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    Portland Oregon Cardinals Giveaway

    Brighteyes and I are leaving the US semi permanently, we are going to buy a boat and travel the oceans Something like this So we have a few items we are giving away and they must be gone by thursday and you have to come get them which means you need to live around Portland Signed Q photo...
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    Cardinals at Seahawks - How is it going to game in Seattle

    Brighteyes and I are thinking of going ... virus allowing What is it like there, anything we need to know about going to a game there And I am wondering how easy it will be to get tickets
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    Word of Muth: Growing Pains
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    Air Raid Run/Pass Option Analysis
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    Cardinals New Meeting Process

    No this has nothing to do with the title Scroll to the bottom of the page and all (well most) will be revealed %1$s This subject is definitely better with...
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    Arians' Press Conference 11:15am AZ time

    I wonder what this is about
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    Just found a Photo of Skkorp

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    Winter is Coming

    And along with it FOOTBALL !
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    7th round

    Don't we have a 7th round pick ?
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    More from the way back Machine

    Notice the reporter talking to Q
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    Never go against a Sicilian when Death is on the line

    And NEVER bet against LARRY when the game is on the line
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    Removing Skkorp's Final Post

    After talking with Shaggy he suggested I post this question, to see what people thought. I just noticed that Skkorp's final postings were removed from this forum as a sticky and call me old school but I think it's wrong. I get that we have a remembrance forum but Skkorp is different, he...
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    Some Photos from the way Back Machine

    In a galaxy far far away [ok a state] there was once a ASFN photographer who got to go behind the scenes. As I just got a new camera for xmas I taking a more serious approach to organizing my stuff. That includes a LOT of Cardinals photos. To add interest when they uploaded to Google Photos...
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    Such Classy Seahawks fans

    I guess class an Seahawks fans are not words that are commonly used in the same sentence.
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    Are the Rams Dirty or What ?

    They really look they are trying to hurt QBs
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    Peter Kings Mailbox

    Anybody notice the note from "JS", that is Brighteyes aka The wife :)
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    What happened to him
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    John Brown Fumble

    Why wasn't the play dead when his helmet came off ?
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    Night wish

    Bright eyes and I are at a night wish concert tonight
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    Ran into a Cardinals Fan at Restaurant in Portland last Night

    Apparently he reads this site and recently moved the Oregon
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    How the west could be won
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    The Tale of the Direct TV Sales Process

    Seeing an ad for Direct TV offer NFL Sunday ticket streaming for about $200 Brighteyes and thought what the heck, lets try. So she called, and predictably sat on hold, then she got the sales droid. The deal was yes, if we get Direct TV, but she says "We have had two installers out here...
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    Post of the Year Candidate

    "That's Raiders are the best 0-5 team to ever play the game, that's just a fact." bottom of page 4
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    Broncos Tie

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    is Shane ok

    Checking to see if you are out there and ok