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  1. TJ

    Quick Thoughts - Minnesota

    ~Defense cant be asleep at the wheel up front, especially against a RB like Cook and a statue like Cousins. Those running holes were wide open. I think I counted three runs in which Cook could've housed it had we not gotten a shoestring tackle. And Cousins had all day to make decisions, which is...
  2. TJ

    Paul Allen Strikes Again

    For those who don’t know, he’s the guy who went bananas when McCown and Poole knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs. He also had an epic end call in 2015 when Cards stripped Bridgewater to win the game
  3. TJ

    Shoutout, Greg Joseph

    Clutch performance, young man. Excellent execution on the XP and GW FGA. Kliff gonna get you that game ball
  4. TJ

    Quick Thoughts - Tennessee

    Gonna crap on the team a bit to start: ~Be on the look out for pre snap issues. Too many penalties and burned timeouts. Still happened throughout the game. Doesnt look like this was fixed over the offseason and normally does not resolve itself during the season. ~Don’t remember, but it looks...
  5. TJ

    Today is Steve Keim’s Birthday

    Do with that information what you will
  6. TJ

    Doug and Wolf Are No More

    Never saw the value of having Doug Franz on the team. Addition by subtraction
  7. TJ

    Riccardo Fois

    Thought I’d pass this nugget onto you guys. Fois is the current player development coach for the Suns. In April, when UofA hired Tommy Lloyd, Fois had a handshake agreement to join UofA as one of the assistant coaches after the Suns season ended. Obviously, the Suns season went longer than...
  8. TJ

    Keep Swinging For Those Wideouts, Keim

    One day you’ll find one in the draft, I guess 2017 - Chad Williams 2018 - Kirk 2019 - Isabella, Butler, Johnson 2020 - Trade for Hopkins 2021 - Sign Green, draft Moore
  9. TJ

    Tommy Lloyd is the Guy

    Took Robbins five days to get his head out of his ass and pull the trigger.
  10. TJ

    Mason Cole traded for 6th rounder

  11. TJ

    Hustle and Flow Podcast: Guest Steve Keim Nothing ground breaking, but Keim reviewing trades, signings, Fitz, reflecting on Josh Rosen/Kyler Murray situation, etc. Biggest thing I got while listening to this and his presser was that he side stepped...
  12. TJ

    Sean Miller’s Contract

    Something to keep an eye on the next 4-6 weeks. Next season, Miller goes into the final year of his deal. It’s hurting Arizona’s recruiting efforts as 2022 kids are not looking our way because of the uncertainty about who’s coaching. Heeke has given no indication of what he’s going to do. He can...
  13. TJ

    Matrix Goes Off About Not Winning a Title w/ PHX

    This was intense to watch and listen to. *Language*
  14. TJ

    You Are the Owner. What do you do?

    Who goes?
  15. TJ

    Best Walk-Off TD in AZ/PHX Cardinals History

    Which one was more impressive or entertaining
  16. TJ

    The Play

    Deserves its own thread. I’ll be watching this on loop all night tonight
  17. TJ

    Eno Benjamin

    I have no clue what's going on with him, but him being inactive yesterday and Foster leapfrogging him from the practice squad is not a good sign. Would rather see what Eno could do instead of slow-footed Foster. Running Edmonds 25 times in a game is criminal.
  18. TJ

    Two Cards Test Positive for COVID-19

  19. TJ

    Moon Ball

    In case you all wanted to read/hear those words again
  20. TJ


    About time.
  21. TJ

    Remember This Barn Burner? Jets/ Cards 2012 Epic offensive explosion
  22. TJ

    Let’s Check In on Carson Palmer

    My man looks like he’s living his best life in the wilderness
  23. TJ

    Tony Jefferson Coming In for a Workout