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    Next weeks game....On Prime only?

    Didn't know this. Sucks for me. I won't be home till later in day. Can't record.
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    Not sure how many snaps he had today but this guy should stay on the field. Good against the run and pass. We need a faster D. Simmons brings the speed and can hit.
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    Too much hype?

    Was uneasy listening to all of the praise for this team the last few days. They are still a work in progress. Also the media ripping the Seahawks. But was still hopeful for a win. Observations: 1) PP has to be better in a big game like this. 2) Expected a bigger game from Budda Baker. 3) Did...
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    Stressful moments during game.

    I know a win in Seattle leaves little to complain about but a few times during this game I was losing it. As follows: 1) Daniels drop. 2) Kirk drop. 3) Blocked FG 4) Chris Jones late hit. 5) Zeke Turner penalties nullifying great returns. All of these had me cursing like a nutcase but...
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    Big game from him yesterday. Really like this guy. JJ Nelson with hands. Can take a hit too.
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    Defer Opening Kickoff

    Why? Puts us behind early and sets the tone for the game. It also makes me feel sick watching it.
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    Von Bell

    Was anyone else going crazy when Saints S Von Bell took Kirk and bounced him off the turf a few times after the play with nothing called. Also should have had a flag at the sideline after a play also. This guy was getting away with way too much. Someone should have taken him out.
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    Pass Rush?

    Dalton had all day to throw. Our supposed strength on D did not show up against the hapless Bengals. Did not expect this. Held in check by back ups.
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    A very bad feeling on NFL draft Eve

    Getting a real bad feeling we are picking Murray #1. I would now be shocked if we don't. I have to stop watching NFL Network. Listening to Peter Schrager (******) say his sources say it is done among others saying similar has me depressed. Didn't like the KK hire and now I despise it. They are...
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    Not a good game today even though running game better this week. Had some drops but his decision making was shaky. Still throws high at times although pressure can cause this. Can't blame him for all of the penalties but I thought he regressed a little. Not as decisive.
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    Capi making team. [Speculation/Discussion]

    Didn't help himself last night. More active against the run but he was stoned on the pass rush. Just easily pushed away on most plays. I doubt he makes is. My previous enthusiasm has been tempered.
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    Can't pass rush and sure doesn't look like he plays well in space. What is left? A guy named Zeke Turner was making plays all over the field last night. Reddick looked totally confused.
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    Tackling vs. Chargers

    One thing that stood out to me on D is the inability to wrap up when making a tackle. Some of it was going for the big hit but the Chargers had some significant yards after contact.
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    John Brown

    Plenty of criticism directed toward him and it is justified. Feel bad for him as he just isn't the same person out there. Very little emotion and just looks so down. Really hope he can get to the point he can play well with his illness but he has regressed too much to not consider replacing him...
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    Watching Preseason Games

    I recall signing up and paying to watch preseason games on line last year. Thought I did this on the site. Don't see this offer there now. Anybody know how to get the preseason games? Thanks....
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    John Brown injured?

    Watching Mike & Mike and Cris Carter said John Brown is hurt. Did I miss something?
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    RIP Oscar Taveras

    Just heard about this after the big win. Cardinal rookie OF killed in car accident today. So damn sad.
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    Troy Niklas

    What is up with this guy? I know he has a bad hand but he looks like an UDFA. I know it is way too early to judge but I truly hope we didn't waste this pick. This kid doesn't even flash. I don't see anything from him.
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    Back from Game

    Got back from the game a short time ago. Agree with those complaining about the officials as drives were kept alive with questionable calls. That said we have to be far more disciplined on D. Washington can't be clapping in the players face after making a play. Peterson was lit up like a...
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    Anybody going to Titan game?

    Anybody going to the game Sunday. I will be there in section 207. The high temps in the mid to upper 30's The game being moved to later in day will make it damn cold by halftime. GO CARDS!
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    NFL Network on Holding Call

    Finally saw somebody show the holding call on TM. Deion Sanders did not like the call and Mooch said it was ticky tacky. I couldn't agree more.
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    Did Taylor get any touches today? Saw Smith in for a couple of plays but no Taylor. Ellington didn't look right to me today. Wonder if he has a nagging injury. No burst.
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    PP on Offense

    I may be alone on this but I want to see less rather than more of this. We have some pretty damn good receivers and we should have been going to them today versus a CB that can't run a route and just doesn't look good as a receiver. Not saying never and the option with him is a good play but...
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    Mickey Shuler Claimed Off waivers

    Too bad he can't play like his Dad.
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    Arians on ESPN

    Just watched Wingo interview Arians. Said Les Miles, Peterson and Minter all stood up for Mathieu. He believes in second chances and thought this was the spot. Said Luck has been telling him for a year about Taylor. He loves the guy. Also said look at all of the picks they made that were...