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  1. Gee!

    The Moment Is Getting Near....

    The start of the 2017 season. I dont have stats. Dont have an inside source. All I got is something telling me this year feels special. Sidenote: The new Seahwaks logos looks creepy AF. We should never let that logo or double rainbows prosper. BirdGang
  2. Gee!

    BirdGang! What up

    I didnt do nothing for any season. ..
  3. Gee!

    BirdGang! What up

    I can feel it for this season... Lets get it
  4. Gee!

    BirdGang! What up

    Long time.. Miss ya fellas.. Got nothing important to say, just checkin up on yall... Love yall, BirdGang, your dead, WestSide :)
  5. Gee!


    Who is readyfor some Cardinals Football? Sorry been away. Cant promise i'll be around more either. But i luv you guys. i check in from time to time. I miss you guys, 100%, Shane, BIM, JG, Sanders, TJ, Oaken, BirdMan and 32.. ok even Ochie and cheese. . ClownPunch (Harley), i went back...
  6. Gee!

    Opening Series: Rockies at Dbacks!

    This new uniform color scheme is awful. Red and teal? Wth
  7. Gee!

    Karlos Dansby cut....

  8. Gee!

    OT: Kam Chancellor's Holdout

    I'm over here like " I don't give a ..........." Hope he holds out as long as possible..
  9. Gee!

    Lawrence Phillips Named In Death Of Cellmate

    This mostly incorrect.. Most get out as long as it isn't murder.. The chances of staying out of prison once you get out is the problem.. You can't just send a human to prison, subject them to hardened criminals, and expect them to be A OK upon release..
  10. Gee!

    Straight Outta Compton

    I rarely ever go to the movies. But I saw this on opening weekend. I had been waiting for it since it was announced. Now I can't wait to get the blu-ray.. this was an awesome movie..
  11. Gee!

    Straight Outta Compton

  12. Gee!

    Lawrence Phillips Named In Death Of Cellmate
  13. Gee!

    Cardinals vs Steelers Greatest Super Bowl of all time (VOTE!)

    Im not voting for a game we lose in.
  14. Gee!

    Some Cardinals' Choices From Here if No AP Trade

    Doesn't Abraham have a suspension coming up for his (second)DUI? If he doesn't retire
  15. Gee!

    2014 Arizona Basketball

    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is going to be a special player in the NBA. I hope the Suns can get him.
  16. Gee!

    DT Corey Peters to sign with cardinals

    I heard Kelly wasn't gonna be resigned. He faded at the end of the season last year.
  17. Gee!

    DeMarco Murray rumor

    No thanks. That Oline made Murray..
  18. Gee!

    Patrick Willis to retire

    Patrick Willis and Justin Smith to retire.. According to some 49ers insider..
  19. Gee!

    The Last Man On Earth (FOX)

    I enjoyed it. Looking forward to tonites episode.
  20. Gee!

    Frank Gore to the Eagles?

    Ive read a couple tweets that the Vikes are preparing a trade foundation..
  21. Gee!

    Frank Gore to the Eagles?

    I didn't want him.. And I'm feeling pretty good we are going to get AP. Rather take AP over Gore any day.
  22. Gee!

    RM's Free Agency Primer

    Cromartie is as good as gone. He will be back in NYC.. I am not even considering him in AZ next year.
  23. Gee!

    OT: Falcons LB Weatherspoon to hit open market

    Lotta "ifs" in this thread.. Doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling..
  24. Gee!

    Dockett Deserved Better

    To me this don't mean nothing.. He was talking about going to a divisional rival while still under contract two weeks ago.. The Cards FO let him to seek a deal before March 10th, before the other free agents hit the market.. Dockett, never mentioned that.. Did him a favor, and he turned around...
  25. Gee!

    Diamondbacks: Throwback Thursdays

    Was never a fan of the purple for a baseball team.. But the black and turquoise unis were awesome.. I like the new unis so much better.. Even the font..

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