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    RIP Freddie Joe Nunn

    Am a long-time lurker but non existent poster i'm ashamed to say but I felt i had to add my condolences to this thread. Freddie Joe Nunn was the first First Round draft pick from when i originally started following the Cards from the UK many years ago. Loved the Cards defense back then, and he...
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    Report: NFL, Chargers interested in team possibly moving to London

    Even taking into account the logistics of it all, I'm not convinced it would work from a fans point of view. Speaking as a born and bred Londoner, while I love being able to see live, meaningful NFL games now, my affiliation is purely to the Cardinals. I wouldn't now be able to support a...
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Seahawks 12-31-17

    Think so ! He has 2 today according to - 17 now for the season. Pushes Simeon Rice out of the way...
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Seahawks 12-31-17

    CJ has the franchise season sack record :clapping:
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Seahawks 12-31-17

    We are a bit light at RB. If both are out , DJ Foster starts?
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    The Point of a Board

    Merry Xmas to all on ASFN from across the pond. Have been a long time Cards fan since the StL days and really enjoy reading the posts and viewpoints on here. Coverage of the Big Red is a bit sparse over here so thanks to Harry, Mitch, Rugby, Cbus and everyone else for keeping me occupied with...
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    Kenny Albert, Ronde Barber, and Kristina Pink calling the game sunday

    Memo to Ronde , #11 is LARRY FITZGERALD.
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    OT- Eli has been benched. ***Update McAdoo fired***

    Definitely NOT McAdoo.
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    Yeah Gabbert is QBOF

    Surely a lot of what Gabbert did badly could be coached up. He hasn't had it easy against 2 excellent defenses so I'll wait till the end of the season to see whst he has. There are more reasons to keep him as back up than to bring Stanton back. Having said that, I don't think he will be...
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    Monday Morning 12/4/17 Questions and Thoughts

    I've been thinking about next years coaching and personnel issues and found a few variables. 1. Keep BA and current staff, CP and Larry stay, BG as backup . This scenario means another very average season, even if DJ hits 2016 form. 2. Same scenario as above but replace Bettcher, Jones and...
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    Fitz extension to 2018

    Interesting Fitz has a photographic memory. Memorising the playbook must take no time at all , leaving him more time to concentrate on the physical side of his game. Clearly JJ has a memory like a sieve..
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    Chris Johnson's Twitter

    That's kind of what I was thinking. And to see us go from a freescoring offense to hitting a brick wall...its frustrating.
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    It actually scares me that LF is coming back

    I want him to get to Number 2 in both catches and yards, as a Cardinal. Then get him on the coaching staff.
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    Chris Johnson's Twitter

    Am not normally a twitter fan , and I am not as smart as Ronin who is good at posting twitter comments on here ,but I was following some of Chris Johnson's posts lately. Taking into account an element of bitterness that he was cut for AP , I do think what he is hinting at is spot on...
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Rams (London) 10-22-17

    Oh well, Saturday night was a good night.
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Rams (London) 10-22-17

    Would be nice if we could get even a FG
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Rams (London) 10-22-17

    Frustrating first Q. First drive was promising until the missed FG. D needs to step up. Lots of noise from Cards fans on 3rd down though.
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    Rally at Admiralty

    I resisted the urge to ask him to sort out the OL! Just a bit of talk about being his first time in London, the guys are happy to be here. And that he wasn't used to this weather... Nice guy , posed for a lot of selfies. A couple of Seahawk fans were in the pub and got roundly booed.
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    Rally at Admiralty

    Am a happy chap Just had a word with Mr Keim and shook A-Dub's hand ,outside the Admiralty. My hand still hurts
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    Any ASFN'ers going to London?

    Same here! Although I expect you'll be in the away end at Griffin Park
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    Any ASFN'ers going to London?

    Saturday evening and night at the Admiralty Pub in Trafalgar Square should be good. There will be a rally from 5pm - 7pm and then drinks after! I think a lot of UK fans , including the British Birdgang will be out in force. Would be great to meet some ASFNers - have lurked on here and followed...
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    London Town

    As my name suggests , I am from London , so would be happy to help with anything. Should we start a thread so whoever is coming to the game can share information , ask Qs about anything and everything , and have all the info in one place? Will leave that to one of the regular posters, if you...
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    Is our playbook too complicated ?

    Thanks for the replies. All very interesting. I guess some of you guys would have seen playbooks at High school , I've only seen a couple of examples online , so it is interesting trying to understand the nuances of it all. It seems it could be more of a practice issue maybe - needing time to...
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    Is our playbook too complicated ?

    Something I've been thinking about after I read an article about CP3 having to learn 170+ plays. Just simply, is our offense too over- complicated? It seems to me that is overkill. Too many plays means not enough reps in practice to get the core plays down pat. Confusion resulting in receivers...

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