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    Cards signing OT Kelvin Beachum per Gambo The Arizona Cardinals are signing free agent offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum, per 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station’s John Gambadoro. The signing is a one-year deal for the offensive tackle...
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    OT: Fox Sports Arizona is going away.

    It's been talked about for awhile but it looks like the Fox acquisition by Disney is going to happen with the shareholders giving approval today. To get the deal to go through, the DOJ told Fox that they would have to sell off their 22 regional sports networks so they wouldn't be owned by ESPN...
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    Freddie Kitchens leaving the Cards for the Browns

    Kitchens has been with the Cards for 11 seasons as a TE, QB and RB coach under both Whiz and BA. He is on his way to the Browns. Here is his goodbye message.
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    Yasmany Tomas arrested for reckless driving and criminal speeding Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Yasmany Tomas was arrested Thursday morning for going more than 100 mph on a Valley freeway, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said. Tomas...
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    How attractive is the Cards job vs the other openings?

    Here are the open jobs. Not going to count the Raiders considering that seems to be a done deal. Cincinnati Indianapolis Chicago Detroit New York Giants The QB question is obviously the biggest knock on the Cards opening.
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    Who's the best team in the NFC right now?

    Before today, the Packers and the Falcons may have received the most votes but Green Bay is now going to be without Rodgers for an extended period of time and the Falcons lost to the lowly Dolphins. The Eagles now have the best record followed by eight teams with two losses. The only teams...
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    MLB Investigating D'backs smart watch wearing coach At this point there is no proof that is was used for cheating, only that he was wearing it and wasn't supposed to be.
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    OT: Former Suns on the next Amazing Race.

    Shawn Marion and Cedric Ceballos are one of the teams competing on the next season of Amazing Race that started filming today.
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    Playoff Rotation and Bullpen

    While the D'backs haven't officially clinched a playoff spot, their playoff chances are all in the 99% range. Considering the one game wild card game, if you were the manager, what is your rotation and bullpen look like? Assume 4 starters and 7 relievers. Here's mine 1. Greinke - I don't...
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    The change in cut dates this year.

    In case anyone was unaware of the change this year, there aren't two rounds of cuts. There's just one final cut down to the 53 man roster. 37 guys all getting cut notices on the same day. What does everyone think about this?
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    Did the Diamondbacks break the Rockies?

    They were on a roll until those two beat downs in Denver. They haven't won a game since and blew a late lead last night and then the game to the lowly Giants in extra innings. Lose today and they'll come in here with an eight game losing streak.
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    OT: Reuben Foster may miss rookie season

    It's not definite but it would explain why teams would pass on him, especially teams in a win now mode. On Wednesday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Reuben Foster's surprising...
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    OT: CB Bucknor. Is he the worst umpire in Major League history?

    He was behind the plate for the Braves and Nats tonight. It looked like the game was over due to a strikeout but after everyone left the field and post game shows started, he called everyone back saying it was a foul ball. I have no idea what he was looking at. That was after these sort of...
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    Papa Johns changed their Suns promotion.

    With most of their local sports promotions, you get 50% off of your order when they win. They had to change it for the Suns, who weren't winning enough. Now they don't have to win, they only have to score 90 or more points to get the discount. LOL
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    Cardinals 2017 Opponents

    The rotational divisions are the NFC East and the AFC South (worst division in football). The same place finishers are the Lions and the Bucs. Looks to be on the easier side of things, especially having the two best NFC east teams at home. Home: Seahawks, Rams, 49ers, Cowboys, Giants...
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    NFL Films: The NFL's Greatest Stand-in

    Such wonderful memories.
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    Cardinals alter PP21's deal to open up cap space

    Any ideas on why they needed the cap space for this year?
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    OT: Calais Campbell Developing a Comedy for CBS Based on His Life. CBS is looking to the NFL for its next family comedy. The network is teaming with Arizona Cardinals' starting defensive end Calais Campbell to develop comedy The Whole Nine, which is inspired by his own...
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    OT: Scottsdale's Auston Matthews

    Number one pick in the NHL draft is from Arizona and has four goals through the first two periods in his debut. First player to accomplish that in NHL history.
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    The Rest of the NFC

    While we haven't played great so far this year, it doesn't seem like anyone is really jumping out ahead of the pack either. Seattle and Green Bay are both fortunate to have a win. The only two win teams are the Vikings and the Giants and I don't really see either of them competing for home...
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    OT: Why you don't draft a kicker in the 2nd round He was automatic at FSU. Has been terrible so far with the Bucs. Can an NFL team start the season with a kicker who is doing this poorly? Even if he was a second round pick?
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    Keith Law: Time to end the D'backs reign of error

    It's and insider article so I can't paste the whole thing so here is a edited version. He rips Stewart and LaRussa as being both incompetent and ignorant as to the rules. The Arizona Diamondbacks have some major decisions to make on the...
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    Welington Castillo moved from paternity list to bereavement list Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Welington Castillo was moved from the paternity leave list to the bereavement leave list on Friday, the team announced in a press release. The...