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    OT: Armchair quarterbacks rejoice! Here’s a chance to make the call
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    What! The Cardinals could have had Jim Brown?

    I had no idea. It may or may not be true. Even so, a good article with some interesting facts about Cardinals legend John David Crow. I’m a longtime fan dating back to the early 70’s but even he was before my time.
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    OT: Patriots might not play Thursday night NFL season opener

    Fine with me!
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    OT: Every team's longest run

    I though this was cool. Cards had two guys tied with 80 yds. A few ex-Cards hold the record for other teams. And Lamar Miller has the record for 2 teams!
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    8 Big Red Moments We'll Never Forget

    Though this was cool. I remember most of them!
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    OT: repairing a bad jersey

    A friend of mine is a Bears fan and posted this pic on facebook. He called it the best repair of a bad jersey he's ever seen.
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    OT: Cromartie just keeps on going

    I think this guy's goal is build his own 53 man roster.
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    Another ex-Steeler.. but this one is an intern

    Sorry if this has been posted, but I hadn't seen it on here.
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    Here comes the love

    First I heard Freddy Coleman talking about how Colts-cards is one of the top matchups of the week.. now this:
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    Larry Fitzgerald commercial

    Sorry if this has been posted, but I thought it was pretty cool.
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    Warner is...unbelievable!

    I know we're not supposed to talk politics, but that's what the President-elect told McCain today when they were talking football during the photo op!
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    Off topic: Charlie Weis is incredible.

    If you haven't read or heard about this, it may bring a tear to your eye. Dang, I'm thinking what if the Cardinals could have hired Charlie Weis. Weis grants dying boy's wish
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    Former Card QB fighting for Survival

    Did anyone happen to see the premiere of "Survivor" last night? One of the contestants is former cardinal QB and also former Cowboy(yech!) QB Gary Hogeboom. He's going by gary Hawkins on the show and doesn't want to let people know he's a former NFL QB. He thinks he'll be looked at as too...
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    Troy Brown re-signs with Pats

    Got this from Associated Press: FOXBORO, Mass. (AP) - Troy Brown is staying with New England. Nearly two months after the Patriots released him, they've re-signed the 12-year veteran wide receiver. Terms of the deal haven't been disclosed. However, the Pats saved five (m) million...
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    John Ondrasik

    No he's not a quarterback at some division II school that we should draft. He's the lead singer for the group "Five For Fighting. (one of my favorites)" He was performing on Regis and Kelly this morning (if I didn't work at a TV station I would never watch that show) and he was wearing a Pat...
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    OT: Miracle

    I just took my ten year old daughter to see "Miracle." It's pretty good and I would highly recommend it. I don't think it's quite as good as "The Rookie" or "Remember the Titans" but those were outstanding in my opinion. The end of "Miracle" will give you goosebumps just like it did when it...