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    Mega Watt Package

    I liked the play where Leki and Watts were in as blockers. Kyler did a short jog for 6 points. I can see that package creating several wrinkles. Hand the ball to Connors and have 2 big linemen blocking, give it Leki, he used to play rugby, fade to Watt, play action to the left and have Green...
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    12-17-2020 Thursday Night Game

    Carr is out and Marcus in for the Raiders. He is looking good on his first series.
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    What IF??????

    Most of us did not have the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl this year. I have been thinking back to Game 1 against the Lions. Once we started to get rolling, we were on fire. I wonder if Coach would have gone for it in overtime, instead punting away (playing for a tie), what would that have...
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    Ticket Sites

    This might be a silly question, but what ticket app do you use for the best prices? I want to see the Cardinal when they head to Baltimore. Thanks for your time.