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  1. Mulli

    Taunting the 12th man in Seattle

    You ain't nothing! For desertdawg:
  2. Mulli

    Seattle center Max Unger

    Max Unger left the SEA v KC with a high ankle sprain and twisted knee. Any news today? SeA losing him would be large!
  3. Mulli

    OT: Gronkowski v tiny Colts defender

    Did any happen to see Rob Gronkowski block the tiny Colt db all the way out of the end zone and into the camera stand? Wish I could find the .gif.
  4. Mulli

    The Guy in AZ was the second choice.

    I just heard this on the radio in Chicago. The guy the Bears hired might be fired soon. I hated Marc Trestman as an assistant for the Cardinals. I hate him in Chicago. Good job, Cards!!
  5. Mulli

    Mitch, K9, Chopper Threads

    Strong work, you guys. Your threads are great reads. Thanks!
  6. Mulli

    Dockett sums it all up.
  7. Mulli

    SF @ AZ broadcast question

    Can anyone tell me if this will be on Fox and available in Chicago? Thanks!
  8. Mulli

    Where you hiding, Carlos?

    Last night vs Bears, 4 carries 0 yards. Hello? Where are you?
  9. Mulli

    Mulli Prediction Time: DWash is toast.

    Prediction Time: As soon as more people hear about her broken collarbone, DWash is done for good in AZ.
  10. Mulli

    Ballard retires
  11. Mulli

    Good places to eat around the Grand Canyon

    Hi, a friend will be visiting the Grand Canyon in September, I think. He asked me if I knew any decent places to eat around the Grand Canyon. I said I would ask around, but that I didn't think they existed, it is mostly touristy places. Any thoughts?
  12. Mulli

    OT: Bengals go nuts. Extend Andy Dalton.
  13. Mulli

    Arizona Coyotes

    The team changed their name on June 27. Did anyone notice? It takes a Blackhawks' fan to notice?
  14. Mulli

    Prado to Yankees

    Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1 3s Can confirm: #Yankees got Martin Prado from the #Diamondbacks
  15. Mulli

    Parra traded to Milwaukee

    John Gambadoro ‏@Gambo987 5m Parra traded to Milwaukee
  16. Mulli

    Eric Chavez Retires. Third baseman Eric Chavez has retired, effective immediately, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports (Twitter link). The 36-year-old Chavez hit .246/.346/.449 in 81 plate appearances for the Diamondbacks this season but hasn’t played...
  17. Mulli

    Boozer is a Laker

    Boozer is a Laker. I am happy as a little girl!
  18. Mulli

    2014 NFL Supplemental Draft Mock

  19. Mulli

    OT: Mulli Opinion: Lebron should go back to CLE

    El BJ should go back to CLE. He has his rings. CLE has Irving and Wiggins and some other dudes. Might have pieces for Kevin Love. Who in Cleveland doesn't forgive him?
  20. Mulli

    Ernie Sims visits DWash replacement? :thud:
  21. Mulli

    Johnny Football

    I call it now: In 4 years, JFF will stand for Johnny Flag Football. Sooner than that, it will be Johnny Effing Fumble. Johnny Freefall?
  22. Mulli

    Jesse Mulli

    Born 11.8.2013 If Cards win, he will like them. Cards are 2-0 in his lifetime!!
  23. Mulli

    Today's Levi Thread: Levi to IR

    Levi Brown on IR. Doh! Ooh wee, that PITT pick is going to be SO upgraded!
  24. Mulli

    Adam Schefter suggests Fitz out v SF today...

    Schefter tweeted he has bad vibes about Fitz playing today...
  25. Mulli

    Predict Carson Palmer Stats Thread

    For this week against the 49ers on the road: Will Carson Palmer throw for more than 110 yards in the first half?