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    Calais Campbell now a FA

    and undoubtedly getting worse.
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    OT: RIP Conrad Dobler

    Don't know if it is a true story, but I read a number of years ago the Conrad was having a difficult time financially because his football injuries were inhibiting his ability to oversee his business operation. Phil Mickelson found out about the problem helped put his daughter through college...
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    Aaron Glenn as head coach?

    How about Michael Vick? He and Kyler might be a great computer game team.
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    NFL Player you Remember 1st Admiring as a Kid

    You are right. Crows are really smart. I have a murder of crows that I feed regularly and they let me know when they are hungry. I feed them and then tell them not to poop on my car if they want me to keep feeding them. Only minimal damage to the car since then.
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    NFL Player you Remember 1st Admiring as a Kid

    I became a Cardinal fan while they were still in Chicago. The one early Cardinal of which I was a fan was John David Crow. His early years were really something.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from an old time Cardinal fan. My Christmas wish is for Santa to bring us a successful draft in 23.
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    How bad are we? Here’s the facts, Jack!

    Isn't that winning percentage about par for the course?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Cardinal fans!
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    Worth a Listen

    Would the departed line coach have snitched on the team's game plan?
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    2 things.

    2 things need to be said about yesterday. 1. pathetic and pitiful 2. I am amazed how many teams have as bad or worse record than the Cardinals. That is all.
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    Explicit Content Warning

    This team plays like a jr high team.
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    How many wins would we have if Colt McCoy was the QB this year

    The way KM is playing I would settle for the rookie that started the pre-season games.
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    2023 Draft - Could it be Raining CBs

    Take a look at the University of Illinois defensive backs. Could be some good ones.
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    Vance Joseph

    Thank you
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    Vance Joseph

    Does the Cardinals DC Vance Joseph have a brother that is the head coach of Nebraska?
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    Why you fire Kingsbury now

    If Kliff is done why not package KM with him and see if we can get a six pack for them.
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    Lucky Streak

    Actually, at the end of the game, I was ready for Kliff to set KM on the bench and see someone else at qb.
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    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 10-16-22

    How about in the league?
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    Random California Doctor says JJ Watt should have an Ablation

    As a person with A-Fib, I can tell you nothing is perfect with the cure. Nothing has worked for me. Ablation helped for 4 or 5 weeks then went back to a-fib again and have been there ever since.
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    The Cardinals Are Trash

    Try since the days of John David Crow. It is just not right a fan has to settle for such a long string of mediocrity at best. Using mediocrity is a kind description.
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    Give Me That Old Time Religion

    Harry, I watched this game. The first half looked like a team that had not practiced together at all. Some of the problems today stemmed from the fact that they needed continuity of playing together
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    The sign of real problems

    Another qb from that era was a qb from Missouri who's name escapes me. Wasn't he another high draft choice that flopped? Stouffer never put on the uniform if I remember right.
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    The sign of real problems

    I hate to speak poorly of the dead, but this problem started a long time ago. A lot of our personnel problems seem to have started with George Boone. I know he has been gone 20 years, but the team has not really changed from his personnel decisions.
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    Rondale "Bust" Moore

    Short QB and a Short receiver is a problem when looking to connect downfield.