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  1. daves

    Vikings Sign Byron Murphy

    NFL agent pay defaults to 1.5% and is capped at a max of 3%.
  2. daves

    Cardinals sign WR Zach Pascal to a two year deal

    So... cursed?
  3. daves

    Vikings Sign Byron Murphy

    100% agree that if providing free take home meals in the offseason is the league standard, the Cardinals should be doing it. But I'm not sure how doing so doesn't violate the salary cap. What other enticing perks can teams give to players? Should the team provide the players free gas for...
  4. daves

    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    Sorry to hear, @MadJack! But just for the record.... Actually just one... and that was the first losing season in three years. Actually 12 (Stallings, Kuhlmann, Bugel, Ryan, Tobin, McGinnis, Green, Whisenhunt, Arians, Wilks, Kingsbury, Gannon) Sure... but dunno why Bidwill having to spend a...
  5. daves

    Time to Burn It All Down

    Agreed - THIS is the thing that makes no sense to me. Keeping Conner and Ertz I get.
  6. daves

    Time to Burn It All Down

    Bingo. Sure, cutting him would save $2M on next year's cap... But the Cards would have to sign someone else this year, leaving that much less this year that could be carried over to next year's cap. Sounds like a wash. :shrug:
  7. daves

    Dollar Bill vs Money Mike

    They also got into the playoffs at 5-4 in the strike-shortened 1982 season under Hanifan, and got clobbered by the Packers....
  8. daves

    Cards sign Kyzir White

    There are a number of ways... Here's one that involves a broomstick.... Or you could learn to "create powerful radiation from the unified field of natural law": Here are a few more ideas... But unlike the previous ones, these are really just illusions. :lol:
  9. daves

    Free Agency

    Mike White got 2 years, $16M for Miami. Now that top QBs are getting close to $50M and replacement-level guys are getting over $20M, backups who can win you a few games as starters have become a lot more expensive than you're expecting.
  10. daves

    Bears Trade #1 Pick to Panthers

    You must've missed a lot of the information... which was in just about every story about the incident within a couple of days after it first broke, and which is trivial to find with a quick search. Wrong on every count. The police said that the car that crashed was going "approximately 104...
  11. daves

    2023 NFL Mock Drafts

    The Athletic posted a first-round mock by Ben Standig that is way too good to be true for the Cardinals: Pretty tough to imagine the Cards trading with Seattle, let alone trusting the Seahawks to not take Anderson!
  12. daves

    Lamar Jackson gets non-exclusive tag

    A guy with more rushes than pass completions on top of a low completion percentage is NOT a pocket passer, as you claimed of Lamar Jackson. I almost won't whether you watched Jackson in college? I don't watch much college football, but I watched a LOT of Jackson's games and highlights because...
  13. daves

    Bears Trade #1 Pick to Panthers

    I raised the question in another thread of whether the Cardinals should trade UP for Anderson in another thread. If the Texans call & say the Seahawks are trying to trade up, should the Cardinals give up say a 3rd to make sure they don't get jumped? But the consensus there was that even though...
  14. daves

    Lamar Jackson gets non-exclusive tag

    He may have been in a pro-style offense, but how do you figure he was a "pocket passer"?! In three years he had 619 pass completions and a 57% completion percentage (slightly better than Anthony Richardson) vs. an insane 655 rushes for 4132 yards and 50 TDs!!!
  15. daves

    DJ Humphries restructure - per Field Yates.

    Perhaps you don't realize that Hopkins is already signed through 2024, with a $10.5M cap hit this year and next solely attributable to his pro-rated signing bonus. So are you saying to add three MORE years, through 2027, his age 35 year? The numbers you describe would make sense if he were...
  16. daves

    NFL league: year 2022-23

    Maybe true, if you assume he'll return to his first half of 2021 form. But in the real world, in 2022 Geno Smith was 1st in completion percentage, 5th in passer rating, 6th in QBR, 7th in TD percentage, 10th in passing yards per game, added 21.5 rushing yards per game with a TD, and stayed...
  17. daves

    NFL league: year 2022-23

    Why in the world would a team trade a valuable asset for a player who's about to be cut?!
  18. daves

    Today’s Draft Rumor

    This seems to be a universal consensus on the board - that if Anderson is available it would take a HUGE draft haul to trade down. With that in mind... if Anderson is worth THAT much... wouldn't it make sense to trade UP to get him? I am well aware that it DOESN'T make sense from the...
  19. daves

    Ian Rapoport Dhop trade likely happening in the next ten days

    I love Hopkins and having him on the Cards. But the team went 2-4 without him in games 1-6, and 2-4 with Hopkins & without Brown in games 7-12 before Murray got hurt. :shrug:
  20. daves

    Ian Rapoport Dhop trade likely happening in the next ten days

    Hopkins had 160 targets in 2020, his last fully healthy year. :shrug:
  21. daves

    Ian Rapoport Dhop trade likely happening in the next ten days

    Brown was literally NOT the only target - Ertz was healthy for the first six games when Brown was in and Hopkins was out. (Perhaps you forgot what "literally" means.) And the offense was so much better with Hopkins and without Brown in games 7-12? What's your point exactly?
  22. daves

    Jalen Carter: Arrest Warrant & Implicated in Fatal UGA Car Accident

    Wow, I couldn't disagree more. It's precisely in moments like this that one's character becomes evident. ...dave
  23. daves

    Cardinal History

    As the tweet states, he was 18-8-2 in 1963-64. But he was 37-38-4 overall in St. Louis with no playoff appearances, including 5-9 in 1965. He had previously won an AFL Championship in Houston (in 1961). When he returned to Houston after his stint in St. Louis, he was 27-26-3 over 5 years, and...
  24. daves

    Rodriguez New Outside Linebacker coach.

    Honest question... WTF do pro position coaches teach then? And will all these college coaches be lacking in that area?
  25. daves

    The Athletic's post Super Bowl power rankings

    Wellp.... ...dave

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