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  1. Syracusecards

    Thoughts on game / team

    Super happy with this win. I think the Vikings played their best game and most other teams would have lost to them. But we also got incredibly lucky and there are some things I’d like to see going forward. Offense For the love of GOD, implement some pre-snap motion into the game plan...
  2. Syracusecards

    National Anthem

    That was the best version of the National Anthem that I’ve ever seen. Absolute chills, goosebumps, and not gonna lie, I teared up. Such emotion considering her father died that day. Really really well done.
  3. Syracusecards

    Interesting story about Fitz and Hump
  4. Syracusecards

    If Micah Parsons slides to 16

    I say take him immediately. Our main issues on defense have been covering TE's over the middle and runs to the outside either with sweeps, pitches, or screens. Our Edge LB's are either too slow to cover ground and contain the width of the field or overrun plays (Golden and even Gardeck), which...
  5. Syracusecards

    Detroit Lions are hilarious

    Dan Campbell????? Really???? LOL. This type of crap does not work in the NFL. This is from his press conference: "Here's what I do know. This team is going to take on the identity of this city and this city has been down and it found a way to get up. It's found a way to overcome...
  6. Syracusecards

    Marvin Lewis anyone?

    he really isn’t that bad of a coach. He worked for Mike Brown who refused to invest in the scouting department and constantly brought in players with off field issues. Honestly, I always thought he did pretty well for what he was forced to work with.
  7. Syracusecards

    Ozzie Newsome

    Give him whatever he wants. Anything. Talk him out of retirement. Money should be no object. The Texans apparently are trying to get him, beat them to the punch...
  8. Syracusecards

    OT - Skyview on Espn College Football

    I freaking LOVE this view!!! So cool being able to see how the play develops, holes opening and closing, LB’s watching QB and biting on playfakes, etc... I wish it would back up a bit to see WR’s also but this is awesome!
  9. Syracusecards

    Goff has broken thumb his back up I’m sure will have a franchise record setting day against us
  10. Syracusecards

    Go for 2 & win or tie and OT?

    Our defense is toast. Absolutely exhausted. I vote that if we get down there and score we go for the win.
  11. Syracusecards

    OT - Washington Football Team

    is anyone else amazed that they still haven’t picked an actual team name yet? I can’t believe we are in week 11 and I see highlights where they call them the Washington FT. makes you wonder how Washington fans feel and how they root for this team. They are stuck with Dan Snyder for a long time...
  12. Syracusecards

    Le’Veon Bell released

    any interest?
  13. Syracusecards

    BW Webb signed CB
  14. Syracusecards

    Dana Stubblefield convicted of rape This is just disgusting.
  15. Syracusecards

    Josh Rosen for backup QB?

    I’m half kidding but half not too. He’s probably going to get released from Miami and Hundley’s days may be numbered depending on his allegations. Josh has a little familiarity with what KK runs from talks with him prior to being traded and knows the players and he left on good terms. I...
  16. Syracusecards

    Isaiah Simmons = Cloverfield Monster

    Freaking arms are so long he should be nicknamed Cloverfield. Can’t wait to see him tackle guys from 3 feet away. Dude is going to be our defensive mvp as long as Vance uses him correctly. Man I hope there’s football this year.
  17. Syracusecards

    SI Hopkins article - good stuff How do I delete the duplicate post?
  18. Syracusecards

    SI Hopkins article - good stuff Sounds like a great kid to root for. One thing I love about the Cardinals is that I feel like we have a team filled with great people. I would have a hard time rooting for someone like Tyreek...
  19. Syracusecards

    Brady a Buc....

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! “Wait, Bruce, you want me to wait HOW LONG before I throw it??? I don’t throw past 7 yards unless absolutely necessary. And if my clock strikes past 2 seconds, I’m throwing it.” I can’t imagine a worse coach quarterback combination as far as style of offense
  20. Syracusecards

    Quinton Spain for RT

    Bills FA RT didn’t allow a sack last year. 28, under the radar. Make it happen Keim. Then go D early in the draft and BPA the rest of the way.
  21. Syracusecards

    Chris Simms for GM

    Dude gets it and doesn’t follow conventional bs. Said Lamar Jackson was best QB in ‘18 draft prior to draft Said Tom Brady was 9th best qb coming into this year after winning the SB. Said Blake Bortles was one of the worst QB’s in the league the year he went to the SB. Proven correct later...
  22. Syracusecards

    Kevin Colbert

    he’s year to year. Back up the Brinks truck and give him whatever he wants to get him here. Then he can groom someone to replace him for when he hangs them up.
  23. Syracusecards

    OT - Best place/site to buy Cards Merch?

    So my son is turning 11 and wants a Fitz jersey or KM poster or Cards football. The team shop is ridiculously expensive but I don’t want cheap crap either. Any suggestions on best places or websites to get Cards Merchandise? Thanks.
  24. Syracusecards

    The Thompson’s

    Time to see what they have to offer. Baker and DJ are invisible on defense and a liability. I would rather see two rookies get beat while learning than 2 veterans get beat.
  25. Syracusecards

    Marcus Gilbert injured