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    Fans can interact with NBA refs over social media
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    The Commuter

    In this action-packed thriller, Liam Neeson is Michael, an insurance salesman, whose daily commute home quickly becomes anything but routine. After being confronted by a mysterious stranger (Vera Farmiga), Michael is blackmailed into finding the identity of a passenger on his train before the...
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    SarverOut Billboard
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    Suns release 2017-18 Schedule

    13 nationally televised games 15 back to backs
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    1 million prize Cola Cola
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    Coyotes hire Former ASU AD Steve Patterson as their team president/ceo
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    Dave Tippett and Coyotes part ways

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    Suns announce schedule for 2017 Summer League
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    Leandro Barbosa Stories

    In an article this week posted on The Players Tribune Leandro Barbosa talks about his life in the NBA Some highlights Stephon Marbury teaching Barbosa on how to talk trash Barbosa encountering "The Big Cactus"
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    Best and Wost Lottery Picks The Suns Best Pick 1999 NBA Draft Shawn Marion Worst Pick 1987 NBA Draft Armon Gilliam
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    Steve Albert retiring
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    2017 World Baseball Classic Thread

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    2016 MLB Offseason

    Red Sox acquire Chris Sale in blockbuster trade with White Sox
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    Suns @ Nuggets 11-16-16

    Projected starting lineups C: Tyson Chandler … Jusuf Nurkic PF: Marquese Chriss …. Kenneth Faried SF: T.J. Warren … Danilo Gallinari SG: Devin Booker …. Jameer Nelson PG: Eric Bledsoe … Emmanuel Mudiay Key Nuggets reserves: Wilson Chandler, Juancho Hernangomez, Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray...
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    Utah @ ASU 11/10/16

    Game is at 7:30pm Fox Sports 1 They will be giving away Sparky bobblehead dolls at the game.
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    Suns to Induct Al McCoy into Ring of Honor on March 3 Well deserved
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    NLCS Dodgers vs Cubs

    Who do you want to win
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    ALCS Cleveland vs Toronto

    Who wins this series?
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    ASU @ USC

    Game is at 5:30 on Fox :sparky:
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    Padres @ Dbacks Series Thread

    Shipley vs Jackson Bradley vs Richards Koch vs Clemens Dbacks win game 1 5-3
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    Pac 12 Media Poll

    ASU is picked to finish 5th in the Pac 12 South by the PAC 12 media: South division 1. UCLA (19) 180. 2. USC (12) 173. 3. Utah (2) 127 4. UA 87. 5. ASU 85. 6. Colorado 63. North division 1. Stanford (24) 186. 2. Washington (8) 163. 3. Oregon (1) 132. 4. Washington State 112. 5. California...
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    Giants @ Dbacks

    Miller vs Cueto Corbin vs Samardzija Ray vs Suarez
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    Phillies @ Dbacks

    3 game Series Ray vs Velasquez Greinke vs Eckhoff Bradley vs Eflin
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    Dbacks @ Rockies

    4 game series Greinke vs Butler Bradley vs Anderson Miller vs De La Rosa Corbin vs Bettis
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    Dbacks @ Blue Jays

    2 game series Corbin vs Estrada Ray vs Happ