golfers in the world let here play. Her accomplishments in...