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    Kyle Fuller

    Can Kiem pull it off?
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    Now what?

    After FA, the draft, and UDFA, what do the Cards do to continue to upgrade their roster? When you look at the depth chart, what is still needed...TE, IOL, CB? Do they enter the second phase of FA? Wait for veteran releases? First, second, third round of cuts?
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    "Taco" Tuesday?

    Waiver or trade.
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    Kemba Walker

    By my calculations the $190 averages $38 million a year roughly the same amount as Tyler Johnson, TJ Warren and Josh Jackson combined ($37.1). Seems like a good fit.
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    Cards should take a look at David Shaw

    Head Coach from Stanford.
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    Scola Amnestied?

    Teams that are under the cap have first chance. Phoenix could get him for the minimum.
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    Are the Suns the 4th team involved

    in the Dwight Howard trade? Nets are looking at sending Marshon Brooks to a 4th team to acquire another draft pick to send to Magic.
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    All in for Dwight Howard

    Rumors are still out there that Howard does not want to return to Orlando even after they fired Van Gundy and the GM. Suns could trade for Howard, resign Nash and still have enough money to sign a top FA.
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    Could Suns get involved in Dwight Howard?

    Word is that Howard will not play for Van Gundy. Rumor had it that Howard was interested in playing with Nash. Could it happen in Phoenix, instead of Orlando? Howard is only on a one year deal. How about this package for Howard: Gortat Warrick Brooks (sign and trade) 2012 1st round pick...
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    Dream Scenario

    Word is that Houston tested positive for marijuana at the combine which may drop him into the 2nd round. 1st - Peterson 2nd - Houston Tell the Bidwills it was for medicinal purposes so they wouldn't think it is a character issue.