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    Cardinals "Mount Rushmore"

    SiriusXM Dog Day sports is doing a "Mount Rushmore" for all 32 teams. They have not done the NFC West yet, so I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone on here would say. The rules are to pick four player from throughout the franchise history. 1 QB, 1 Offensive player, 1 defensive...
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    Hall of fame Day

    Anybody else heard about this Hall of Fame day that is supposed to be happening this Saturday at the stadium? Supposed to have hall of fame “busts” from Canton on display, along with Q&A with former players. Has this been done here before?
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    15th pick - Best of all time

    I thought this was funny (or not) and hopefully is not a precursor to this pick but MSN had an article of the best picks at each selection slot. Almost every slot had some sort of all-pro or hall of famer that was picked. However, the 15th spot best player was Derrick Johnson (KC) with honorable...
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    Jax tix available

    Couldn't make it in over the holiday. Still have a pair of tix available. Ring of honor 413. If anyone is looking for a cheap pair of tix, I could electronic transfer/PayPal. $100/pair. I would rather they go to a Cards fan.
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    Tampa Bay tix

    I'm not able to make it in town for this game. I have a pair of tix (ROH 413) on the NFL tix exchange @ face value ($105 ea). If anyone (Cardinals fan) is looking for a pair for the game, let me know. I'd rather sell to a cards fan for a reasonable offer. I would have to electronically transfer.
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    No hype for schedule release?

    It's been quite on the schedule release front here on the board. I usually see more people trying the guess the opening day game or # of nationally televised spots, etc... I know I am anxiously awaiting the home game schedule to try and plan out my visits.
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    Seattle tickets available

    I know the Jets game has yet to start but I may have a pair of tix available for next Sunday nights game against Seattle. I had picked up an extra pair of tix thinking my friends in Phx would be interested but they have all bailed out thus far (fair-weather). Me and my wife are coming in for the...
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    Tamba Bay tailgating

    We're coming in this week for the TB game. My wife and I will be bringing our 4 year old son with us (my mom is also making the trip, son may or may not go to the actual game). This will be the first regular season game we bring him to (usually bring him to pre-season but didn't work out this...
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    Impact rookies

    I just read an article on MSN on 8 impact rookies in the playoffs. Of course David Johnson was on the list. It got me back to thinking about our 1st round pick and I'm still mad about it. D Johnson was a great pick in the third round but he feels more like our first rounder because he is...
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    Seattle game - tix for sale

    Not going to make it out to the game tomorrow since I will be coming down in a couple of weeks for playoff. Selling my pair of tickets Ring of honor section 413 (row B). $275/pair (below face value). I would rather them go to a Card fan, if possible. Let me know if interested. It would have to...
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    Semi OT - Fantasy Football Semi's

    How many of you have Cardinals in your fantasy playoffs? My only player is John Brown and I'm on the bubble on if I should start him. I usually have him as my flex. This week the flex option is John Brown, Ted Ginn (I know, I know) or a RB (Jeremy Hill or Hightower). What say you? I know Floyd...
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    Vikings Tix

    I am not going to end up making it out for this Thursday night game. I got tickets posted on the exchange but would rather sell to a Cards fan for less. If anyone is looking for two tickets. ROH section 413, row B. Asking $300 for the pair. I'm out of town, so it would have to be paypal/e-mail...
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    Cincy game tix

    My dad was originally going to make out to this game but since it got flexed to Sunday night, he can no longer make it. I have a pair of tickets in ROH 413 (row B). I'd love to sell them to another Card fan. Face Value ($200/pair), includes orange parking pass. I am out of town, so it would have...
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    Saints game

    I'm probably not going to be able to make into town for the opening day game. Any season ticket holders interested in trading game tickets (possibly for SF or Balt game) or if anybody is interested, PM me. My tickets are ROH 413, I would be looking for something comparable in trade (i.e...
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    Steelers bringing in Tate, why not us?

    Saw on Pro Football Talk that Pitt was bringing in Tate to replace injured Bell. Why did the Cards not make this move. Reports earlier were that we put in a claim when he was originally waived. I still think Tate has more talent that any other back on our roster. Does our front office not see us...
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    Vernon Davis - hurt?

    I did not see it mentioned here but Rotoworld had a blurb about VD being on crutches after the game. Possible high ankle sprain. With as bad as we are at guarding the TE, this could be huge. This guy always kills us. Anybody see if he was injured last night?
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    Cap status after PP signing (regarding Palmer)

    What does our cap situation look like now after the PP extension? The reason I ask has to do with Carson Palmer. I am surprised that there hasn't been much talk about extending Carson. He is in the last year of his deal, right? I would think it would be proactive to think about this prior to...
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    LT extension - effect on FA

    What does the Jason Peter's extension with the Eagles do to the FA left tackle market? Anyone have insight?
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    Carolina game tix

    We are not going to be able to make it into town for this game. I would love to sell my tickets to a Card fan. If anyone is still looking for tickets, let me know. Looking for face value ($200/pair) or best offer. 2 seats, Ring of Honor, section 413 home side .
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    Have any season ticket holders NOT received thier clear logo bag

    I was told they would be in the mail last week but have still not received it. Planning on coming out for this weekends game and would like to know.
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    When did we start playing at Oakland Colosseum?

    Nice job jacking up the field with training camp. Let's see how it looks for the first home game.
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    Anyone catch the "Movin The Chains" mock on Sirius?

    Pat Kirwin had the Cards making a ridiculous trade up to the #4 spot to get none other than Lane Johnson. Needless to say, I would flip out if we really did this. I guess it is no surprise that Pat Kirwin never accomplished much as a real GM
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    Bears tix available.

    I'm not going to make it in town for the game next weekend due to the holiday. If anyone is still looking for a ticket, I'm selling mine for face. $200/pair. ROH 413 (40 yard line, home side).
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    Ok, admit it. Who is starting Detroit Def in their fantasy playoff?

    I have been starting NE Def for most of the year but I am even thinking about pulling the trigger on Detroit D
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    Very curious to see how Pitt plays Sunday night

    Pitt comes into this game is a very similar situation as we did for the Monday night game against SF. Playing a division rival at home, starting serveral backups (incl QB) due to injury. How many think Pitt will embarass themselves in front of the home crowd on National TV the way we did?