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  1. HookemCards

    Chase Edmonds

    Its pretty sad that anyone would try to criticize Harry and his contacts. He knows more about scouting in the NFL than anyone here, gives his opinion freely, and is always classy and polite. He also wasn't wrong about drafting Chase when he did. Most draft "experts" had him late draft or...
  2. HookemCards

    Kyler Murray versus Alabama Orange Bowl Game

    Obviously he meant RB/WR who can throw the ball alot on trick plays. Better than Randle-El of course, but not as a QB. At least IMO
  3. HookemCards

    Kyler Murray versus Alabama Orange Bowl Game

    Right, and he was a late 2nd round pick. Again, if the staff has given up on Rosen I'd much rather have Haskins.
  4. HookemCards

    Kyler Murray versus Alabama Orange Bowl Game

    I still don't know why people point to this game and say he played well against a good defense. I saw a bunch of high throws into coverage, feeling the pressure and throwing off his back foot. Draft him as a RB maybe based on this game. The long pass was nice, but other than that didn't see...
  5. HookemCards

    Rosen vs ASU, Murray vs Texas Tech

    Rosen - Tons of dropped passes and receivers with 0 separation, more pressure and much smaller passing lanes. Murray - Receivers open by 10 yards, lots of great catches and RAC, 10 sec to throw. Much better running game.
  6. HookemCards

    The Latest on Rosen

    I've been reading all the Murray/Rosen stuff for weeks now. I'm not a fan of Murray. Hes entitled, doesn't respect his opponents, and acrybaby. None of those are qualities I want in my starting QB. In addition his size, height and arm length are likely to lead to a ton of tipped passes and...
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    When You Start to Believe Your Own Publicity

    I don't post much, but read all the time and I especially looked forward to Harry's post. His swan song post didn't say anything about never posting again, just that he was going to lurk and try to refrain from posting. I also never recall him actually calling out people who said they were...
  8. HookemCards

    Rashad Johnson loses top of middle finger

    I've X-rayed a crap ton of amputated fingers. Suprisingly enough most of the time, the guy is just calm or even laughing it up. I know they have a lot of pain killers on board by the time I get to them, but still makes me wonder how much pain there is from it. Now arms and legs, no amount of...
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    Perhaps the dumbest human on earth......
  10. HookemCards

    Almost up in round 6 who is still available??

    Give me Zac Dysert QB and Michael Williams TE in the 6th and I'd be thrilled.
  11. HookemCards

    Alex Okafor...don't we already have him on our roster (Acho)?

    I don't think they are as similar as you say. Okafor is definately a better pass rusher than Acho is/was. I'd love to have him but don't see him as a fit in our defense to be honest. He's more of a 4-3 end to me. I'd still take him as pass rusher for now, and let him bulk up a bit to take...
  12. HookemCards

    Jurecki ReTweet - Sanders Suspended...

    Did we sign him?
  13. HookemCards

    Terrell Sluggs' unsolicited thanks to Cards

    He would have gotten to the SB sooner if we drafted him. Yes it was a mistake, but sheash to be bitter after this long, and not mention the other teams that passed on him is silly.
  14. HookemCards

    So how bad are we honestly?

    I think we are screwed next year for sure, so may as well cut bait on some of these guys to save some future cap space, and let the young guys we bring in learn on the job. May as well keep Kolb for next year and let him get pounded, no need to beat up our young QBs behind what promises to be a...
  15. HookemCards

    What This Season and This Weekend Have Proved

    Yeah, that was great!! But it didn't match the excitement when Fitz caught the skinny post and raced into the endzone in the SB. That moment was the greatest sports feeling of my life, followed closely by Young running to the corner of the endzone in the '05 BCS championship game. UT made the...
  16. HookemCards

    I don't habla Fantasy but...

    In the league i'm in they got a total of 12 points. 12 for the TOs, 1 for the sack, and then -1 for points allowed. It doesn't differentiate between defensive points allowed vs. pick 6, or fumble recoveries for touchdowns, so I lost points on the fumble/incomplete return
  17. HookemCards

    Rookie contribution

    I'd agree with you that its the vets are more solid except that our OL is horrible and we drafted 3 linemen. Are line is pathetic inside and out. I think Massies best position eventually will be guard, just needs to get a little stronger, which is easier to do than improve footwork and...
  18. HookemCards

    bad cardinal Saxon079 has it as his Sig.
  19. HookemCards

    bad cardinal

    Some Card fan had it on an Eagles sight last week, I'll see if I can find it.
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    Arizona Cardinals 2012 Over/Unders

    Really have no ideas on which scrubs will make the team
  21. HookemCards

    Arizona Cardinals 2012 Over/Unders

    Think the D has a chance to be very, very good this year barring a lot of injuries, but even depth is better (except maybe LB which is about the same)
  22. HookemCards

    Arizona Cardinals 2012 Over/Unders

    Let the Kool Aid pour
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    RB driven NFL

    So if you total all the plays for all the teams in the last 5 SBs, you'll find that those 10 teams ran the ball 33 percent of the time. These are the best teams in football, and they are passing 67 percent of the time. On top of that the winners of those SBs ran the ball 37 percent of the...
  24. HookemCards

    Cards May Sign WR By Monday/Tuesday

    This Brian Hernandez?? I think we'll be fine without him