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  1. Chris_Sanders

    The New Nickname

    The best nicknames are the ones you don't give yourself. Chandler has stuck Kyler with Baby Yoda
  2. Chris_Sanders

    What I ordered. What I got

    So back in May, a Facebook ad for a cool Cardinals inflatable popped up on my timeline. It was this
  3. Chris_Sanders

    come on

    Do we really have 7 reported posts today after a win? You all need to stop it. Now I have to be a moderator instead of a buzzed fan
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    Most Interesting players in 2021 per the Athletic

    12. Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals By just about any measure, the Cardinals’ offense was disappointing last season. After finishing 13th in efficiency in year one under Murray and Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona fell to 19th in year two. There were stretches where it felt like the offense was...
  5. Chris_Sanders

    The Athletic Top 125 NBA Players

    So the Athletic is doing the top 125 NBA players. I thought everyone would like to see how GM's see us. I will update this as the tiers come out. Just missed the cut (#126) Cameron Johnson. Listed as likely to make tier 5 next year Tier 5 #80 - #125: Cameron Payne Tier 4 #37 - #79...
  6. Chris_Sanders

    Jordan Lawlar

    Jordan Lawler appears at #34 in Baseball America's Mid Season top 100 prospects. I really hope they can get this kid signed.
  7. Chris_Sanders

    Stix Minutes Next 3 games

    In the light of the Saric injury...
  8. Chris_Sanders

    Media Reacts to Game 1

    For those who wish to revel in our first finals victory. Skip Bayless says the Bucks would have won without Giannis :p
  9. Chris_Sanders

    Saric Injury

    I figure this deserves tracking in it's own thread due to the Bucks size advantage.
  10. Chris_Sanders

    Trevor Bauer Serious Accusations

    This guy is a real piece of work. I always thought he was a dbag but apparently his kink is ****** assault and violence. Content is graphic so under spoiler
  11. Chris_Sanders

    Thank you Suns

    Just 3 years ago the Phoenix Suns were 19 and 63. I watched far too many of those games. Thank you Suns for all of this, I will always cherish this season, especially after a pandemic
  12. Chris_Sanders

    Lebron Shocked to Discover Regular Season Now Matters Please let the Lakers lose in the play in game. Please Please
  13. Chris_Sanders

    Building an Identity

    Last season I felt we didn't have an identity beyond "Hope Kyler's an All Pro", "Soul crushing mistakes that cost you a win", and "Always allowing 3rd and long to be converted" The theme last night was building strength on strength (LB core). I can wrap my head around this that we just want...
  14. Chris_Sanders

    Draft Prop Bets

    These were the bets I like: Kyle Pitts Over 5.5 pick +115 (I think he goes 6/7. Only Atlanta is a danger) Rashawn Slater Over 10.5 +125 (Eagles at 12 is my bet) WRs Drafted 1st Round Over 4.5 - 220 (Bad Odds but 4 might go top 20) TE's Under 1.5 -380 (No one is taking Freiermuth round 1...
  15. Chris_Sanders

    Fantasy Sports and Sports Gambling Finally Legal Az 10 Sports Franchises and 10 Casinos to get Sports Books including mobile betting Keno will be allowed at fraternal organizations, veterans' clubs and horse...
  16. Chris_Sanders

    Travis Etienne

    Etienne says his dream scenario is the Cardinals at 16. I don't want a RB at 16 but the right trade back scenario I could be convinced
  17. Chris_Sanders


    I saw a post requesting 1Sun be reinstated I generally want to go with what the board wants so this is an anonymous poll to bring him back post all star break. This poll is anonymous. Even I can't see the answers
  18. Chris_Sanders

    JJ Watt Production

    In the big JJ Watt thread I said we needed a stat beyond just sacks to measure a defenders Impact. Negative Plays: Sacks + Tackles for a loss NP+TO: Negative plays + Forced Fumbles and Interceptions NPTO+ QBH: Negative Plays + Turnovers + Quarterback Hits I did not go into this with an...
  19. Chris_Sanders

    That Kyler Murray kid Some of you...
  20. Chris_Sanders

    Seattle Mariners CEO Destroys His Career This is basically a full poop show. Creates a hostile work environment for people with English as a second language. Insults the top prospect in the...
  21. Chris_Sanders

    Spring Training Revised Schedule

    If you want the presale code for Friday PM me.
  22. Chris_Sanders

    The Athletic Rips Apart Coyotes So this is just an absolute mess. Players, employees, and vendors not being paid Slashing payroll Nickel and dime financials Destroyed Valley partnerships Sexual harrassment Missed arena payments...
  23. Chris_Sanders

    QB Index Rankings

    NFL.Com Consensus QB rankings at end of year. Kyler finishes 10th Rank 10 Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals · Year 2 Individual Rank: Bhanpuri: 10 | Blair: 11 | Filice: 10 | Parr: 11 2020 stats: 16...
  24. Chris_Sanders

    Super Bowl Bets Thread

    Post your squares and action. Let's see who really wins. Squares:. TBD. Bets: Chiefs win by 1-6 +350 Bucs win by 1-6 +400 Gronk over 31.5 yards -110 First FG between 50-55 yards +800 Tom Brady MVP +200 Tom Brady rushes for over 0.5 yards +150
  25. Chris_Sanders

    Cardinals at the NFL Experience in Tampa

    Every team has a small area at the Super Bowl Experience in Tampa. The Cardinals have Kyler Murray's Locker Room. (pictures taken by my super cool father in law who is an Eagles fan but still went out of his way to send me Cards pics)