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  1. BigRedRage

    MNF with the Mannings

    Is it just me or is this unwatchable? It's either interviews ignoring the game or it's like watching football with a few guys. Nothing like an NFL broadcast.
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    Fear street 1,2,3 (netflix)

    Anyone else watched these? Pretty damn good if you ask me!
  3. BigRedRage

    Media silence on game one?

    I watched the first quarter and came on Twitter this morning to read tweets from the game from urban, mcmanaman, Somers, etc and it seems they all tweeted Kyler wouldn't play and then went to bed or something. Wth?
  4. BigRedRage

    Model S Plaid delivery event 6/10

    Speculations that this along with cybertruck will actually have longer range than originally announced. The car gets unveiled live tonight at 7pm (website says stream at 7pm but likely actually goes down at 830pm) Lots of interesting new updates to the vehicle within the article. Should be an...
  5. BigRedRage

    Invincible (Prime video) Kirkman graphic novel

    Just finished episode one last night. Was interesting at least throughout the episode but the last 5 minutes will grab you by the throat and pull you in.
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    I'm just now finally taking the time to learn bitcoin. As always, wayyyyyy late to the party. I watched some videos by 99 bitcoin that really broke it all down, explained it to me and peaked my interest. I highly suggest their channel as it is full of 2-10 minute videos that break everything...
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    Pp21 news incoming

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    VR gaming

    I figure it needs its own thread. I just picked up an oculus quest 2 last night. Between tutorials for an hour last night and goofing off today, I am absolutely stunned by how engrossing this thing is. I just popped in on to play something and by the time I took it off, realized 90 minutes went...
  9. BigRedRage

    12mo xbox gold for $43

    Hey y'all, I was setting someone up and accidently bought too many digital codes and Amazon is telling me it is not refundable. If youre interested in a 59.99 + tax xbox live gold subscription, I'll sell it to you for $43. Hit me up.
  10. BigRedRage

    Save $360 on 3 years of xbox game pass

    So right now game pass ultimate has a 3 months for $1 a month deal. In the fine print it says you can convert all remaining months of gold, up to 36 months, to game pass ultimate when you do it. Game pass ultimate is $15 a month or 180 a year. Gold is $60 a year. So, you can buy $180 of gold...
  11. BigRedRage

    The Social Dilemma (Netflix)

    The Social Dilemma is a 2020 American docudrama film directed by Jeff Orlowski and written by Orlowski, Davis Coombe, and Vickie Curtis. It explores the rise of social media and the damage it has caused to society, focusing on its exploitation of its users for financial gain through surveillance...
  12. BigRedRage

    2020 new consoles

    I hate not being able to buy stuff. Preorders were sold out in 5 minutes. release day stock sold out even faster. I keep getting walmart in stock alerts and by the time I go online it is gone already. Meanwhile, new xbox's are for sale all over the internet for 1k because bot scrapers are buying...
  13. BigRedRage

    OT: Antonio Brown visiting Tampa

    potentially eligible to return after week 8 I believe.
  14. BigRedRage

    The Walking Dead Universe (2020+)

    Since we now have three shows, more coming spinoffs planned and some movies being filmed along with the original show ending after season 11, thought it may be better to have a merge thread for all TWDU content and shows. TWD season 10 finale premiers Sunday night October 4th. TWD world...
  15. BigRedRage

    When missing the game but recording it

    How do you guys manage not getting the game spoiled on your phone? Is do not disturb mode enough? With that I should still get calls and texts, be able to use maps and not see any notifications unless I swipe down the notification bar I would think? Even text I am tempted to turn off and not see...
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    Caption time

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    Week 3 TV broadcast schedule NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night: Miami @ Jacksonville (NFLN) Sunday Night: Green Bay @ New Orleans (NBC; Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth) Monday Night: Kansas City @ Baltimore (ESPN) Looks like Raiders vs pats in the morning or Rams at BUF And...
  18. BigRedRage

    I'm building an overland setup

    Red rectangle in middle is stabilization and flatter sleeping surface. Likely plywood. then boxes built along the sides for storage of gear. my sleeping pads, 2x fit perfectly between wheel wells. camper shell will have side vent windoors but also side windoors will open like a hatch. Gives...
  19. BigRedRage

    Week 3 rosters and etc 2020

    How'd you guys do? I'm 2-0 so far. This week I face an opponent with serious scoring ability and my team has a lot of touch matchups. Will get real interesting. I do like ho Yahoo is projecting 17 points for hines when he got one touch last week.
  20. BigRedRage

    revisiting the schedule after week 2 up to bye

    @SF WFT DET @CAR @NYJ @DAL SEA Looking at this last night, I could easily see us at 6-1 / 5-2 going into the bye if we lose to Seattle and Seattle looks GOOD right now. Dallas is hyped to have a team but I'm not so sure. Detroit is 0-2 and getting their top WR back this week. Their TE has...
  21. BigRedRage

    Series X and S preorders start Sept 22nd

    Series X looks like $500 Series S looks like $300 Trade ins at gamestop: Xbox one X $200 Xbox one S $125
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    Coffee while camping/outdoors

    So, these days I have a super minimalist setup, sleep out of my truck and essentially live like a backpacker while camping. I've tried the big perculators and etc for coffee and they work and all but I want something small, simple and efficient. I do own a jetboil and just found this and I am...
  23. BigRedRage

    lets see your week 2 roster 2020

    For me, I picked up Hines but I might still play Hunt over him at RB. Hunt outplayed and out touched Chubb last week. Havent fully decided but I guess I have to as of today as hunt plays tonight. Outside of that the only change might be putting Galladay in but it would be a hard choice to bench...
  24. BigRedRage

    already issues in week 1 for my team

    So Mike Evans AND Kenny Galladay are now listed as doubtful. Because of this I have rotated in Jamison Crowder and Jerry Jeudy. Only other option is to drop a WR and put in kareem hunt as a flex really. What do you think? Preston Williams is there too but I am unsure of him.
  25. BigRedRage

    Microsoft flight simulator

    Apparently it has real time traffic and weather. I knew it looked cool but this article makes me want to buy it if it releases on series x. People looking at hurricane destruction the following day...