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    OT: Supreme Court says NCAA system is "flat out illegal"

    So the NCAA reached an agreement with players...but was so disgusted at the thought of sharing revenue with players....THEY appealed the case and in went to the SCOTUS. The Supreme Court UNANMIOUSLY ruled that the NCAA is violating every anti-trust law in the books!! They also clearly wrote...
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    Late Round WR's

    Since we probably have no choice but to try and find a decent young WR in rounds 5-7 I thought I would start a thread. I like Dax Milne at any point in the "Later Rounds". He could be a really good slot guy. I also...
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    Anyone else like Jalen Phillips?

    Ive been watching some film of him, and he seems like the type of high energy pass rusher that would go well with Jones and Watt.
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    I really like Javonte Williams at RB

    This dude could be a beast for us. He runs hard, but also has sneaky speed. He puts the ball in the endzone, and would bring a nastiness to our run game. In an ideal world maybe we trade down, or acquire another 2nd rounder and nab him. I don't think he makes it to the 3rd round.
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    I dont know if anyone plays Madden, but would this be cool?

    Do you think it would be cool to add a feature into Madden's Franchise mode.."time machine"... Allowing you to go back to any year within the last 15-20, even 50 years and have the players, coaches, etc? Essentially you could be like "I want to play as the Cardinals in the Plummer days"...and...
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    Bickley and other media calling for Kliff to be gone.

    Im not sure what the rules are for linking stuff, but you should read Bickley's article on 987. He sums up my thought very well about why we SHOULD move on from Kliff, but I know not everyone agrees with Bickley on much. I just wanted to bring up the point that well known media in AZ are...
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    Could Buckner take over as DC?

    Buckner is the only coach on the D that is respected by players and is known for getting something out of his guys. I know Wade Phillips is being thrown around, but what about letting Buckner have a shot with this D from the Bye week on? Could it get any worse?
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    Patrick Peterson. What is the future?

    I thought Pat P had a poor game today. I know others might disagree, but it did make me start to think about what the future is going to look like for him. I feel like we are in a tough spot, because even though he is IMO on the decline, we are not going to be a better team without him this...
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    Can we please talk about the fake crowd noise?

    That was the loudest crowd I have ever heard at a sporting event....and no one was there. The ridiculous part was that it was just for the broadcast. It wasn't being pumped into the stadium, so there was no reason for it. They had it locked into "4th and goal with the Super Bowl on the line"...
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    Late Round RBs

    I think we are pretty solid when it comes to our RB room, but only in the short term. Drake is here for a year, Edmonds is already 1/2 way through his rookie deal. I am not in favor of drafting a RB in the first 3 rounds, (unless Johnathan Taylor lasts until the 3rd)...but I am strongly in...
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    What if....the thread of crazyish draft moves

    Ok, so were all bored...this thread is about moves that we are 95+% sure will not happen, but you never know. If everything fell into place, would you... My first one: Washington take Tua at #2. Chase Young is now sitting there at #3 for Detroit. Would you trade PP21 + #8 to Detroit for #3...
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    Trade w/ Tampa for Mike Evans?

    Ok, I know this is far fetched, but what if we offered: Patrick Peterson, David Johnson, 3rd round pick for Mike Evans, Cameron Brate Tampa's pass defense was HORRID, and their running backs were not good. They already have Chris Godwin as a #1 WR and Perriman looked good for them. They...