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  1. dreamcastrocks

    After tonight's loss, who has to go?

    Emotions are obviously riding high.... Suppose you had the ability to fire either Keim or Kliff, but ONLY one of them, who do you think should go and why?
  2. dreamcastrocks

    Refs really hurt us today.

    Arnold was CLEARLY down on the fumble. It was clear as day. 2 of the false start penalties, the defense jumped in the neutral zone and the line moved, which is supposed to be an offsides penalty and it went against us. D-Hop was grabbed by a defender and he slowed him down so he couldn't...
  3. dreamcastrocks

    Under the radar topic: Drake fumbling

    What does everyone think of Drake fumbling two times within 3 plays? It seems to have been swept under the rug a bit with the Cards winning and recovering both fumbles. KK didn't even yank him out of the game that much either...
  4. dreamcastrocks

    Kliff playcalling master thread

    Let's combine all of his play calls into this same thread. I'll leave all of the other ones as individual threads, but will be merging all other threads from this point forward. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. dreamcastrocks


    Dre by far had his best game as a Cardinal last week. Everyone since Cromartie has been a whipping boy opposite of PP for years but he finally held his own yesterday.
  6. dreamcastrocks

    Fall Guys

    Anyone play this yet. It is ridiculous. It is free on PSN right now with Plus. Best way to describe it is Battle Royale + Mario Party type mini games until there is only one player left.
  7. dreamcastrocks

    Dark (Netflix)

    Anyone watch this? I thought it was excellent. The final season was dropped in the past week or so. ESEUoa-mz2c
  8. dreamcastrocks

    Man Cave Gear

    I am creating a man cave and I am decorating it with Cards and Liverpool gear. You can follow the progress here if you want. I'm looking for some suggestion on wall coverings. Where do you guys get your stuff?
  9. dreamcastrocks

    Streaming service sharing

    I know this is a borderline topic to bring up, but I was hoping we could use this thread to network streaming services to have access to different services we might not be able to otherwise. Services I subscribe to. Netflix Ultra HD Amazon Prime Hulu Services I would be interested in swapping...
  10. dreamcastrocks

    Dragon Dictation software

    Does anyone have a copy of this? I have to transcribe a few 30 minute audio interviews and doing them by hand takes hours. I would love if someone has a copy of this that I could try out to see if it is worth the king's ransom that they ask for it. Thanks in advance.
  11. dreamcastrocks


    This is a game that is in paid early access that will be free to play in 2018. I got the game as a birthday present and I haven't been able to put it down. The best way that I can describe this game is Minecraft + 3rd person shooter/RPG + Zombie mode. It uses a more cartoony Overwatch style...
  12. dreamcastrocks

    Nintendo Switch thread

    Did anyone besides me get a Nintendo Switch? Zelda Breath of the Wild is easily one of the best games I have ever played. It is officially the highest rated video game of all time as well.
  13. dreamcastrocks

    Cool David Johnson interview at the Super Bowl.
  14. dreamcastrocks

    Report: Laurinaitis could become a free agent
  15. dreamcastrocks

    Mike Evans TD

    Is there anyone besides me that thinks this shouldn't have been a TD? Let me start over by saying the throw was amazing. It was one of the few good throws that Winston made yesterday. PP didn't play it that poorly either. My problem with this is the stupid catch rule. Peterson pushed him as...
  16. dreamcastrocks

    Suns forum has a picture of Goran Dragic on the top right hand corner.

    I assume that we might want to get this updated to a player that is still on the team. :)
  17. dreamcastrocks

    Quantum Break

    Has anyone played this yet? The game is a time traveling choose your own adventure shooter that is half game, half live action TV show. I am into the 3rd act and this is great. Borderline amazing. Graphics are insane and full video cutscenes worthy of any TV show out there.
  18. dreamcastrocks

    Request from a season ticket holder. (help with Carolina tickets)

    Is anyone willing to contact the ticket office and find out if they have a pair of Carolina tickets that they are selling? The resale prices on this game are ridiculous and I figured it was worth a shot. I already have my red eye flight Saturday night, Sunday morning. I would be willing to...
  19. dreamcastrocks

    Random Stupid Poll #999 - Rewatching Star Wars

    So I decided to re-watch the Star Wars movies in preparation of The Force Awakens. There has been a debate about which order it should be watched in. You decide.
  20. dreamcastrocks

    OT: Seahawks/Madden twitter comments are awesome
  21. dreamcastrocks

    Study says Arizona Cardinals have most bandwagon fans in NFL

    Take it for what you will.
  22. dreamcastrocks

    Splatoon (Wii U)

    Has anyone had a chance to play this yet? I played it at a buddies house and it is fantastic. The first real game on the Wii U that I had a lot of fun with. It is getting great reviews. In fact, I crave to play it again. Witcher would sit while I played this game if I had a copy...
  23. dreamcastrocks

    Happy Birthday Linderbee

    Today is your special day. I had to create it before BIM did. :D
  24. dreamcastrocks

    Luther (BBC)

    If you guys haven't seen this show, you are missing out. It is a BBC show (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) about a cop (Idris Elba) who has his own demons that he is working through while solving brutal crimes. He is fan-freaking-sastic in it. You will thank me later.
  25. dreamcastrocks

    Liverpool FC

    Might as well create show my support here officially. What a great run we had last year with Sturridge and Suarez. This year has been a bit disappointing, but frankly, we overachieved last year. Still in the League Cup (semi against Chelsea, ouch) FA cup, Europa League, and within striking...