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    Watching Hard Knocks Live

    it pissed you off... really... whats more snowflake than letting people you dont know piss you off by talking about the rain.
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    Cardinals at Vikings gameday thread 10-30-22

    The former NFL player says its miscommunication but BritCard says its Kylers fault completely so lets go with the Brit.
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    Cardinals at Vikings gameday thread 10-30-22

    okay everyone! The former NFL player says its miscommunication. But Ouchie-Z-Clown on a messageboard says otherwise so clearly we listen to Ouchie-Z-Clown
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    Brian Burns for next year first round pick. Anyone?

    I wouldnt do it for a first.
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    New coach can help these Cardinals?

    what talent does the cardinals have? Honestly. I consider Kyler the most talented person on the offense. He has an aging (but playing well) TE and basically one WR who will be guaranteed to even be in the NFL within the next 3-5 years. I'm not sold on moore and I know everyone loves dortch but...
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    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 10-16-22

    Tom Brady would be dead on this team. Dead and retired. Brady needed a super team to be successful with the bucs. Look at him now.
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    Wk6-Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks Pregame thread. 10/10/22-10/15/22

    Who is kyler throwing to and who geno throwing to? Geno basically has two number 1's maybe locket being a fringe number 1. Geno is surrounded top to bottom with better players. Maybe other than TE. Kyler is throwing to three WR's that are under 5'10. And none of the RB's seem to be able to stay...
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    Our franchise QB

    Pretty sure Tom Brady got **** for not knowing it was 4th down what last year?
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    Our franchise QB

    Every qb misses easy throws. I guess no one is studying. Maybe that’s why offenses are horrible this year
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    Our franchise QB

    I saw Aaron Rodgers, mahomes, and Tom Brady miss easy throws. They must not have it
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    LeSean McCoy: Kyler is Trash

    Just like to point out that mahomes didn't do **** with Kliff as his coach either. Mahomes has been fortunate to not only be on a great team but have a great coach. Not saying he isn't good but you dont know how he would have developed on a different team. He wasn't that great in college.
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    Starting from the top, what are your true feelings about Bidwill, Keim, Kingsbury, and Kyler?

    The first three I think should all go. Kyler I think needs a new coach. I think he has 0 respect for Kliff and its obvious. I know they were winning a lot more at OU but Kyler seemed to show more respect to Lincoln. We all know people who dont seem to work hard for inept managers and I...
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    Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals Pregame Thread. 10/2/22-10/8/22

    yes dortch can play but we cant have all our receivers under 5'11. Looks like a peewee league out there.
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    Our problems exist because of Kingsbury

    *He can recruit on offense
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    Week 4 2022: Heroes and Goats

    Moore was replaced by Brown. Small fast guy. Once Nuk is back moore will fade into obscurity. Id almost rather have Green out there. He drops a lot but hes also due for one game changing play
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    New Episode - thread

    Yes, I think Kyler is better than Tua. Every time Tua underthrows Hill it makes my skin crawl knowing that kyler could hit him in stride every time if he were at arizona. Having a decent coach can make even a mediocre QB look acceptable. That is why I put most of the blame on Kliff over Kyler...
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    The Cardinals Are Trash

    He’s throwing to two tiny receivers one no one has ever heard of..
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    The Cardinals Are Trash

    Cardinals are missing like 4 receivers. Your second receiver is a guy named dortch for god sake. I’d like to see the full squad before I pass this judgement.
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    Kyler Murray And The Use Of Profanity In Press Conferences

    This thread is peak cringe. Grown men crying about curse words in a game where men have been paralyzed. The game is brutal. If you don’t want kids to hear curse words you probably shouldn’t let your kid watch grown men attempt to kill each other. Grow up. If Tom Brady did it you wouldn’t care...
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    What City Are You In?

    Chicago but i clicked somewhere else
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    Deandre Hopkins Suspended Six Games

    We get it bro you don't like the Brown trade. Its happened, its over. Time to move on.
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    Deandre Hopkins Suspended Six Games

    We are going to have the same offense as the ravens for 6 weeks. Kyler better be ready to run.
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    2022 7th round pick C is Marquis Hayes G

    He was trained at OU he might be a steal. OU o linemen have been killing it. 3 of the better linemen in the nfl went there
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    Cardinals trade pick #23 for Hollywood Brown

    I mean the 5-10 yard throws were wobblers.

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