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  1. elindholm

    stocks you like

    I thought it might be fun to have a thread about lower-profile stocks that we've stumbled onto. Maybe we can help each other find a big upswing before it happens. Here are my first two contributions, both of which hit the market recently, although if you find something that's been on the board...
  2. elindholm

    Suns WCF history -- a brief summary

    Old-timers know all of this, but others may not, so... This will be the Suns' 10th trip to the Western Conference Finals. They've advanced in 2 of their previous 9 attempts. Here's how each one went down: 1976 This was the rookie season for Alvan Adams and Ricky Sobers, who joined Dick Van...
  3. elindholm

    LAL/GSW to face PHO

    The line is LAL -4.5, which seems low to me. I'm guessing that the Lakers win comfortably. Yes, I know, Steph Curry blah blah, but these are the defending champions in what is basically a Game 7.
  4. elindholm

    The Ayton Plan

    Here's my thought for what to do about Ayton: First of all, don't extend him this summer under any circumstances. Let him show what he's got in 2021-22. Hope he looks better. Then, play the usual posturing game of announcing that you'll match any deal. Don't offer anything until the free...
  5. elindholm

    Suns and ROY trivia

    Prior to Chris Paul, who was the most recent former Rookie of the Year to play for the Suns late in his career? (Don't count Stoudemire.) Please don't post the answer; it's in the spoiler. But I'd be interested to see how many get it. After the question occurred to me, I came up with my own...
  6. elindholm

    making the playoffs

    What does "making the playoffs" actually mean this season? Finishing in the top 10 and being involved in the play-in games? Finishing in the top 8, even if subsequently eliminated through the play-in games? Surviving the play-in stage, regardless of what the initial seed was? "Making the...
  7. elindholm

    Saric re-signs for $27M/3yr
  8. elindholm

    Oubre to Golden State I guess now we'll get plenty of opportunity to see whether he blossoms.
  9. elindholm

    538's "CARMELO" projections

    Nate Silver's political polling site has also gotten into sports, and the NBA in particular. One thing they model is a player's projected performance based on his similarities to previous players. They call their modeling "CARMELO," based on some silly acronym. I don't put much stock in the...
  10. elindholm

    possibly attainable PFs

    If the Suns re-sign Oubre, they won't have much money left, but they'll still have some. Are any of these backup PFs reasonable options on the cheap? Kenneth Faried (UFA, HOU) JaMychal Green (UFA, LAC) Anthony Tolliver (UFA, MIN -- played 24 uneventful games with the Suns in 2014-15) Rondae...
  11. elindholm

    Dragic to the Mavericks
  12. elindholm

    Ayton paid $10,000/month in college So, is this partly responsible for his lack of fight? That he was already a professional athlete a year before being drafted?
  13. elindholm

    D'Antoni continues to blame officiating for last year's Game 7 loss Nothing is ever his fault.
  14. elindholm


    His numbers are spectacular when he's on the floor, but he's hurt again, with another knee issue. He has missed the last six games and there is no timetable for his return. Almost five years after being drafted, he still hasn't made it to his 150th game. He turns 25 in a few days, so he's...
  15. elindholm

    in case you were wondering

    Since the NBA-ABA merger, the all-time record for FGA attempts in a game without a miss is 14, shared by Gary Payton (1995) and Thomas Bryant (2018).
  16. elindholm

    another coaching problem

    The Suns do not punish teams for overplaying defensively. It should be true that overplaying defensively is like a blitz in football: a gamble at the point of attack that accepts the risk of a weakness farther away. When the Suns get pressured 30 feet from the basket, all they try to do is...
  17. elindholm

    John Wall's injuries

    Since we'll be talking about Wall at least through the middle of December, I figured this deserved its own thread. The narrative that Wall is injury-prone is persistent. In fact he has had only two significant injuries in his career. The first was a "non-traumatic stress injury" of the knee...
  18. elindholm

    Kokoskov's offense

    sucks. It has two plays: 1. A weave outside the three-point line that accomplishes nothing, because NBA defenses have seen weaves before. 2. A pick-and-roll with Ayton outside the three-point line, where he then cuts to the basket and the guard with the ball is supposed to try to find him, on...
  19. elindholm

    PF options

    Holmes played well tonight, and his game is different enough from Ayton's that I don't see why they can't be on the floor together. Surely Holmes would do a better job than Ariza or Anderson, even if it's for only 15 minutes per game. And/or, what about Faried? He's on an expiring contract...
  20. elindholm

    Tiago Splitter retires He was another Euro destined for NBA greatness, and never became more than a bench role player. It seems like a good time for a word of caution.
  21. elindholm

    Booker misses out on All-Star team

    The reserve guards in the West are Westbrook, Lillard, Klay Thompson, and Jimmy Butler. I thought Booker was in the mix, but you can't complain about the choices they made.
  22. elindholm

    Jrue Holiday

    The Pelicans have a monster payroll -- seventh highest in the league -- and aren't exactly lighting up the standings. Let's imagine that they decide to cut costs, either at the deadline or this summer, and try to move Holiday, who is owed $105 million over the next four seasons. Let's also...
  23. elindholm

    forum banner

    Very nice!
  24. elindholm

    Julius Randle

    I'd like to see the Suns go after him. The speculation of this article is that the Lakers will probably let him walk, because they have other young talent they are more committed to and want to be big free-agency players this summer...
  25. elindholm

    Kings at Suns

    Three and a half hours before tipoff, tickets can be had for as little as $4. If you were a homeless person, you could have some nice shelter, and arguably even some entertainment, for the loose change you've found on the street this afternoon. And it probably still wouldn't be worth it.

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