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    Only Murders in The Building (Hulu)

    Who’s watching this amazing show on Hulu? Only 3 episodes have been released yet the next is coming out on the 7th Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. Getting 100% on RT I’m calling it Selena Gomez is the killer.
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    New practice facility

    This came up on my YouTube feed and wow this place looks cool. has anyone been to the arena since it’s been remodeled?
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    Scooter MaGruder

    You probably know who he is he makes NFL YouTube videos he’s a comedian, but this made me die when he gets to the Cardinals pick I’m so glad other people see what’s going on when it comes to national coverage of this team.
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    I don’t get the hate

    Zaven Collins actually seems like the best player available to me. Let’s face it this draft SUCKS. you look at all the other players people are complaining about taking and you see serious red flags. Farley and Phillips have serious injury concerns. I see no legit WR, Offensive Lineman...
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    Fitzgerald expected to retire

    Just got the alert from bleacher report pretty much word on the street is people around the nfl are expecting him to retire rather than comeback per the athletic It’s not from Fitz himself. Sneaky bleacher report
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    Would this make us real contenders

    This was brought up on the Timeline podcast. If you ask me I don’t even hesitate to pull the trigger on this. save the whole we are real contenders now because we aren’t.
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    We need an overhaul

    Hopkins stays on the WR core everyone else can go. I’ve seen so much OMG why are we dumping it over the middle post today. You know why? Because nobody is getting any separation nobody is open. That’s 2 dropped touchdowns for Kirk this year in one score games. Larry Fitzgerald is DONE. Get out...
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    Explain to me how this is KK fault

    I’m reading this over and over I’m watching this and I see Kirk drop an easy TD that hit him right in the numbers. I see a 4th and 1 and Sweezy get clowned on and let a guy run free into the backfield How many big field goals in the 4th is Zane gonna miss this year? Second time this year...
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    Joe Burrow

    Now saying he might never play again. Man that sucks.
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    We are not contenders....yet

    I see so much up and down on this board it’s comical. we lost to Seattle in Seattle on a short week by 7 and it’s “Kyler is the dumbest QB in football” and KK can’t coach and on and on about how terrible we are. this isn’t our year it was never going to be our year. Kyler and KK are both in...
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    Danilo Gallinari

    Is he Chris Paul’s mystery tag team partner? Flex from Jersey said Paul is bringing someone with him and it’s a handshake deal. It’s looking like he’s the guy. he’s pretty much 18.5 and 5 rebounds a game over the last 5 years. Shoots 40% from 3. Thoughts? So Rubio/Oubre/Filler for Paul...
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    Offense did more than enough

    Our offense tonight did way more than enough to win this game despite all the crying going on. scoring 30 isn’t good enough now we gotta score 40 I’m looking at you VJ for this loss. I don’t get it one game he looks great and aggressive the next it’s back to his old soft zone tricks. I...
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    Breaking it out one more time!!!!

    It never ever gets old
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    Hopkins is legit

    Could of had 200 yards today. Wide open all damn day. Ate Okudah up today. he’s been as advertised
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    Ted Lasso

    This started out as a sketch years ago and they just made it into a series on Apple TV me and my wife have been watching it and it’s just a really good show with a lot of heart. check it out if you get a chance
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    Lmao if you know you know. I love Booker but my boy is out here in these streets heavy lol
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    Cardinals interested in Everson Griffen EVERSON damn auto correct. I’d love that move.
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    Trade back ideas/targets

    Let’s say Miami doesn’t take a QB at 5 and Tua is sitting there at 8 when we come up. They call us up and offer 18 and 26 would you take it? let’s say we walk out this draft with Josh Jones/Epenesa/Pittman Jr/Cesar Ruiz any combination I think I have to do that.
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    Becton flagged drug test ro roh

    Guys never learn
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    Last great offensive line draft

    Back in 2013 there were a ton of blue chip can’t miss Offensive line man. 6 of the top 11 were O-line Eric Fisher Luke Joeckel Lane Johnson Jonathon Cooper Chance Warmack DJ Flucker and they all kinda suck, Fisher is good at times but nowhere near good enough to justify #1. He got ate up...
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    It has to be Wirfs

    I’ve thought long and hard about it and it has to be Wirfs, but not at RT I draft him and play him guard right next to DJ and protect my young QBs blind side for the next 5 years. a lot of people are saying Wirfs will be best at guard in the NFL. what’s a QBs best friend nope not a big WR...
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    Canelo vs Kovalev tonight. Canelo the middleweight champion jumping up 2 weight classes to take on light heavy champ Krusher Kovalev there even showing the fight in theaters tonight I haven’t seen that in forever. You watching? I think Kovalev although getting old is just to big Berchelt...
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    So close yet so far

    First let’s say it’s night and day from last year. We’ve played The Ravens and 49ers close and hung with the Saints for 3 quarters. I honestly don’t think we are as far as some people think. I would love to add two quality receivers and I don’t mean stars I mean just good guys who can actually...
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    Nick Bosa

    Uh wow. 3 sacks and just got the INT and nearly took it to the house. I knew he had talent but good lord he looks like prime JJ Watt
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    Defense Defense Defense

    Let’s start a thread about up coming defensive free agents and the best defensive players in the draft. I think it’s pretty clear our offense for all it’s flaws is light years ahead of where it was last year but our defense is just as bad. guys want to blame VC but you can only play the...